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  1. Andy

    Since this latest update...

    Useful post. helps alot lol
  2. https://strawpoll.com/2z9w65g6 I am trying to compile a rough estimate of how long the average player is in the raid. I want your answer based on what you do, if you are the kind of player that ONLY plays factory and thus spends an average of 5-10 minutes in raid, that's fine, and if you're a shoreline resort farmer and are regularly in raid until the last 10 minutes, that's fine too. Just give your honest answer please! This can give people a little more assurance to stay in raid a bit longer depending on how this poll goes. If the poll says the average players stays until 10-20 or 20-30 then I can play woods and shoreline and not feel like everyone has already extracted and I am wasting my time searching for players in an empty server.
  3. Andy

    Game needs some revamping

    Ya I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to buy AK74, I'm saying some high end guns, and not even all high end guns. Just a few to make some items have more value than others. There needs to be items in the game that elicit an excited response when you come across them, whether its found in game or just from killing someone that has it.
  4. Andy

    Game needs some revamping

    I feel like you're completely ignoring what I'm saying. It has to the with the adrenaline and the feel of the fight. A fight in these type of slow, and spread out action games should be intense, you should have your heart racing, and you should be SUPER hyped that you won and that you got more gear. Meanwhile right now, its like playing COD or BF or any other run and gun FPS, which there is nothing wrong with those games, they're fun. They just have a very different feel and they elicit a very different reaction to a kill.
  5. Andy

    Game needs some revamping

    I explained it in the post, It devalues all the items. But lemme give you an analogy. I've played a TON of rust in my life, same with DayZ and every iteration of WarZ and other survival games that have loot and perma death. Those games do a good job where if I kill someone in Rust and get their gear, it feels incredible, its a huge rush of adrenaline to get into a fight and have the prospect of losing my high value gear or getting even more high value gear. But this game has none of that. I don't care at all if he kills me or if I kill him, I don't care if I throw all my gear on the ground and leave it, I don't care if he has the best gear in the game, because I have so much of it, and on top of that, its literally all purchasable, further adding to its lack of worth. Thats why I want less loot.
  6. Andy

    Game needs some revamping

    So you'd just hoard limitless rsass's? and you'd start selling them once you got too many in your inv? No. Clearly you wouldn't, you'd use them after a bit.
  7. They already said that they will be reducing the amount of loot in the game, which is seriously needed. Shoreline is over saturated as hell, every locked room has high end gun spawns, money, and way too many loot cases. Having it over saturated like that devalues most of the loot in the game, Makes me completely indifferent to whether or not I die during a run because I can so easily replace what I lost. Klean has mentioned this many times in his stream and I fully agree, fort armor needs to weigh a ton, and weight should determine how fast you are able to walk and how fast your stamina will drain, this will make it a tactical decision whether you bring in fort or not, not simply just a decision of whether you have it in your stash. Finally, I think they need to remove the RSASS or some other high value gun along with the upcoming SVD from the traders, and make it a world find only. Not because its a really strong weapon and it shouldn't be purchasable, but simply because they need to make some items in the game ACTUALLY rare and make it feel special to use and find in the game. Currently when I kill someone, no matter what they are wearing, I don't really care about the loot, I just stick it in my bag and it'll 90% of the time get sold because I don't need it. But if the RSASS, the SVD, and maybe other guns were actually rare and couldn't be traded for and bartered, I'd save them and be excited when I killed someone that had it.
  8. I'm not gonna name him cause the admins said don't do that, but just so everyone knows, there is DEFINITELY speed hacks in the game, he was zooming around woods at the speed of light gunning me down as i tried to run to extract lol
  9. I mean it is, cause now an admin has to come in and close the thread, and if he has to close 900 of these threads, he can report back that there is a slight problem with there game lol
  10. Nah, more complaints, more threads, makes it easier for them to see that there is a problem.
  11. Just spawned into woods, I remembered theres a spawn to my right, I walked for 2 seconds and saw the guy still loading in, 1 tapped him. He didn't even get to play the match, he literally died before spawning in. These spawns need to be changed pretty bad, even the old spawns were better than this, I couldn't walk for LITERALLY 2 seconds and 1 tap a guy spawning in with the old spawns.
  12. I have no video or logs or anything, but I just wanna know if this happened to anyone else, there was a scav flying around noclipping through poo, like, we were in the resort and he shot me a couple times, no sound at all, then randomly appeared in front of me. I shot him in the head a couple times and deemed him invulnerable so me and my friend just ran for it. but when we got outside, my friend was still being shot. We looked behind us and there he was, flying approximately 15-20 feet in the air, stuttering up and down, so it didn't look exactly like flying, just extreme fall glitching. he followed us all the way to extraction and he killed my friend, but then i extracted lol. I wanna know if anyone has had a similar experience
  13. Andy

    Therapist reputation and level question

    Same problem, only I gave her the chemical pt 4 quest so I have 0.44, and 0.6 is required for crown, so I'm screwed as well
  14. Can anyone confirm or deny that im SOL?
  15. I betrayed her on the documents one, but then gave her the final chemical part 4 one, so I think all of this is cause of documents lol.