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  1. My suggestion is simple; if you die, you may pay Prapor (as an example) something like 33% of the sell value of the stored goods in your pouch (Gamma, etc.) to retrieve it. Hatchling runs will still be viable, but this actually incentivizes making it out with your loot. This would be especially balanced with the new dogtag system.
  2. waynexx

    Re-balance Shotgun with Body Armor

    I feel that punches aren't a great comparison. There is a different sort of momentum behind a punch, but not nearly as much energy. It would probably be closer to being hit by a hammer. Anyway, there could be a more noticeable (disruptive) effect from a stopped shot, depending whatever factors.
  3. waynexx

    Re-balance Shotgun with Body Armor

    Relevant suggestion; not quite the same as snapping necks though. Some sort of (grenade-like) stun effect for being blasted by anything with stopping power, or even from small arms at a close enough distance-- can't remember what I suggested specifically, but the general idea is there.
  4. Figured I'd give this a bump. Shotguns are in such a terrible place right now, and armor is ridiculous in some situations.
  5. This suggestion aims to take both gameplay and realism into consideration, and I'll try and keep it simple: When you are shot (especially by anything with some stopping power), you should be slowed down for half a second. Sprinting off while zig-zagging in reaction to being being lit up is just goofy, and even games like Counter-Strike have had a mechanic like this for ages. To clarify, this is unrelated to the locational damage system in place and could be implemented along side it. If you are in the open and getting lit up, you should be mostly screwed, armor or not-- and that leads me to the next part of this suggestion, and it will likely be a bit more controversial; but, If you are hit by heavy shots (like large-caliber or shotgun blasts) while armored, you should be effected by a light stun effect, similar to a grenade going off by you. So maybe something like slightly blurred vision and unstable aim for a second (or less, even). As is, it's much too easy to return fire while taking hits; though, it also shouldn't be so bad that it would be impossible to try and return fire, but it should be a last-ditch attempt. Perhaps this change would mostly effect those standing (or maybe just while moving when they are hit), and somewhat negligible to someone crouched or prone. That's it. Thanks for reading!