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  1. jukeboxknox

    Gunsmith Part 2 Bugged?

    Make sure your butt stock is folded and mags empty or removed unless specified. Make sure your mag is removed , and yes pictures of your current set up would help us answer better.
  2. jukeboxknox

    god mode

    You guys are in the wrong section, this is English speaking.
  3. jukeboxknox

    help with gear and traders

    Fastest way to lvl traders is to do the missions, and take down pmcs because you gotta raise your player rank to raise trader lvl.
  4. jukeboxknox

    Some Work in Progress Material

    So reward them for what? Kotton whines about everything in the game, and has given you suggestions that dont belong in this game, that youve implemented. You listen to 5 streamers before your thousands that are in the community. It's a complete joke. Summit played for like 4 days and then raged on how bad tarkov is. Theres no need for items like this.
  5. jukeboxknox

    Customs hacking (PLEASE FIX)

    That's the invincibility glitch. The one player cant hurt you and you cant hurt him, he distracted you while his teammate killed you. The update on tuesday should fix it, let's hope
  6. jukeboxknox

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Summit gear when he played it for 1 week lol. Kotton gear when he whines about every single thing and changes the game into run and gun. Yeah not excited about where this is going.
  7. jukeboxknox

    GPS locator For Teams

    The only thing coming that would be helpful for team locating is the wristwatch compass.
  8. jukeboxknox

    Chemical Part 4

    It's not broken, theres consequences for giving said info or items to someone else.
  9. jukeboxknox

    Game balance

    Ask the devs, they will say its a strategic playstyle. Be aware of your surroundings
  10. jukeboxknox

    hoarding cash and items

    Run full geared raids, mod weapons, or for me when I stream sometimes I'll ask people for random challenges and I have to do what they say within reason. Pistols only, or glock 18 no body armor. A backpack full of grenades and or flashes
  11. jukeboxknox

    This is why I play EFT.

    Very far and few between, but fun when it happens
  12. jukeboxknox

    God Mode on Shoreline

    I dont think it's an exploit. There are hackers running a hack where they cant kill you and you cant kill them. They can loot and run around and be seen by everyone. He should be banned soon
  13. Just want to point out hip firing isnt a thing. The weapons are always shouldered and at the low ready. Your point shooting a shouldered weapon, reason why it's as accurate as it is.
  14. You can already shoot someone through a face sheild with a tt so not sure why your worried about the myosin. it will just cost a bit more to 1 shot someone.