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  1. DonReno89

    I can not kill a single human player

    someone has to be a corpse in every raid. My advice would be "try to be the change you wish to see in the raid" I didnt have much success With the 5.45 till i got the PP ammo. 7.62 is the way to roll till then and TT's can nail geared guys too, but you kinda need headshots or actually penetrate atleast a couple of times in the chest.
  2. DonReno89

    Getting to past lvl 30

    if you are looking for hard numbers, there are none, and they wont bump up here by accident either. Right now Pestily is doing a level 1 to 40 run and hes at level 36 now, 22 hours in. Theres surely ways to effectively grind experience, it can easily take 60 hours too where as other would say 30 hours. To do that, youd need a good handful of factory runs and do the tasks effectively along the way. Or just mad factory runs.
  3. DonReno89

    I would like a lil confirmation on something

    Early access, also known as early funding, alpha-access, or paid-alpha, is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the various development cycles (pre-alpha, alpha, beta) and obtain access to the pre-full release versions of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game. Those that pay to participate typically help to debug the game, provide feedback and suggestions, and may have access to special materials in the game. The early-access approach is a common way to obtain funding for indie games, and may also be used along with other funding mechanisms, including crowdfunding. Many crowdfunding projects promise to offer access to alpha and/or beta versions of the game as development progresses; however, unlike some of these projects which solicit funds but do not yet have a playable game, all early access games offer an immediately playable version of the unfinished game to players. This is a rather New concept i think in the gaming world, but dont quote me on that. I didnt bother looking too hard into it, but my first EVER early Access game was DayZ and before that the Whole early Access thing was totally unknown to me. EDIT: Rant With style.
  4. DonReno89

    Promo code from g2a

    Buy it from the official site not from private persons trough G2A, you're bound to get kicked in the head.
  5. Scav boss is kinda cake, they will push you harder than normal scavs and they have full auto weapons, but just shoot em in the head, they are stupid stand still targets once they see you.
  6. DonReno89

    Can you help me about kills?

    Kill yourself? Eat glass. No wait thats a different game. As a fresh player you aint got the ammo to efficiently penetrate and kill armored players without good shot displacement and/or a high rate of fire and pray you dome or leg him to Death, this is especially true if you don't have armor yourself. I'd advice to get good With the 7.62 weapons. The VEPR, AKM and SKS are powerful weapons that easily penetrate Level 3 armor aswell as being able to one shot People trough face Shields. *Cough* you can even cheat some With some on screen crosshair, so you can spray and pray instead of losing a valuable 0.5 to do the aiming. Put a tiny rizla paper on da screen. You're welcome. I dont smoke.
  7. DonReno89

    Is there a new vest or is this a hacker?

    Oh, that's a cute glitch. Theres many Places on factory you can do this without the door, unless its been patched. Ive yet to see it this patch, but ive heard alot of gunfire from this very extraction is such a bummer to push trough the gate when someone holds it so i've yet to fall victim to such a trick.. Thanks to the mighty factory key. Luckily they dont stray too far, so they only got a tiny Space to do their bidding. Leave em at it.
  8. DonReno89

    Nice Experience...

    As stated above it all Depends how you play the game. Even though you started late which surely puts you in a tighter spot when it comes to player versus player confrontations in the beginning, but its a part of the hard curve of the game. You're always likely to meet someone better equipped and With friends backing them up. The key is pick Your fights if you're able. You're in a bad spot, you see a Group coming. Land some shots on them and make them scatter. Use this time to make a hard retreat as they try to pinpoint you. As for factory getting 1 raid With a 100k yield is of the good raids no doubt. You may also grab a few Things, get out and repeat as it may yield a more steady Income than spending 15 minutes to get 100k loadout and lose it just before you bail. It is also especially important to know the map, the spawns and what advantages you may get from certain spawns like With spawning by the bridge crossing on customs youve gotten the spawn closest to dorms. You may choose to take that advantage and head there or you may set up a ambush for whoever may come shortly after to cross. Also the small hill before dorms is a spot ive been sprayed to poo countless of times. Depending on the time and spawn, i approach this Place With caution and a specific route that gives me as much cover from that small hilltop.
  9. DonReno89

    My game got "unbought"

    what's funny is that you bought the game trough a Third party. What was the price and did you consider their Connection to BSG and why they would sell their Product at a lower price hence the reason bought it at g2a in the first Place? I get that some Places like gog sell some fully released games cheaper than steam or game stores and i dont know how BETA and early Access games work in that regard.
  10. DonReno89

    Prapors 2nd quest: Checking. I can't complete it.

    missions may bug out sometimes and what fixes it is removing the folder called "Cache" in EFT Directory. This should let the quest be completed by doing it once more im afraid.
  11. DonReno89


    Ok, i didnt bother read that.
  12. DonReno89

    Lost connection to server....

    reconnect and quickly press back might save Your Equipment, but ive experienced getting error Message then losing it again after a moment.
  13. Obviously try an older driver, mister. 388 maybe or revert back to the older one.
  14. removing the timers would just Equal way more stash size in reality. You'd end up having a Storage house of items - if you ofcourse dont limit the amount of insured items that can be returned every week or month. The Insurance system is making it rather easy as i usually roll With shitty weapons no one wants. Like SKS, VEPR and AK74n for the most part all unmodded. Where to stash it all i'd say.. Whoever saying scav timer is too long and never getting anything good out of a scav run needs to re-adapt their playstyle and realize their terrible play.
  15. DonReno89

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I Guess this is a Place to put it. so to the guys at custom 18.05-2018 I was minding my own business looting the bag and checked the tent in the Woods behind 2nd story dorms on customs when i suddenly spotted 2 scav players running my way so i stood up greeting them With a wiggle and was sure i was about to die, but shortly after they continued Down to 2nd story dorms 105 room side, so i tagged along and found out they were 3 guys. Making sure i didnt look hostile watching them too directly they rushed across the midsection on their way to enter 3rd story dorms main enterance where suddenly bullets went flying. 1 of them died upon entry, while the other 2 killed a guy holding the stairs. In the brief Seconds i rushed the side door and killed the other holding the hallway too occupied With the front door. GG mates. I let em loot up and one of them ended up giving me a fully modded AK74M With a 60 rounder. Thanks my dude. Hope you guys got out alive as it seemed you were onto leaving after i followed on for a moment, then went my way. Times like these are awesome. Ive had my fair share and thumbs up for that!