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  1. Subway Card Game Payment

    I don't know where to put payment related threads so here it is. So basically I had tried using a credit card to pay for this game through PayPal, and all of a sudden I see that my card is denied. So that means I'm going to have to call my bank tomorrow and get my card back up, or they are going to take a month to get me a new card. duck you. Then I went to walgreens to get a 50 buck subway card as an alternative payment, and the payment fee when I got back home was 23 ducking dollars. So basically what I'm saying is don't do this method if you are gonna buy the game and have to pay another half of the price for this game ($68 FOR THE STANDARD VERSION)... Luckily I had another card on me and a nice friend cop me another card to even the costs. duck you videogame men... This was the worst purchase I've done online in my life.