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  2. This game needs major improvments

    Lol this guy. How long did it take PUBG to add vaulting into the game? With all the money it has made and how long it has been out there is has very little to show in regards of content.This game has awesome customization, several maps, quests, a trading market, AI, Skill Trees, and very cool movement mechanics like being able to shoot over you hear from behind over and other mechanics about he game I probably don't even know yet. Plus a small team and they are Russian When it comes to jumping over things or movement speed those are skills you have to level up and once you do that you becoming quicker and you can jump higher. This game is only in beta and is NOT on steam. The only way someone might hear about it is by mouth or streamers. And streaming are making this game even more popular just like PUBG who without streamers probably wouldn't be what it is. A laggy mess with poo hit reg. And It's so easy to make money in this game and find good loot. Maybe go out at night if your having trouble staying a live. Anyway I think you were right to uninstall. This is a game for people who like a challenge, like realistic fire fights, the reward is making it out with full gear and a bunch of dog tags. The only thing I can agree on is on some textures it can look fuzzy almost like a clear coat of cross hatching over the textures.
  3. New Interchange Screenshots

    Looks like it going to be like BF4 Metro lol. Awesome.
  4. The cooperation with Datacam company

    So we can talk to our opponents now? Or is it for the groups in game if your not in discord with someone?
  5. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    Sweet a Dragunov SVD on the wall behind him. I can't tell what the other gun is. Kinda looks like 1940 SVT-40 or M-1 Carbine.
  6. Prone Movement

    I thought so was just making sure my game wasn't bugged. Thanks.
  7. Prone Movement

    Is this a bug or is Prone Movement supposed to be leveling? It looks dark like it's not supposed to be.
  8. Weapon Companies Thread