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  1. Son_of_Battles

    Don't set your FOV - value too high

    this is good to know ill have to check this offline next time i get online
  2. Son_of_Battles

    So am I the only one.....

    Who actually hopes we have some incentives to team up with other pmc’s in raid? Don’t get me wrong, pmc on pmc is some of the best fighting I’ve had in this game but sometimes it gets old immediately having to gun someone down because you see they’re kitted and so am I. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some awesome interactions with pmc’s but 10 times out of 10 if someone sees you kitted they’re going to try to kill you immediately. I understand that’s kind of the point of the game, but I think there’s so much wasted potential with the possibility of linking up with fellow pmc’s in raid. Maybe when they add proximity voice chat it’ll help but I still see people shooting first, talking later
  3. Didnt receive the code for the game though... I gifted it already to my cousin in January but i havent received the code this time
  4. Son_of_Battles


    i mean yeah some of the tests werent performed how they should have been, but the AR-15/M-4 is a fairly reliable platform. Will it malfunction from time to time? Yeah but what gun doesnt..... and bro what do you define as a stress test? They literally dragged the ducking rifle behind a truck doing 45 mph over bumpy terrain and blew up 4 lbs of explosives over it and it still worked.... yeah they had to slap a new lower on it after they set the explosives off but the upper was still fine.....
  5. Son_of_Battles


    damn seriously? my 16" palmetto AR-15 put 250 rounds downrange no issues at the range in a day. heres the vid for the stress test they did on it.
  6. Son_of_Battles

    Game needs some revamping

    this x10
  7. Son_of_Battles

    Game runs extremely bad

    remember brother, the servers just got hit with so much traffic from the new update. The game does have some hiccups sometimes but i can assure you this is very drastic due to all the new traffic from the update
  8. Son_of_Battles

    LOL Saiga gets owned.. is this real? lol

    just an average day in tarkov. shotguns always duck me
  9. Son_of_Battles

    New Weapons??

    AYYYY thats awesome about the glock! An AUG would be nasty as well! i just want there to be more of a variety in weapons. Even adding different AR's would be awesome. Maybe an AR-10 or something with a heavier caliber
  10. Son_of_Battles

    New Weapons??

    Are we going to see more assault rifle and smg variants? Maybe some FN scars, Tavors, Galil's, 552 commando's, etc? For smg's maybe P90's, UMP's, Vectors, etc? Does anyone have any information if we are going to see any of these weapons or merely the AR and AK combination we currently have?
  11. Son_of_Battles

    Anyone having really bad desync lately?

    I assumed it was something to do with the patch! thank you, hopefully its live by this weekend
  12. First off, this game is incredible. My friends and I are thoroughly enjoying it and love running raids squaded up. Unfortunately as of the past launcher update I have been getting crazy desync/lag. Almost to the point the game is unplayable due to teleporting, bullet hit detection, etc. Anyone else encountering these problems? The first week i had the game i had the normal hiccups/minor lag but as of last night it was pretty bad. Thanks in advance!
  13. Son_of_Battles

    Can't use PMC/Traders?

    same with me.... cant load in as pmc