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    Ok for the past few patches now The Devs have posted things about Anti-cheat. Well my question is.... do you guys really have an anti-cheat or is this just hot air? I have close to 5 hours worth of game play videos that are each 5-10 minutes long of players floating around/ speed running/ teleporting around/ being inside the walls/ or even simply just tanking 100's or rounds from being in GOD mode. I understand if your trying to use your own anti-cheat but, if you really want to keep this game truly alive you need to start banning these (hackers/Cheaters). Even if you we need to start a go fund me for this game so you guys can buy BattleEYE. Shoot can we please start up a kickstarter or go fund me for you guys to get a real anti cheat going. this is a new patch with a newly imported anti cheat set up and boom first 4 matches I have seen players flying around the map and running thru walls on factory.
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    Trailer patch 0.9

    When will be seeing this great looking patch come to the players??
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    Script euro conversion in the first minute of trader refresh

    I already made a post on this and it got locked right away from a MOD. He said something along the lines of this is the economy system go grind them out in raids. Like no sir I want to talk with Dev;s on this matter not a forums mod. you know scripters are the Bane right now.
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    Halloween Helmet Pumpkin!

    That's pretty good