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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Search Description : Day 5 After a day long investigation, I got lots of information about this check point. They have some symbol to classify who is their own. They are very easy to imitate. So I find some clothes at downstairs, dress it up, cover my camouflage combat uniform, make myself look like a civilian. And I cut a piece of clothes and draw the symbol on it. "Perfect!" I show it to my buddy. "Maybe I can become a painter when I back home." Clothing preparation is complete. I sit down with my buddy again and check my notebook which I have write down all the information about this checkpoint. "Hmmm, so how can we make us in? They got lots of people guarding the front gate. Look weird when I walk in from no where and just me here. Usually they group up together." When I am still thinking the idea, I hear some noise on the street. I look on that direction, few blocks away, some armed guys circle with some unarmed guy. Armed guy wearing same symbol from the checkpoint. Some great idea popping out of my head. But I need to confirm something. So I pick up my gear and run to that position. As I approach enough to hear their conversation, I have little shock on they are talking English. Seems they are escorting some non-local people. "Enough resting, get up! you lazy people, the base need these supply." An armed guy shout loudly with Russian accent. Some unarmed people complain. "Shut up or eat bullet!" Unarmed people start stand up unwillingly and pick up some box. So the situation are so chaotic(mess?confusion?). It's the chance! I wear the piece of symbol, put out my gun and sneak to behind of this team. Act like a member of the escort guard. The plan is working well. no one realize they have one more people here. After few minutes walking, we arrive to the checkpoint. I get through the front gate with no obstruct. Someone pick up a megaphone. "Alright you all lazy people, the schedule are already delate a lot. So harry up!" "These boxes move to the van and transport to base later, these boxes move to the armory." "Now move!" "Armory!" I yell it in my brain. That the reason why I am here. I follow the team which moving to the armory. I imitate the other armed guy - push the people who carrying the boxes. Seems my acting is perfect. I reach to the armory. Not far away, I saw a part of the fence a fall down. That is one of my escape point. Suddenly, someone step in front of me and stop me. Shxt! Am I get expos...... "*#$^*($(*@$)$(*@)$(($&@)$(@)*#$&*^&*@^&$^@&^$*@&*$" And the guy walk away with the rest of the other armed guy. They enter a tent and start drink vodka. Combining what I have see and my poor knowledge of Russian language. He tell me stay here and keep supervise these worker and they go to have some rest. "Fuxk! That so scary!" (Yell at my brain)I nearly pee myself. I take a few second to claim myself down. "Okay, back to the business." I open the door and walk in the armory. What I can find this time.
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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Explore and search Description : Day 4 After a long distance moving, I decide to find a place to rest. Suddenly, I hear a screaming nearby. I look to that direction, three man equip with shotgun are dragging a wounded Russian soldier to somewhere. I can't do anything with my poor gear right now so decide to follow them. After few corner, a damaged Russia flag is project in my eyes. Its a Russia armed forces checkpoint. That three man drag the soldier into the checkpoint. Something wrong here. I pick up my binoculars to observe the checkpoint. "Monster!" Two dead soldier hanging at the front gate and a wooden sign a hang on their neck. "Screw government not helping us!" is write down on that wooden sign. It seems the checkpoint is overrun by the hostile angry local people. "Not good buddy, our way are blocked." I open my map and check with my buddy, RGN. "Here is our fastest way get past this area and the other way take a lot of time." "And no promise the farthest is more safe." I keep thinking and look around. I spot a building which is high enough to spot the entire area. "There it is buddy, time to do some sniper job." Few minutes later. I arrive to the rooftop. I find a place to hide myself "We need to find out how many people exactly they have, the checkpoint configuration, daily patrol route and timetable, daily guards change timetable, any lighting system still working...… so we can find out their weak point, make plan to infiltrate and gtfo safely." I find a sleeping bag place down near me and put my buddy on it. "Also this is the preparation of plan B which is observe the farthest road situation. If the plan A - infiltrate checkpoint not work. We still have plan B." I pick out my binoculars again. "So, we got lots of work to do. Sorry buddy, lunch have to delay." I look at my buddy and make wry smile to "him". Observation start.
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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Moving Description : Day 3 Moving with a buddy make the day more easier. "Hey buddy, seems this area already looted." I holding the RGN on my hand, face to me and make the nod move on it. "So you agree move to other area too?" I make the nodding again. "Great buddy, glad we have the same agreement." I put the RGN back to my belt. "Stick close with me buddy, we are going fast right now." and I start moving across the area. (Busy day here, don't have enough time to thing and write the good story this time. Sorry T^T)
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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Search and moving Description : Day 2 I find a house still quite intact to hide in and get some rest. I do a quick search, no one here. Seems clear. I hide behind a flip table and sit on the floor. Having my lunch, I pick out my notebook and start record my resource remaining. "Ah here you are, little guy." The last thing is a RGN Offensive hand grenade. I find it under broken down piece of wall yesterday. I nearly kill myself when I pull it out. I place it on the floor and start eat my meal again. "Do you know you nearly kill me?" I don't know why I start talking with a grenade but it feels good. I have a long time not talking with something not myself. Am I the main character from Cast Away? After an hour "conversation", I start clean my equipment. Maybe a little bored, I draw a smiley face on a RGN. "Hey, you look happy buddy." I put it on a chair and start looting the place. Few hours later, its evening. Time to move out. I pack up everything and put the RGN back to my belt. "Ready for a adventure buddy?" I touch the RGN and start walking.
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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Search and moving Description : Day one after moving The situation a worst, far from my imagination. Roadblock, car crash, bullet hole, dead body everywhere. It make the road more difficult to cross. ETA to final location extend to unknown. "Well, at least I have some cover when I am moving." I am sitting on the floor, open a bottle of water and have a little bit rest in a house. I am thinking is this worth it to stay safe but move too slow right now..... Suddenly a glass broken sound happen on the second floor. I jump up and pull out my P226 and point to the stair. Seem my training officer trained me very well. My muscle remember all the move well so I can react to sudden situation very fast. I move up to second floor, check every room again. Am I missing something? Finally the last room. A open window and a picture frame lay down on the floor. Seem the wind making things. "It easy to get heart attack man..." I stand down my alert level, walk into the room and pack up the picture. It's a family picture. Everyone in this picture looks very happy. What happen to they right now? Are they still alive? Are they make it out of Tarkov? I miss you mum.....life is tough here.... I curls up my body at the corner. Tear fill in my eyes, sadness keep popping out. I am homesick right now........ How many year I haven't cry? I don't even remember. But venting emotion really help lot to relax and refresh myself, especially in this situation - life is cheap in Tarkov. Also, I reconfirm my goal - make out of Tarkov live to see my family, what ever it cost. Sun is going down, time to move out. I pack up everything I have. Step out with confidence. Not the giant one but the first step back home. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still trying which writing style is better on RPG EFT(~ ̄∇ ̄)~
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    Group :Find weapon to defend myself Action : Search and moving Description : As it was a large gun fight happen deep into the city suddenly, I was forced to stay in this area seem still safe enough. I have do some management on my staff and keep resting for future exploration. And the day finally arrive. The city is become quiet again. Another day come up with a blue sky, is a good day for an adventure. I wake up and take a deep breath. "Good morning Tarkov." I sit on the bed and open one small diet which I find in this house when I stuck in here in these few day. I open the map, looking for place I plan to go next. "The gun fight happen here." I write a circle on the central of the map to remind myself. "Good loot should been here." And I draw box like thing inside the circle to remind me there have potential loot. "So I should go to here....." I draw a line from my staying place to the circle and draw a arrow point to the circle at the end of the line. "But it is not wise to go straight in....." I draw a cross on the line and draw another line land on the area which next to the target area and draw a binoculars which mean recon. Do a search in this area, find a building high enough to spot the target area and make another plan. "Hmmm......sound good enough." I put the last snack in my mouth. I design start moving at the evening, stop and search when morning come and hope arrive before third day's dawn. I use the remind time to do some cleaning. "Should do one more search in this house before leave." You know, every resource is important for me right now.
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    Group name: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search and moving Description: After bad luck of convoy searching, I design to act more aggressive - move deeper in the city, seek more high value. I can't leave here like this. But this is not good for my body sleep outside with danger environment, I design to just search for 1-2 day. After that I will leave.
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    Group name: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search and moving Description: Just another normal day in Tarkov, I am walking in the street and look for good loot. The experience in these days teach me which place have potential loot, which one haven't. So I can save more time. "Jezz...." I find a small home make lunch box but when I open it, a bad smell popped out. It can't eat. I open the window and let some fresh air come in. I see a UN convoy crash site in far away. Usually they are escorting humanitarian aid resource. "Maybe I can get some medkit in the cargo truck so I can try to go deeper into the city more comfortable." I look at the front of the convoy, there is a UN APC. "And maybe some more ammo." I make a joke for myself.
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    Group name: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search and moving Description: It seem no luck in the northern of the city. If I need find good stuff, I have to move south - deep inside to the city. But according to my observation in these few days, a large gun fight happen deep in the city. So this is not a good idea to move in unless I find a better weapon or I find some teammate(I know my company has deploy few more team in Tarkov, some of my friends are in these team. If they survive, I must regroup with them.). So I choose to stick with the plan - move to the eastern side of the city, keep myself in the edge of the city so I can run into the forest and hide inside if necessary. "Sound a nice plan." I mumbled. I pack all my stuff well, gear up and start my journey again.
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    Group name: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search and moving Description: No luck for this time, just some ammo can't use right now. Look at the sky the sun is coming up. Feeling tired and not safe to moving around at sun light time, I design to move in a house which still look intact. I put out my P226 and check every rooms and corner. Nothing spotted. Listen around, no gun sound nearby. The fighting group must move to the other side. I am safe in here. I open my backpack and check storage. "Just have 9 more......" I sit on a chair and start eating food that I bring in and count how much left. I need to save half of them for emergency use so I just have 4 days to stay here and search for useful item. Move to the east should be a good idea. Less gun sound around there. After finish my lunch, I need to get some rest for night action. I set some simple trap on the door which will make noise when someone come in. I move in the bed room which deep in this house. Grab some guilt and hide in a large wardrobe. "Hope situation will become good again" I keep my P226 in my hand and close my eyes.......
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    GROUP NAME: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search the area DESCRIPTION: P226, first weapon I get when I join the PMC. Not my favorite one but still is the most memory one. It help me complete the newbie training. *Gun fire from very far distance* The gun sound bring me back to reality. I'm still in dangerous zone. I fill the mag, load in the gun and put the gun in my Leg Holster. I start thinking what to do next. I finally have a weapon to defend myself but it far from enough. I should find more if I get it save. Gun sound still in very far distance so my position still save. Darkness is friend of well trained solider. I think I can search the nearby area and remain unspotted. Leave here before dawn and back to hideout. (Search target: Guns, foods, medical stuff)
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    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Captain_Rex #1203 Thanks!
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    GROUP NAME: Find weapon to defend myself Action: Search the area DESCRIPTION: Enter the forest area. It seems some abandon camps set up here. Some black smoke show up in deep side of the forest. It seem is some crashed vehicle. Have to check this. Hope is military type so can have some weapon.
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    New players

    Character name Captain_Rex Description New recruits from PMC. Lost contact to the Command Post. Only survivor on his squad. Marksman His past Just finish military training. How did he get to Tarkov? Follow the main forces arrive to Tarkov. Predilections Only take the shoot when more than 85% hit Use M14(or M1A), M4 only Friends Unknown(Lost contact to CP) Wounds, and battles Squad get ambush by unknown enemy. No wounds but other teammate KIA. Aspirations Back home alive. The greatest achievement that character did Safe a beautiful girl from scav violent Strength 20 Endurance 30 Accuracy 30 Sniper