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  1. ltdan83

    Remington 700 rifle coming soon (TM)

    Not sure how many times it has to be explained that people doing artwork aren't the same people coding.
  2. ltdan83

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    I think people who got it before keep it and anyone who has purchased since then will get it. Essentially everyone in the game should have the additional equipment with the icase, keybar and space guns. That is what I read from that, is that correct?
  3. ltdan83

    Black Friday Problems

    My friend was trying to buy the game on black friday and he registered an account but never received the account confirmation e-mail until 1 minute after the sale ended. Did anyone else have issues with this?
  4. ltdan83

    OP SCAVs

    Watch Pestily's OP scav video. He is on rafters in night factory and scavs are sniping him from the other end of the map in the pitch black. They don't even have a flashlight on. There is one where a scav shoots him through a wall. You can see the scav's flashlight shining around the corner but the scav never pops out but a shot comes through the wall and kills him.
  5. Oh you mean realism like: dying unlimited times a magic box that keeps items and returns to you after death? taking multiple gunshots and just patching yourself up to full health, all good! not being able to relock a door even though you have the key? another magic box that holds more volume inside than the volume it takes up scavs that sprint off after a being shot in the chest with a rifle There are plenty of other examples I could list. The fact of the matter is just because something is realistic doesn't mean it is fun or makes good gameplay. Next thing you know 'Realism Bro' players will want us to have to brush our teeth between each raid to keep from getting cavities which causes head pain which reduces overall effectivness by .002%.
  6. They really didn't, my friends and I used to camp them all the time. They were massive camp fests. That would suck in EFT. The other problem is in Arma you could only carry so much. How are you going to carry 3 paper armors and 5 toz's to skier to turn in the missing. I think traders work fine as they are. The only thing that would be cool about having them in the world is trying to kill/rob them if possible.
  7. ltdan83

    First Prapor quest impossible

    Just pistol run it, if you spawn at boiler rush old gas. If you spawn on customs side rush construction. I can usually get 2 or 3 with a pistol then grab their weapons and continue on. There are a lot of geared players now that the scav boss is in customs but they tend to congregate around gas station or dorms.
  8. ltdan83

    New player questions

    I have the same graphics card and that will probably be my next upgrade. I have a good processor and plenty of fast RAM. It still works and I still run on medium settings with no issues. From what I understand the little half second freezes are releated to players/scavs spawning or starting a firefight and everyone has those for the most part.
  9. ltdan83

    Why does 5.45x45 deal so little damage?

    I shot an unarmored guy three times in the chest with 7.62 from an SKS and he didn't die. If he had armor I would have understood but he was just a naked NPC with a pistol. I was fully armored. I don't know if there are issues with hit reg or if it is lag or if bullets got nerfed. I've also had some head shots with a pm into a kiver from the side that we one taps.
  10. ltdan83

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    I think a big issue is how they respond to you shooting them. They sprint off after a chest shot and they instantly know where you are. If I am firing from range with an SKS they should take cover and take a few moments to figure out where the shot came from. Instead the immediately start firing from 100-200 meters with a 12 gauge buckshot and headshot you. I like how Arma deals with AI detecting. If you shoot once from range the AI drops to the ground and looks for the shot. If you fire once they hone in on you a little more. If you shoot a third time they know where you are and start firing at you.
  11. Have you checked to make sure you don't have it in your off raid storage?
  12. ltdan83

    Kill 10 usec shoreline, Impossible quest.

    just get 4 friends and murder them all a couple times
  13. ltdan83

    stash and secure container question

    My favorite part about the docs bag is that it can also hold your maps.
  14. ltdan83

    Green Crates Unsearchable

    I have the same issue on woods only. I can search the green boxes on any other map but Woods it just does nothing.
  15. ltdan83

    This game is brutal for newbies

    I love all the EFT pros in here that have a 4th grade reading comprehension level. The OP never asked for the game to be easier or dumbed down. All he asked for was advice to get better. Everytime someone makes one of these threads the tryhard trolls come out and pretend they were never new at this game. OP: Best advice I can give is don't run factory alone. It is the map were geared groups go and also where I run into hackers most. I would stick to the other maps if you are going solo.