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  1. EssBee

    Pay money to fast forward Scav cooldown.

    So people can spam no risk runs and you see a drastic decrease in PMCs? No thank you.
  2. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Responses are in bullet points and underlined. EDIT: We can agree to disagree no?
  3. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

  4. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

  5. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    My responses are underlined.
  6. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    And it's quite possible you typed this "instance" to fit your narrative. Just saying. It proves nothing. EDIT: How about Rust? Kill cam? No. What about anything of this genre? No, they don't. This isn't Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO or anything of the like.
  7. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    #brickwall EDIT: I still don't believe the general player base should have access to these features. This is a hardcore survival game and will continue to develop to be more hardcore as the game goes on. It just doesn't fit the game. Does DayZ have kill cams? No. Does ArmA or the mods associated with it? No. You should get my point. We agree on some points but disagree on others. I suggested a compromise for those who want kill cams vs those who don't.
  8. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Jesus I'm delving into some hella salt here I think you need to calm down a bit bud. Most people are arguing that you should see the whole raid or such. 10 seconds of a replay will not help you catch a cheater. Nor will 30 seconds unless they are BLATANTLY hacking, which you can easily record as such. People take this game way too seriously and care about gear way too much. It comes and goes so quick that you legit shouldn't care. I know I don't Because VAC sucks? It's pretty obvious that VAC is easily manipulated. The source engine is completely different and most likely easier to duck with. I don't know for sure but having all Valve games running off source and the modding associated with it kind of leans me in this direction. Hence why they added Overwatch in the first place. Not only that but comparing this game to CS:GO or PUBG is retarded. If you can't figure out why I'm not going to explain it to you. Again most people here are arguing FOR A FULL RAID OF A REPLAY. You even said you didn't read through the whole post, you are uninformed in this case. I understand that it would appear after the raid (because I read all of the posts and you blatantly said you didn't) but that doesn't discount my opinion. Play style is a big part of this game and compromising legit play so you know where to look every raid for people shouldn't be a part of it. If I have a replay I know where to check every raid, every time and minimizes the risk and evens the playing field for those who are worse in skill level than me. Do I want an even playing field when someone could be at a lesser skill? F**k no. If I'm better and know the game better than someone, I should have a CLEAR advantage over them. Anyone that uses NVIDIA has the option to use shadow play and I don't suffer from any performance drops because of it. I have a clip of an obvious cheater teleporting to my side and killing me. That's the point, you SHOULDN'T know where you got killed from. That's YOUR fault for getting in a position to get killed if it's a legit player If you want I can PM you a clip of the cheater than I recorded WITH SHADOW PLAY. It's pretty easy to press Alt+X (My hotkey) to record what I want. I quoted it because YOU SAID that YOU DIDN'T READ the posts. You obviously didn't read ANY of my post. Admins could have access to kill cams. Add a "report" button at the end. So ADMINISTRATORS can review as such. NOT THE GENERAL POPULATION. The general pop shouldn't have access to such things for obvious reasons. You make so many assumptions in this post it's ridiculous. You say I'm "crying" when I'm giving an honest opinion. Your post is filled with salt and it's pointing towards the fact that you probably struggle in this game, but that's okay. You're the one complaining for a kill cam. Not me. I gave my view point as such and you attack my post aggressively. I've remained calm throughout my whole post and you accuse me of "glitching". I'm level 40, max traders and play this game a fuckton. I can show you my raids if need be but, let's be honest, you'd disregard that instantly. TL:DR. Admins should have access to such features with general players having a "report" button so it can be MANUALLY reviewed and acted upon by someone with the power to do so. EDIT: The fact that you don't want to join a discord to record a report such cheaters just shows a lack of effort to test and make this game better in general. You paid for this game to test AND play, not just play. If you put in the effort you will realize there are ways to report people, bugs and the like.
  9. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

  10. EssBee

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    "Hardcore" lol. I'm MGE in comp and tanking bullets from any gun in that game isn't hardcore. Nor is getting shot in the face by a pistol and not dying with a helmet protecting your HEAD only. There are so many reasons CS:GO can't be considered hardcore. Competitive? Sure. Hardcore? Nah. If you consider it hardcore, no wonder why you want a kill cam/replay function. Addressing the kill cam though, the main gripe I have about it is that you could learn all the hiding spots of people, all the nooks and "secrets" of someone's play style. Yes it could help catch cheaters but that's nothing a viable anti-cheat couldn't do. You can also record cheaters and report (if they ever allowed that to be possible) on your own accord. Klean and other streamers have a discord that has a "hacker report" channel where he's DOING IT ON HIS OWN ACCORD, NOT RELATED TO BSG. Where they go through if you have ACTUAL proof of a cheater. They will send it up the line and boom bang bing. There you go. It's called "The Blacksite". They go through every report as far as I know to make sure it's a true cheater. AGAIN THIS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH BSG^^^^^^^^ You should learn from your mistakes on your own. Not having some internal game assistance after the raid to show you exactly how you got killed, where and by whom. Not even mentioning that you said ALL PLAYERS in the raid. Oh duck no. Please, no. EDIT: It's a SURVIVAL game not a classic FPS, as CS:GO is. There's a difference, a big one at that. Also maybe admins having access to this only I would be completely fine with to catch cheaters. The general population? Nah nah nah.
  11. EssBee

    Do you forbid dropping items for teamates?

    You want to 1. Test to see if you can pick up any items (preferably worthless non-quest items) whatsoever when doing factory. 2. Drop UP IN THE AIR. The items fell basically through the floor as can happen in any building and such on ANY map. Hence why when you reconnected and they were gone.
  12. EssBee

    Suggestion: Respawn as Scav

  13. EssBee

    Why are there timed tasks?

    All boils down to skill TBH. Although I wouldn't be against removing it/extending the time limit. I had no issues at all.
  14. EssBee

    Trader Standings and Limited Edition

    ^This 100%, they aren't gonna baby you just because you bought the more expensive edition of the game. Not only do you have a head start above everyone who DIDN'T buy it but it's piss easy to get your traders to the next level. Also if you bothered to read the ToS. No refunds.
  15. EssBee

    Insta healing from fast slot

    If you bothered to search at all, you'd find out that animations for healing will be added just as animations for reloading magazines were added.