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  1. jukeboxknox

    When will you IP ban hackers

    Played last night and ran into a group of wallhackers. Dude came into my stream and stated they knew my every position and that he has bought TEN......TEN ACCOUNTS. When are IP bans going to happen to stop hackers from just buying another acct.
  2. If waters a factor were going to have issues, it never stops raining in tarkov
  3. jukeboxknox

    Scav behaviour

    As from when I've played scav raids and had to eliminate ate player scav or just a scav fir a but of loot, the ai in the area would attack but if you win that fight I can walk up to scavs in another area and they be friendly. All scabs used to shoot you around the map if you killed one. I like how it is now
  4. jukeboxknox

    Battle royale

    Hard pass. No way. Keep that dumb genre away.
  5. You arnt pointing it up. The other player is forcing your weapon up. Big difference.
  6. jukeboxknox

    New Gun Glitchin?

    I just see a black box
  7. jukeboxknox

    Silencer rework

    Their too busy working on more attachments to actually fix things. Good luck with them fixing silencers, they like most people probably beleive silencers actually make the gun silent.
  8. jukeboxknox

    Factory Key Spawn

    I randomly checked spawns as I was moving through areas and always checked scavs. I've got like 3 factory keys 2 oli keys and 2 goshan keys. Scavs are a better chance then the 1 static spawn.
  9. jukeboxknox

    gunsmith part 2 cant hand over ak74 u bug

    Does your weapon meet all the specifications? Did you try folding the stock
  10. jukeboxknox

    Secure Containers Should Be Read-Only In-Raid

    Also sorry for the so many different errors in my post. Dang mobile typing always changing or missing things that I push.
  11. jukeboxknox

    Secure Containers Should Be Read-Only In-Raid

    All I see is a bunch of whiners about a game mechanic. How about quit whining how others play. All I see is.people complaining that others dont sy how they do. I run top gear and I gotta be careful when these hatchets just run around with a care. It's a choice, and it's there to support multiple gameplay choices. I usually run gear but sometimes I run a pistol drop a scav gamma the pistol the rest that I get is a plus. Thays my play style and I gamma anything and everything. Play your way and qu complaining about how others play.
  12. jukeboxknox

    I feel like the only one.

    Lol great job on the update. Pistol glitching and duping still a thing. Seems once again you tried a bandaid
  13. jukeboxknox

    I feel like the only one.

    Decipher? Cant understand English? Oh right probably another grammar police. You just bought the game so you understand the bugs, lol right. I've had it for about a year or more, and the "fixes" have never worked. Container glitching has always been around whether they thought they fixed it or not. Yes it's their job to fix a broken game so we should expect that unknown bugs were fixed without knowledge, BUT this container glitch has been in the game for over a year. No they wanted it removed because they cant take criticism on a large scale, just like when they freaked out on the creator and the public when that netcode video came out. Same reason they created a false reason to close down the reddit. They cant take the criticism for their broken game. Like I said let's hope this updated anti cheat actually does something, and that the main game breaking glitches are fixed.
  14. jukeboxknox

    I feel like the only one.

    Thanks for making dumb assumptions. I dont use glitches, and i also disagree with most you said. The previous glitches were never fixed, they were bandaid. The exposure of the glitches has forced your guys hands and have actually focused on getting rid of the glitches as per the new patch coming out. Also you guy wanted the videos removed because he exposed how broken the game is. Also would add the team is horrible with taking criticism and instead of just ignoring it, attack the community. Just because the game is in beta doesn't mean it's free from criticism. Think you need some thicker skin. Thanks for the update to glitches, hope you got the worst of the worst.
  15. jukeboxknox

    I feel like the only one.

    Cant really agree, when at least of of these glitches has been known and been around causing issues for YEARS. devs have yet to fix it. Go ahead break the game. They say they wont take a stance on glitchers, macro users, then this is what you get. 1 simple thing would fix most of the weapon glitches and dupes, yes it's been around for at least a year. Obviously reports have fallen on deaf ears, and now other means of throwing it in their face is actually working since they are actually doing something about it.