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  1. Last wave

    @kwahamoT Can we close this topic already?
  2. Second wave started!

    FEb 29 just got my invite!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Second wave started!

    if you really want that ok then.... coming for cheeks and all
  4. Second wave started!

    here you go
  5. Second wave started!

  6. Second wave started!

    yeah and im probably wave 5 which puts me at Saturday for feb29
  7. Second wave started!

    End of February wave may not be until next friday or saturday. BAWLZ DEEP in No Mans Sky it is.....
  8. No Mans Sky "buddy adder" Thread

    i believe you are able to meet up with others. It is possible if you try really hard but very rare you will meet another person. but this will be implemented
  9. No Mans Sky "buddy adder" Thread

    For those of us that wont be in the next couple waves. Feb 29, so i know its not coming any time soon for me. 5 more days until this game comes out and looking for people to play with. add me on steam under same name. Cant explore the galaxy alone.
  10. Information about Alpha testing launch

    Literally have had it up to here (use your imagination) with misleading information. How many times do we have to be mislead to get the right answer out of the Devs? Please @TarkovObserver do not let this continue to happen if you can help it. Remember that "Trust" BSG wanted to gain back from its supports, i.e. US? Well its starting to slip away again. Seems like Deja Vu all over again. Saying that EOD has priority then letting lower packages in before EOD and not telling us it would be in waves from the beginning, not to mention dodging the question of how long the alpha will last. Some people are worried that they may not get in until the end of the wave and have a few days of it. Heres my example, Tommy bought EOD in December, James picked it up a few months later. Both paid the exact same price depending on currency exchange. Tommy gets in on day 1 of the start of the alpha, James get in a week and a half later and gets told the alpha is coming to a close in 4 days. Does this seem fair? no. What im trying to get you @TarkovEscaper and whatever other Dev decides to read this to understand is that why should someone who paid the same money as someone else wait even longer because there was no communication about who of the EOD owners should get in first? Oh and James finds out later that a bunch of guys with Left Behind got in 2 weeks before him even though he was told he would have priority over them. But i rest my case, all i can say now is that Karma has a way of coming back to bite the other person even harder, not pointing any fingers at anyone just so everyone knows.
  11. Information about Alpha testing launch

    Here's my gripe. @TarkovEscaper why wasnt this brought up in the Order Page when purchasing? If it was stated Alpha would be distributed in waves depending on date of purchase then people would be able to better plan out for this. When it was announced that August 4th would be the Alpha date (2 months ahead of time) that should've been included at the latest. That way everyone is aware that they are buying this and understand that they will have wait X amount of time before being able to gain access. This is almost as bad as Hello Games recently tweeting that the PC date for No Mans Sky is the 12th instead of the 9th. And if it truly is 1000 (maybe a little more) per wave then your estimate of 2 weeks before everyone is in is way off. there are a f%$k-ton of people that pre-ordered this game. Cant imagine how many of them are EOD owners.
  12. Information about Alpha testing launch

    With a purchase date of Feb 29th I have a better chance of playing No Mans Sky on the 12th than being in the Alpha next week.
  13. Devs, take a momment and sit with us

    Hmmmm..... I think some trust is about to get breached. Either those 2 people lied to you or the Devs are being really hush hush??? Feels like that first stream announcement all over again...........
  14. Devs, take a momment and sit with us

    Trying to understand this, if purchase date priority comes first, how do you select 1000 from each region??? Something doesnt add up if thats the case. Either some information is being left out or there is more misleading info.
  15. well when you consider it, most of the people here are paying just to get access to alpha. Be mindful that there was no mention of waves on the purchase page. Devs can be a bit misleading with information as we've experienced in the past.