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    hand over system problem

    Yes you're right it's MY FAULT to make the mistake, but I'd like that inside the game there was a way to prevent it, also because you can not always be 100% attentive to everything and the error can happen.
  2. jacks126

    hand over system problem

    well it's not a tragedy, yes I was bothered because previously I had 1.1 million rubles and now I have 300k rubles, but my intention is to let the developer know about this problem, not because I want my rubles back.
  3. jacks126

    hand over system problem

    Hello, some day ago I had an odd problem with the hand over system. I was doing the mission "friend from the west part one" and I was giving the avs to skier, but one of the avs was full of rubles, to save some space in the inventory, and as a result I gave him that avs, instead of another one, because I was not able to see what avs has inside before giving it to him.