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  1. Are there any popular Australian clans?

    As the tiles suggests I'm just wondering if there are any popular Australian clans or big clans that have a few Australian active members unsure how the cross sever games work or even if you can on trakov?
  2. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    Hey how you doing? Im just wondering if you have many members that play the Australian severs not sure how well my ping would be playing in the American severs or even if I am able to for that matter?
  3. Confused over the raid time limit

    What happens when the timer get to zero? Ahh nvm read my answer further up
  4. Better gear if you stay in raids longer?

    I've come across one once when I was really new to the game near the dorms on customs
  5. So I read that if you stay in raid longer there's a better chance of getting better gear such at the fort armour any one know if this is true and if so how?