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  1. EssBee

    Do you forbid dropping items for teamates?

    You want to 1. Test to see if you can pick up any items (preferably worthless non-quest items) whatsoever when doing factory. 2. Drop UP IN THE AIR. The items fell basically through the floor as can happen in any building and such on ANY map. Hence why when you reconnected and they were gone.
  2. EssBee

    Why are there timed tasks?

    All boils down to skill TBH. Although I wouldn't be against removing it/extending the time limit. I had no issues at all.
  3. EssBee

    Trader Standings and Limited Edition

    ^This 100%, they aren't gonna baby you just because you bought the more expensive edition of the game. Not only do you have a head start above everyone who DIDN'T buy it but it's piss easy to get your traders to the next level. Also if you bothered to read the ToS. No refunds.
  4. EssBee

    Insta healing from fast slot

    If you bothered to search at all, you'd find out that animations for healing will be added just as animations for reloading magazines were added.
  5. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    Fair that it's not your first language but it's spelling btw not grammar. I think someone is a bit upset
  6. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    *sigh* Implying I'm referencing the day of the week when that's not the point of the comment at all. These scavs are smarter than you at this point. Also the fact you can't spell which correctly is hilarious.
  7. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    The point in it, is this game is trying to be realistic. (#Immersion lol) The invulnerable scavs is most likely due to server side issues I'd assume. Possibly the facing away too. I'm not denying there are bugs but I rarely die to scavs if at all. As I also said, scavs get harder as the raid goes on, making you more prone to getting aimbotted.
  8. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    Go back to school, you need it bud.
  9. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    I'm done talking to a brick wall.
  10. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    I mean not as brain dead as you cause I don't have issues with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. If I had to quote every single person in this thread complaining about scavs it'd be a nightmare. The post was a general response to the thread and all you did was "react" to it cause you have no answers. Lmfao
  11. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    True. Let's put this into perspective. Some random scav could have poo aim, while one who is seasoned could have better aim. No? I get the frustration but at the same time I don't. I stopped getting angry at video games a long time ago. It's a death in a game of many deaths. You can legit get everything back in an instant. Sorry to be harsh but get over it. You legit complain on every other post though, why waste your time? I don't deny that this game has it's glaring issues but scavs are the least of my worries. Also if you're going to just react to my post and not respond to anything but the edit, just proves my point. Out of the 15 posts I read off your content. ONE of them says "Don't get me wrong, I love this game".
  12. EssBee

    Scavs Aimbot

    TBH ya'll just bad lmfao. No but seriously, yeah they have their moments. They also get harder as the raid goes on, IF you didn't know. So if you take your sweet ass time, 30 minutes into the raid, scavs are going to be harder. I've been playing this game through multiple wipes from Alpha to now and these are no where NEAR as bad previous installations of scavs yet smarter than say like last patch. Take things slow, why would you be rushing to an extract with full gear and not be cautious of your surroundings. I see/hear every scav before they see me and they literally pose zero issues unless it's later into the raid. Maybe it's because I know the spawns of them, but that doesn't mean people can't learn them and predict that scavs will be there. I'm maxed out on traders with all tasks completed basically besides Ragman and Mechanic (3 PMC levels FML) and that required me to kill quite a bit of scavs. I just don't see where you all are having this many issues. Again they have their moments but why get mad when gear is so easy to come by? EDIT: @NeuralBow Legit, all your content is complaining about this game, yet it is never constructive. Just leave already.
  13. EssBee

    Strengthwipe - some Questions

    As strength still increases your melee power I would assume if you got it up to a certain point, yes. I don't know if this will change though, that being one shotting from level one. Trust me that is the least of my worries right now for this game. Also, these all were viable methods before these patches.
  14. EssBee

    reclaim on bad trading purchase?

    Short answer, no. You can sell them back to make a fraction of what you spent, or save them for later use. Try to be more careful? I don't know how you managed that to be honest.