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  1. lubberlick

    scav too op after patch?

    If i don't die fully geared to a scav at least once a week or more they are too easy and need buffed. Currently they are too easy. In all honesty tho. These scavs will punish you if you don't wear any armor. I find that when i run without armor scavs one shot me, if i run UNTAR + Any helmet i can almost always take them.
  2. lubberlick

    What Headphone's should I use?

    my go-to recommendation for good gaming audio, is the Asus Xonar DGX + Sennheiser Game One/Zero. Open back for slightly better positional audio, closed back for blocking out noisy neighbors.
  3. lubberlick

    Item moving error is erasing roubles

    I have had several instances where the move error erased my rubles also. So yes someone else.
  4. lubberlick

    Item Movement Bug Deleted Keybar

    Ive lost rubles many times when i get the movement error, but never anything else.
  5. lubberlick


    You should have seen Rust at this point in development... That said, speed hacks and fly hacks should be able to be removed completely. I honestly haven't seen either of these yet, but I have absolutely encountered aimbot and esp. I would say average of once or twice a week though.