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  1. Map creation toolkit.

    This would be amazing! The devs could even dedicate a complete free DLC exclusively using fan-created maps, maybe adding in some of their own polish to make them feel coherent and like they are part of the main game.
  2. Alternate use for MS2000 markers

    This could be interesting.
  3. Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    1. I did see it. Think it though, your squad dies and everyone in it gets to see the kill cam or replay. Then after you close it and return to the main menu you choose to go into a raid as a scav and as it has happened several times before, players scavs join in the same game they just got killed in by chance. 2 & 3. This game is being developed with the premise of being a hardcore realistic shooter. How is it realistic to see what your enemies did after you've been killed? It isn't so it won't be in the game, as said by the devs on several accounts. I don't see how a killcam or replay system would make the game any more fair or balanced, if anything it would take away from the hardcore aspect. If you want to see your own mistakes then record yourself. As the devs have said before several times as well, they don't take any reports on cheaters and hackers, so what's the point in collecting proof when there is no report system in place by intention of the devs? Accusing people of cheating or hacking on this forum might even get you permanently blocked or banned. You call the people here "hardos" in a demeaning way when the core basis of the game is to be a hardcore experience? Maybe your expectations for the game are just not in line with where it is heading to. Exactly.
  4. Dynamic Scav Patrols

    I agree completely with your suggestion. We need more aspects of the game to be mixed up and randomized to prevent the raids from becoming repetitive and predictable. Adding in a low chance for random encounters or events would also be great!
  5. Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    There isn't even a report feature available because the devs take care of cheaters and hackers themselves, so any proof you might have against someone no matter how valid it is, is basically useless. I feel that all a kill cam or a replay system would do is to give away all the cheeky spots to the killed players and let them have insights into information such as the enemy placer tactics, movement, equipment, etc... that they shouldn't be able to see in the first place, and worst of all learn from it. What if the player then comes back as a scav to the same round after seeing the killcam or a partial replay? That would be incredibly stupid. In any case, my opinion is that such features would be damaging the premise of the game. Instead of asking for a kill cam maybe you should understand that you are a beta tester playing a closed beta test version of an unfinished game that is still in active development which obviously contains game breaking bugs and sometimes even cheaters or hackers which will result in your character's death and loss of your equipment. Of course it's aggravating when it happens but the solution for this problem is not to implement a kill cam or replay system so that more people are able to rightfully complain (because for all we know more people complaining about the very same thing is exactly what we need more of), but actually fixing the bugs which cause the issues to begin with and developing a better anti-cheat system, which will obviously take time.
  6. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I got into woods yesterday at the northern spawn close to the road north from the red brick building. As I run along the road I found a guy about halfway to the tank that is located on the other side of the road, shooting a silenced weapon towards the trees. I shot him up with my SKS and looted an M4, vest, backpack and dogtag while I hear shots going off close by. I run into cover and move further towards the south until I see a guy camping on one of the big rocks. Determined to find him I climb the rock and fall into some stupid hole... I made a lot of noise trying to get out of the hole until I heard footsteps and I froze. I decide to take off the valuable m4 parts in an attempt put as many of the parts into my gamma container and then I read the dogtag of the player I killed who was named "Trapt"!!! A few seconds later I get shot by a guy on the rocks just as I emptied my gamma container to make space for the parts...
  7. Fastest game ever?

    I'm sure the spawn system is being refined further to prevent instant death on spawn, however spawn immunity would just be stupid.
  8. Handed in all my guns

    This here! Nothing here needs to be fixed, just don't place any items into junk backpacks which you sell later on. The hideout system will not replace the current inventory system but will rather be an addition as said several times by the devs.
  9. New Interchange Screenshots

    Love it! I hope they refine the sound engine further so there's more realistic reverberation when being located inside such a huge building.
  10. Patience and Sniping

    This needs to happen!
  11. Wanting to trade stuff ingame

    I have one, let me know how we can trade. I need 3 salewas and maybe throw in some rubles.
  12. Compass?

    This needs to happen, compass bearings are essential for calling out directions and targets.
  13. Tiered Queuing?

    Be sure to check this video out, has some good information on the cheapest assault rifle setup that you can get starting from lvl 1 and totally wreck any players with. If you still feel you are at a disadvantage to other players you need to become better at outsmarting your opponents.
  14. Hit boxes for loot and containers

    I noticed this as well, sometimes its hard to click and drag an item into the slot or space I want it to go in, or sometimes I even have to click and drag larger items in or around the center of its image as otherwise it will not go into the space and show that it's full even though there's just enough space for it available.
  15. Canted Optic Clipping Bug

    Can you please fix the bug where the long-range optic clips through when using the canted optic or iron sight? See attached picture from Karmakut's latest video.