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  1. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    I already told him to come and try but he can't today. I guess i'll tell him for the next one then
  2. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    Can i get a second one for another friend of mine if i find the correct answer in this task?
  3. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    Thanks for the key. I must have really overthought this to come up with this answer, havent i?
  4. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    Ok i think i got it this time. It's the AK-102 since it's the only one of these weapons that uses the 5.56x45 NATO while the others use calibers that were introduced by the soviet union
  5. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    I might be wrong but i believe the odd one is AKS-74U as i think it is either AKS-74U(N) or AKS-74UB
  6. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    I'll try my best next time and hope i win
  7. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    AKS-47 since the ak-47 was a prototype
  8. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    I would odd out the AEK-999. My reasons are that his caliber as it is 7.62x54r while the others are either 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 and both the A and K in AEK don't stand for Automatic or Kalashnikov as in most others weapons
  9. s4tur0s

    Kalashnikov family tree

    AKMSU : Modernized compact Folding Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle RPK-74N : Kalashnikov Infantry Machinegun 74 Night Version AKMSB: Modernized Folding Silenced Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle
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  11. s4tur0s

    Game Lags out

    Sorry to ask my question in this topic but it seems i can't create a topic. Is desync/lag still an issue or has it been fixed? I want to buy it but if i cant play i'll wait for a fix. Btw my internet speed is around 14 Mb/s download and 0.8 Mb/s upload but i play games without issues. Thx in advance