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  1. I see. but on the data table, it states that it does 14.0 damage to class 6 armor ( fort ) when M995 just does 9.45. Is this data correct ? Here is the link https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/5.56×45mm_NATO
  2. as title and according to tarkov's wiki, is it now the 5.56mm MK 255 mod 0 is the best AP atm ? i know it used to M995 but i want to make sure no one has changed the wrong info if it is, i dont have to camp the trader for 5.56 again since this round have unlimited stock https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/5.56×45mm_NATO
  3. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4 Gas Analyzers - 130k rub each 2 Car Batteries - 200k rub each or send me offer
  4. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4x Gas analyzer - 130k rub each 1 car battery - 300k rub
  5. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 5x Gas Analyzers - 130k rub / each 1 x Flashdrive - 150k rub WTB 2x Car Battery Mark Key Guard Desk Key inbox me
  6. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4x Gas Analyzer - 150k rub/ each WTB 2x Car Batteries
  7. as title, does anyone know what is this? it sounds like a factory key but what i got is a P226 lol
  8. Official Trading Thread

    WTB 3x morphines for 150k rub
  9. Official Trading Thread

    it used to >700k rub
  10. I am not say that EFT is a pubg clone. this feature is a common feature that most of the FPS games have. You can list it all
  11. I think this feature will make the game more enjoyable with your mates and should be developed . Also this feature wont bring any advantage to the player.
  12. As title, can we able to observe our mate after we get killed / dead in the future ? I am talking about teammate only ( same party ). It's kind of boring when you wait for your mate to get out of the large map such as Shorelines and Woods.
  13. Fort and Kiver collection

    i just realize that i have 18 forts and 22 kivers i stack those into Icases. might need more case to fill up my storage
  14. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 4x Docs - 580k rubles each