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  1. samuri_bake_pie

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    Do you have any updates into the dynamic economy for us at this time? Very interested in seeing prices change based off supply and demand rather than everyone running around with the same guns.
  2. samuri_bake_pie

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  3. samuri_bake_pie

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    I recently was using a non well known sniper spot, and dropped two players in fort and fast MT's with rasass and m4's. It was done at 341 meters (maybe yards? idk the statistics page doesn't specify) with BP rounds, probs only reason it worked. Level 35 guy and level 16, you can imagine the level 35 was pissed because he knows how much I just made them lose. They both added me as a friend and accused me of hacking. I offered to show them the shadowplay and they refused just calling me a hacker again. My point is this, right now in beta there is desync and there are bugs where you will randomly fall over dead from a gunshot a scav shot at your 4 minutes ago. It happens. But in my situation, I wouldn't want people being able to see where I was sniping from, because the more I use it, the more people find out exactly what happened because of a magical kill cam. Once the game is released im sure they will open up reports, but for now there are too many things that will look like hacks to do anything productive. Those two kids for sure for the rest of their lives will think I was hacking, and if the system was in place, I'd be reported twice for hacking when I just got really lucky shots off. No to the magical kill cam, yes to waiting for release for reporting.
  4. samuri_bake_pie

    New patch Problems

    I've just randomly fallen over and died multiple times 20-30 seconds after the gunshot, scavs/players will die and freeze standing up being unable to loot, and I've been unable to extract twice (restart fixes it). Customs seems to be the worst for me, played it once and it was unbearable, been sticking to woods/shoreline but even then there is *some* desync. Probs just new bugs/glitches/player influx etc.
  5. samuri_bake_pie

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I think alot of you are forgetting this is gonna be "balanced" and "less OP" when open world comes out because the play style will switch dramatically.
  6. samuri_bake_pie


    Probably the 5.45x39 D-Sync rounds tbh
  7. samuri_bake_pie

    New servers added!

    Still doing 6-12 minute ques on US West Coast
  8. samuri_bake_pie

    New servers added!

    Shh don't tell the plebs
  9. samuri_bake_pie

    Group Que Times

    So yesterday the servers were cancer, I get it. But today i logged on and for about 4 hours straight played by myself, less than 1 minute ques. My buddy gets on and it takes anywhere from 6-8 minutes to get into a match as a group. Buddy took a break, did 2-3 solo runs, and 1 minute ques again. Anyone know whats going on?