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  1. DonReno89

    Lost connection to server....

    reconnect and quickly press back might save Your Equipment, but ive experienced getting error Message then losing it again after a moment.
  2. Obviously try an older driver, mister. 388 maybe or revert back to the older one.
  3. removing the timers would just Equal way more stash size in reality. You'd end up having a Storage house of items - if you ofcourse dont limit the amount of insured items that can be returned every week or month. The Insurance system is making it rather easy as i usually roll With shitty weapons no one wants. Like SKS, VEPR and AK74n for the most part all unmodded. Where to stash it all i'd say.. Whoever saying scav timer is too long and never getting anything good out of a scav run needs to re-adapt their playstyle and realize their terrible play.
  4. DonReno89

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I Guess this is a Place to put it. so to the guys at custom 18.05-2018 I was minding my own business looting the bag and checked the tent in the Woods behind 2nd story dorms on customs when i suddenly spotted 2 scav players running my way so i stood up greeting them With a wiggle and was sure i was about to die, but shortly after they continued Down to 2nd story dorms 105 room side, so i tagged along and found out they were 3 guys. Making sure i didnt look hostile watching them too directly they rushed across the midsection on their way to enter 3rd story dorms main enterance where suddenly bullets went flying. 1 of them died upon entry, while the other 2 killed a guy holding the stairs. In the brief Seconds i rushed the side door and killed the other holding the hallway too occupied With the front door. GG mates. I let em loot up and one of them ended up giving me a fully modded AK74M With a 60 rounder. Thanks my dude. Hope you guys got out alive as it seemed you were onto leaving after i followed on for a moment, then went my way. Times like these are awesome. Ive had my fair share and thumbs up for that!
  5. DonReno89

    Glitchy game?

    This game is VERY ram hungry. Sort out this and you'd be having a smoother ride. As you've stated "sometimes it runs smoothly, but others it struggled to even load in" This game bleeds memory hard at times and i can peak at 15gb ram being used, i have 16gb ram. I run this game kinda decently With atleast 50+ fps all the way up to 115fps With my old i5 4670k 3.4ghz, 1080 and 16gb 1333mhz ram. However, People With powerful rigs have been saying they get 10-15fps constant. I don't know about that really. Lets cross Our fingers for better optimization coming Our way in a short time. EDIT: also not to mention a SSD to run the game on.
  6. DonReno89

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    Yes, ive seen that video from a few weeks back. I havent encountered the speedhacks, but aimbotters on a few occassions. As for wallhackers, i have no idea. It's sort of impossible to tell, but i Guess the obvious cheaters love to target larger Groups. For the time being im only doing duo's and sometimes we got the 3rd and 4th man, but it has never happend on these occassions. I've clocked 60 hours this patch.
  7. DonReno89

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    Absolutely. I too, would like to see the bans being handled faster than the 1-2 months as stated by the community, aswell as going in harder to really Lock these People out of the game with hardware bans or other effective Methods. Im just being real here, im still having fun and the cheaters arent as out of controll atleast in my games in the europe region. I agree this is very hurtful for the game and they should consider a 3rd party Company that specializes in cheating to get the job done. I would still recommend the game regardless of what the situation is atm, given ofc they somehow got an angle on what they pay themself into. There is no other game like this and the devs should try their best to keep it on the top of this genre by doing what the you've stated in a better and more timely manner. For the moment anyway, im still enjoying it, despite silly cheaters trying spoil the fun. That is my 2 cents. There's a large bit of hope and faith in "That they'll sort this stuff out" in the mean time, i'll press forward With my runs and having fun as i don't run into speedhacking aimbotters every session like yourself. That was my reply to "are you encountering less cheaters than before?" as for earlier patches i pretty much havent felt ive seen any at all.
  8. DonReno89

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    non detected hacks or not, im pretty sure BSG have some sort of data logs which in the end WILL detect funny stuff like People running way above the sprint speed limit and the sort. They'll get the ban hammer. As for me, i dont meet too many hackers, but it has happend. Its not like im running dry on loot nor Money, so its not a terrible Death sentence for me to die from a cheating psychopath imbecile. I rather feel sorry for them.
  9. DonReno89

    #rip tarkov

    Interchange is kinda boring in my opinion too. I always get drowsy walking around in there, but havent tried it yet with the scavs, but 1 scav run. Seemed to be a fair bit of scavs there though. That helps to spice things up alittle.
  10. DonReno89

    #rip tarkov

    I would agree that a 7.62 to the chest will stop most men in their tracks, no questions asked. I guess that much realism would be kinda lame for most people playing the game. Losing all your poo for one shot to the chest, who needs headshots then? unless you're wearing fort and the like, but 2-3 shots however and people usually drop. I dont see much problem with that. It is a game afterall. "im not playing the game the way you guys want me to play with stupid tasks,no i wont.have fun failing this game just like dayz devs did.we are out" You're abit cry baby though. The tasks too much for you aswell?
  11. DonReno89

    #rip tarkov

    Yea, but it wont be anytime soon i guess. Maybe theres another cool game sticking around. I dont wait around.
  12. DonReno89

    #rip tarkov

    waiting for 30 min for each game is not a thing though. What do you mean? EDIT: Ah, I see. Well not everyone are cry babies. Getting headshotted happends.
  13. DonReno89

    dehydration is BS OP

    Alright, alright. Thanks for the essay my brotha. So eventually when we end up needing to eat some once in a while in the future release, we can even have our brain fool us by mistaking thirst for hunger with the same warnings and from a realistic point of view, if you mess up too often.. you'll end up fat! That would be cool!! Why can't you be the PMC's senses by just being aware that sooner or later, you gotta freakin drink. I guess a small hud down in the corner of your screen showing your hydration/energy level would suffice for you? Or would you like it with sound effects aswell when the time has come? Give me an example please. As for the last 2 points, i can't say ive ever had the problem. Sitting in a room trying to listen for 10 mins so you can know and count the feets, which room they at, what they had for lunch and where they gonna extract.. You'd still need to drink and some warnings will tremendously help with that efforts? A solution would be to have some water in your tactical rig, pop it sometime mid raid. Make it routine and count your blessings, Soldier. That is all.
  14. DonReno89

    So how long are we gonna have to deal with this?

    Wauv, i got a 120 or so raids now and its a very low percentage of the deaths being killed by the scavs, like c'mon. Do we love being dishonest while proving a point these days or what. as for the fps and stutters, this is a hit and miss. I got an old i5 4670k running at 3,4ghz, GTX 1080 and 16 gb couchpotato ram at 1333mhz and ive got pretty good fps this patch. No freezes, but some dips here and there. pretty much 50+ fps at all times no matter the map. I know some high end rigs even have it worse though.. Optimization isnt on point surely. EDIT: my cpu might be pushing 4ghz because of turbo mode. hurhurhur.
  15. DonReno89

    dehydration is BS OP

    dude, if you cant take 2 seconds to tab and look at your hydration level, then you better start considering to re-adapt and plug that into your memory case. You'd like this to be like yet another mobile game with big flashy icons on your screen saying "Hey, Im thirsty. Quench my ignorance" besides getting the visuals when you reach 20 would kinda be annoying in my opinion, its nice for the brain dead i guess. It should have it's own option perhaps for the sorts. If not you would still have to eventually open your inventory and drink if you havent hot-keyed it for convenience, long distance stalking or not ive never been that "forced" Who does that anyway.. Sorry mate. You said it yourself. You forget to check it. Do something about that.