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  1. D-Sync. It has been a part of every patch since the beginning, and still a work in progress.
  2. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    I do not think the Karma system will solve anything. If 6 players spawn onto Customs and all 6 are USEC, are you telling me that we should all work together, and kill these mindless Aimbot NPC? Ah...No, I am shooting someone. The idea of penalizing me for playing the game doesn't make a lot of sense, it will only hurt the game in the end. Not to mention that most of the time you can't even tell what someone's faction is at anything more than a 100 meters...but that's a separate topic altogether. Honestly, if the vision of the game is to make people work together on that level, then they should just do an equally ridiculous thing like No Faction Killing or scavs cant damage scavs. It kinda already happens in some games, but I don't think its on purpose, and again...that's another topic
  3. Multiple gameaccounts a problem?

    No one said it was official. Moreover, the developers have said that you will be abled to have multiple characters on one account on release.
  4. Multiple gameaccounts a problem?

    ok, If you look at the launcher and hover over your name it gives you an option to switch user account. I think that feature would be non-existent if they did not want people to buy second copies of the game. Then again, who knows. I would still suggest getting some clarification, but it seems to be allowed.
  5. Multiple gameaccounts a problem?

    I am not sure if this is in regards to the game itself or just the forums, but just to be safe, I would wait for guidance from a developer or moderator. Direct from the "Forum Rules" Creating multiple accounts, alts The forum does not closely monitor, but nevertheless restricts the creation and use of multiple accounts for various abusive actions, violation of rules or artificial reputation boosts. Penalty: -Permanent ban of all alternative accounts. -Owner of the alternative accounts may receive, based on degree of abuse, either a warning or ban from 1 day to permanent one. Found on reddit Forums:
  6. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Should have came with EoD edition