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  1. Dirtyplayer59

    Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    I agree with you 100 percent, I have hooked up with a few buddies here on the forum, and on discord, as soon as my new mic comes in, and I get set up, I will be able to play with a team, and I am sure ill do 10 times better than I am doing, now alone, but still I cant complain, I have a heck of a stash, and more than enough money to play the whole whipe, so eather way its a win win situation for me, anyway well good luck to all in tarkov Regards lol.
  2. Dirtyplayer59

    dont you love it

    lol you got that right, hurt me or ill hurt you, lol I am going to go find Mayudie, and do onto him as he has dun unto me hahahahahaha.
  3. Dirtyplayer59

    Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    I think once you get the hang of it you will love the game, the main thing is to start off with just enough meds, and a hatchet no risk at all, your meds are in your safe container, then you will find guns every were, just go slow take your time, sound is very important in this game, if someone hears you, they will come to kill you, so be QUIET cant say that enough to guys and your stash will grow and grow, I have over 200 raids, dident make it out of 3 quters of them, BUT iam at level 20 and you have seen my stash and this is the beginning of the whipe,well i hope this info helps you a little bit hope you get to like the game, in my opinion, the game will be num 1 in the world when it's finished you will see, anyway best of luck to you hope to see you in tarkov, look me up in the ready list I play customs a lot and shorline so see you in tarkov bro.
  4. Dirtyplayer59

    dont you love it

    Don't you just love it when this happens, I think this is a record 46 sec kill am dead, no sound no nothing lol, GOT LOVE TARKOV HAHAHAHAHA,
  5. Dirtyplayer59

    Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    I've only played with other players a couple of times I am waiting for my mic to come in the mail then ill join a group on discord but I've been playing most of the time alone I have close to 35 million rubes all kinds of modded aks and more took me a while to catch on but I got it pretty well down pat check it out .
  6. Dirtyplayer59

    Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    ya well welcome to tarkov, it's not easy, wasn't meant to be easy, so just keep trying, you can take fully armored guys down, with a simple carbine if you learn how to camp and do the same poo there doing to you lol, don't give up keep trying you will succeed see you in tarkov. this whole post sound like the whining begade lol quite crying and do onto others as they do to you lol.
  7. Dirtyplayer59

    Remove ability to drop down to balconies @ Sanatorium

  8. Dirtyplayer59

    san 306

    I got an extra san 306 key for shoreline map, if anyone could use it message me, be glad to give it to someone who needs it,had a factory key extra gave it to a buddy, but I know ill get more factory checkpoint and other good keys its a breeze when you rush the map at the right times you need to watch the clock well you all know, ok then hope you all are well see you in tarkov Regards lol.
  9. Dirtyplayer59

    Cant catch a break in this game

    if you wanted an easy game to play this isn't it lol, as far as dying in the extract zone you should have bought more meds with you, far as I am concerned the more aggressive the scavs the better, makes you a better player, when you outwit them, and beat there butts lol, much satisfaction comes from this game, I say THE HARDER THE BETTER lol,just my opinion though,far as bugs and other issues the devs are exelent at what they do they will fix all of the issues, and at the end of it all, this game will be the number 1 game in the world,my opinion of course lol.ps But the bottom line is, you need to come to the raid, BETTER PERPARED.
  10. Dirtyplayer59

    beat the matching time crazyness

  11. Dirtyplayer59

    beat the matching time crazyness

    no kidding how do you do that I don't think we have any control over what servers we use if I want to join an EU server I probably got to buy European version of the game were in the USA. i think? what is an EU server?
  12. Dirtyplayer59

    beat the matching time crazyness

    well, that's cool nice chatting with you zpwarrior hope to see you in tarkov later bro.
  13. Dirtyplayer59

    Whats wrong with this game?

    ooh rah.
  14. Dirtyplayer59

    beat the matching time crazyness

    I see well since I bought this game I have to be honest I don't play anything else now I haved over 43 steam games I haven't started or updated steam origin or uplay in 2 months lol i have many games on those sites to lol EFT satisfies the other games really don't anymore just my opinion
  15. Dirtyplayer59

    LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    I don't know about that I've gone out with a hatchet and a backpack and came out with to guns and a load of loot and cash many many times and made millions doing it.