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  1. Trade Boot to main screen

    There are items in the traders, that have already been sold, and then you get the error of it being gone. It throws off trying to buy other items quickly when it takes you to the main screen every time. It'd be nice if that error just caused a refresh of the trader, not kick you to main menu.
  2. Key Guide

    Does anyone know what this key is?
  3. Compact UI

    I believe i used it and have had no specific impact i can notice.
  4. An assortment of random quick tips

    I tried running by some scavs once.....and got one tapped.....lol
  5. Mine's been this way for over an hour or 2 now.
  6. Mine is also busted the same way, and i can not load into any matches.
  7. New Player Tutorial

    I skipped most of the comments, but am commenting to say my own experience. Yes it is frustrating to have this situation happen, BUT i knew what i was getting into buying this game early access. I bought some guns, bought all the stuff for it, brought in a lot of stuff and lost it a couple times. Very frustrating but its a learning curve. Maybe in the full game having a newbie section they have to play in or like was stated a small tutorial run. I don't think this needs rushed really though. Most all of us looked into the difficulty of the game before buying it.
  8. time limit

    So for the time limit, when i looked it up, if you survive as a scav it was my understanding you keep your stuff. But i killed some people looted some stuff, as a scav, and as it reached 45 seconds got a server error and was disconnected. Reconnected and same error. Wasn't sure if i was supposed to leave before time end or what?