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  1. Niahkl

    Scav bs

    thats what they have been paid for.
  2. Niahkl

    DAS musste mal Gesagt werden...

    Im Video ist das Problem doch klar zu sehen. Ständig runterzuspielen und zu beschönigen oder auf andere Faktoren zu schieben ist unehrlicher Umgang mit der Community. Klar, nicht jeder death ist ein Problem des Spiels, aber die genannten Probleme sind real und häufig und bestehzen nicht erst seit gestern. Oder willst du das auch von der Hand weisen?
  3. Niahkl

    Player base

    uuuh, i think i dont need salt on my dinner tonight.
  4. Niahkl

    Player base

    i am playing multiplayer shooters since Counterstrike BETA, for almost 20 years. Seen cheats, seen skill. I think i am competend enough to judge wether something is off there or if its skill/luck.
  5. Niahkl

    a vote for keeping secure containers

    not going to happen since its a EOD edition feature.
  6. Niahkl

    Being accused of cheating...

    lol, so instead you refer to thier made up numbers?
  7. Niahkl

    Being accused of cheating...

    stop... making... up.... numbers.
  8. Niahkl

    Being accused of cheating...

    imaginary numbers. Do you even know how big the playerbase is?
  9. Niahkl

    Being accused of cheating...

    how is that a big deal? How can you blame the players to assume the worst in somewhat cheesy situations, give the current REAL cheater situation? Not worth a post.
  10. Niahkl

    Magazines being lost when reloading

    "tactical reload"
  11. so the devs can make a descision based onm hard realism lovers opinions from reddit? logic.
  12. how is that related to the fact that we already have a medical system that with all likelyhood will not get abandoned in favor of "more realism"?
  13. Tarkov is not realistic at all. It has realistic weapon models and handling, thats all. The rest is hardcore GAME mechanics. But to be honest, i think the game will not be what you want it to be in the end.
  14. Niahkl

    How to check mag and chamber?

    ALT + F4... or was it ALT + T?