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  1. jukeboxknox

    eroktic wtf

    I just WOW. I mean all i can say is wow. I can tell you dont understand what your saying. You need to look up DMCA to understand this. What eroktic posted may have been wrong and would be categorized as slander, which bsg had every right to send a cease and desist letter or sue for slander. They did neither. DMCA strikes are for Copyright infringement, which eroktic had not done. BSG illegally used DMCA for something it's not for 44 times. YouTube is a US company so falsely using dmca strikes is illegal, and can lead to court. So here's the facts once again so maybe you can understand it better. Please look up dmca and you will see why it's an issue. Eroktic said crap bsg should have sent a cease and desist they didnt. They filed dmca strikes illegally which is now turning around to bite themselves. Now companies who didnt know about eft are seeing eft and noticing their products in the game without concent. So bsg is being looked at for stolen intellectual property, and these companies can file for copyright infringement. Please look up dmca then reread a few of these posts. You are not reading what others have posted, this is a legal issue now because of how bsg reacted.
  2. jukeboxknox

    SP-6 ammo and Gen4 Full

    Not sure about gen 4, but the ammo is probably being bought via macro at trader reset and marked up 5 times the price on the market.
  3. jukeboxknox

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    Wait how is this a glitch? I have bags inside of bags in my closet. It's not a glitch its completely realistic.
  4. jukeboxknox

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    It's your party and you can cry if you want to
  5. jukeboxknox

    Anniversary SALE Coming Soon!

    I think I paid 60 USD, for discounted upgrade.
  6. jukeboxknox

    Australian Servers are dead

    Why undo ping lock? So players can take advantage of high ping and lag and skip all over the map? No thank you
  7. jukeboxknox

    PeaceKeeper Eagle Eye quest glitch?

    This one is bugged, you need to lay down and look up to get the disk
  8. jukeboxknox

    Gunsmith Part 2 Bugged?

    Remove rp-1 as well. If that doesnt work you have a different hand grip then recommended. This is what you should all have.
  9. jukeboxknox

    Gunsmith Part 2 Bugged?

    Make sure your butt stock is folded and mags empty or removed unless specified. Make sure your mag is removed , and yes pictures of your current set up would help us answer better.
  10. jukeboxknox

    god mode

    You guys are in the wrong section, this is English speaking.
  11. jukeboxknox

    help with gear and traders

    Fastest way to lvl traders is to do the missions, and take down pmcs because you gotta raise your player rank to raise trader lvl.
  12. jukeboxknox

    Some Work in Progress Material

    So reward them for what? Kotton whines about everything in the game, and has given you suggestions that dont belong in this game, that youve implemented. You listen to 5 streamers before your thousands that are in the community. It's a complete joke. Summit played for like 4 days and then raged on how bad tarkov is. Theres no need for items like this.
  13. jukeboxknox

    Customs hacking (PLEASE FIX)

    That's the invincibility glitch. The one player cant hurt you and you cant hurt him, he distracted you while his teammate killed you. The update on tuesday should fix it, let's hope
  14. jukeboxknox

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Summit gear when he played it for 1 week lol. Kotton gear when he whines about every single thing and changes the game into run and gun. Yeah not excited about where this is going.