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  1. Getting trapped with broken legs?!?!?!

    just got stuck between a fence and a concrete barrier in between the spawn parking lot and the train tracks on customs...
  2. Played a few games today where my legs broke, and I was hobbling along, then suddenly I get trapped into a tire, or a behind a small ledge next to the water and guess what? I'M STUCK I literally can't get out and so I lose the raid because my guy can't climb over a 6 inch berm... Not being able to jump with broken legs makes sense... but come now. My guy could easily climb up small stuff like this using his arms.... Maybe that's something to look at adding. Cause playin 45 minutes of a raid just to lose all my stuff cause Mr. BEAR gets stuck is pretty lame sauce
  3. Body armor too OP???

    Control, Thank you sir. beautiful guide
  4. Body armor too OP???

    The grips and stuff makes sense and now that I can buy them i'll use them. As for the iron sights... I haven't figured out how to put a sight on the 74u yet.
  5. Body armor too OP???

    Yeah I mean I've watched Kotton pick up an AK74u and pop into games and get 6-7 kills before extracting and I know he is like a god at the game so I'm not expecting to be that good LOL but I just want my bullets to kill people hahaha I do have a few AK74N... but they do shoot the same bullet... so same damage? same problem?
  6. Body armor too OP???

    Ok that makes sense... so how do I not be a scrub haha I've got Prapor up to lvl 2 and skier to lvl 2 once I hit level 16... but what should I look for then?
  7. Body armor too OP???

    Hey... loving the game so far... as long as the lag doesn't screw me. But lets talk about the body armor. Scav wearing body armor, takes an ENTIRE 30 rd Magazine (AK74u) from 20 yards to kill him while shooting chest and legs. I mean really? I know it's in beta and the d-sync in the server sometimes makes these situations happen... but that's just it. It happens over and over and over and over and over. Something is screwy So since the lag continues to be a problem can we please NERF the stupid armor to give us scrubs a freaking chance. I wanna love this game but right now... peppering a scav or a player with a 2/3 magazine of an AK74U rounds just to have the lag kill me... then on the post-game screen see I got 12 hits for 160 damage registered?!?!? that is seriously stupid. and infuriating.