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  1. N1mbl3

    What is the point of the AKS-74UN/UB?

    I think the mount is made for night site like the night vision scope only. Havent tested to see if it will fit with the dust cover on though.
  2. N1mbl3

    power bank?

    Ive only found one so far, in a scav backpack.
  3. N1mbl3

    How can anyone play this game

    Memory cleaner fixes the stutters. Install memory cleaner, run it, click options, tick the top two options, leave it to run in the backround and your game will be as smooth as a babies butt. https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/
  4. +1 From me! Currently playing EU servers with 220 ping
  5. N1mbl3

    I want to upgrade stash but how

    Theres one trader, Fence, who has stuff that players sell. So you likely saw a container a player sold
  6. N1mbl3

    I want to upgrade stash but how

    You cant upgrade it yet. You'll only be able to do so when the hideout comes out. For now you'll have to wait till you get to level 4 with skier and therapist so you can buy item and weapon containers to keep stuff in.
  7. N1mbl3

    Looking to try out the game?

    Sorry guys only had the 2 of them
  8. Hi guys I'm giving away my free 7 day trial keys to whoever wants them. LUH58-616NG-J77I7-CTE5U IPY58-617MK-XY89P-BR25U
  9. N1mbl3

    Shooting skills

    I was using an old full metal one. Modern one weighs roughly 3 kg's cause of polymer parts
  10. N1mbl3

    Shooting skills

    Lol true that
  11. N1mbl3

    Shooting skills

    You should get tired from aiming a rifle too long. A basic M4 weighs somewhere between 5 and 7 kg's loaded. Doesn't seem like much but try holding it up for an hour or two and see how tired you get. That's why polymer frames are so popular cause you can shoot longer without fatiguing. Shooting itself is also tiring cause you have to keep the right grip, stance, holster, upholster, reload, charge or rack the weapons. Keep doing all that while shooting for an hour and you'll be really tired added in with all the running around plus carrying a pack full of gear
  12. N1mbl3

    Pricing suggestion

    I agree. It could also be taken as false advertising.
  13. N1mbl3

    further motivation

    I think an all out war mode would be cool. Where the two PMC groups fight for complete control of the city
  14. N1mbl3

    Shooting skills

    As a shooter myself I'm quite keen to see how this whole skill system affects your shooting. Very exciting stuff!
  15. N1mbl3

    Just saying Hello

    Hi and welcome