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  1. Never ever happened to me. I've died soon after spawning in, sure. But if the FIRST thing you do in a scav run is start moving - you are not doing it right. Step one - Crouch. Step two - glance at the timer and look for cover. Step 3 - scroll wheel down / "walk" button - move to cover. Step 4 - Listen and prepare to defend yourself. I promise anyone they will have a better chance of survival by starting each run doing these things - until they learn how to play their own way. Also I have to confess to killing a few friendly wiggling scavs recently myself. Please forgive me for my sins after I explain. I was playing with a group, and my group were trying to meet up... I'm not willing to let a random player put my friends in harm's way. One guy was peeking the walls on Customs from inside the factory. There was shooting close - and he was trying to see what was going on at the checkpoint near the end of the road. So was I, from the small hole about 50 feet away. He saw me and ran up to me - then started wiggling. He kept wiggling and never shot at me as I emptied the 133 on him. .... Another time we had an ambush set - and a player scav just ran up and capped my pal. I shot him down in self defense... More time to the scav timer isn't really gonna do it, specifically because it would punish without discrimination. I agree scav killing could be a problem but mainly it's the people. DON'T, WHATEVER you do - approach a player scav. There is NO REASON to do so. You don't have to kill, but remember that this game will not let you lower your weapon. Pointing a gun at a person you want to befriend isn't a good idea. Even if you pulled a knife at a fair distance, you never know WHAT someone else is doing. Get friends THEN raid. ***As for the other more offensive types, we should all accept them as a risk and be ready to take them down as soon as the threat is identified. Best suggestion I can think of for now until the devs decide if they want to address the design. Peace through superior firepower.
  2. Izbushka

    i need help

    .........or you could join a group. You could even look on the forum here for what they call a "Sherpa".....
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    @neur0tix I dunno man I have been pretty stoked that EFT offers something very unique and not at all worried that it doesn't have "game modes" like other games. Like I've said before, we don't really need every game to be the same... And personally - I think your idea has a fatal flaw, possibly even the logic responding to Toeli here... There is no way to be sure others aren't using a trader. If your idea was just some friendly game you play with your own close friends - sorry but - I don't think it needs a forum post. If you guys want to make some casual game up on your own I think that is really creative and all but, you haven't even worked out winning conditions from what I can see, just that you would choose arbitrarily 10 - 20 - 30 Raids and keep score. ... You are "not asking them to make it right now" ... yet... didn't you say you could play this in CSGO? Forgive me if I'm confused about some other game I don't play. I agree with Toeli, and I don't think he was "schooling" you, in fact I think he was encouraging you to stick to the subject here - which is EFT. You got a little defensive and I am not sure if you consider that other people are not going to perceive your own ideas / machinations you post here in the same way you do. Also - Steam and Playing X amount of games, or saying you play so many games - really doesn't give you credit to have more of an opinion than anyone else. You had some idea for an Arena mode and T said EFT is pretty interesting on it's own, that it's Devs are working hard to bring more to it, and in his opinion the game doesn't need it. He gave you his opinion. ....That's what you were asking for here in the first place, right? Finally - "I was waiting for someone to post something like this, people always do." - What's this? People might try to remind you of what the game has, and what it is planned to have for us? As opposed to what it doesn't have that other games have already? Other games that we can just go PLAY if we wanted to? .... I for one don't appreciate being lumped in with the rest of humanity on any topic really, even if it is about some silly casual idea about an arena mode for EFT that has been and is probably already being played in other games as we speak. That's my opinion on your game mode.
  4. I don't like the idea of a kill list personally - being that everyone in the West seems to think it is so Elite and Awesome to kill a player with loot and a $500 M4. It isn't an accomplishment, it really doesn't hurt anyone much, it's just how the game is played... But streamers and young people think it is so great, that is makes them some god of death or something... I had a stranger write me on Facebook the other day to tell me how he killed a kitted guy and got an M4 in EFT... seriously... that is WEIRD to me. He kept going too, gave him the "cool story bro" and he was just high on it - kept talking to me like I cared at all. I just think kill lists are going to push people away and open the door to a lot more bad stuff than anything. Especially coupled with global chat. I understand some players out there want to know who they played with / against, it must be pretty cool to meet someone who isn't trying to kill you, who you end up having a game with. No wonder people want to find these folks again. Cool experiences in the game could be helped by a fist-bump feature. How hard would it be? Slap another player High Five and you see their name for a few seconds, then you have them automatically added on your friends list for messages after the game? - how hard could that be? I don't understand how anyone thinks kill lists would be a good feature for EFT. It's NOT a tournament game in it's design, literally all a kill list would be for is shaming the dead and hating the killers. There is no uniform spawn system, sessions are long and low pop, objectives are non existent... It isn't a game people can even claim they are "good" at - which to me is a huge appeal. I think kill lists are step back not a step forward. I just got WREKT by a camper with a shotgun, no doubt he would think less of me and my clan after seeing my name - and he will have a Global chat to tell all the other 15 year olds about it now as well....neat. What's to stop them from finding us here and joining our Discord? Jumping right into a channel to shout at us? ..... Good thing working adults have all the time in the world to learn how to set up their discords to be spam proof, right? This whole kill list idea just seems half baked, kinda like the glowing pumpkin helmet thing. .... I predict that kill lists will make the forum truly the only way for any lone players to meet decent folks and have a game, and unfortunately that is the same as every other game to date. It's not inventive and barely even works most of the time. Anyway this was a reply but it got long and I felt I have a point to share. Respond if you want - it's likely not going to change my lack of enthusiasm for a feature like this. Thanks for Reading! PS, inb4 someone brings up "Sportsmen" who would want to share a GG or two... We have some cool players in EFT, sure, but kill lists are going to do more harm than good in my opinon.
  5. Izbushka

    Instadeath Hack

    @HTX And rightfully so - Had he posted here with some question marks, without the "witch hunt", hacker tag, hacker title and all - he would get more support. However he's got my condolences as I've been there. (I'm sort of playing the "Good Cop" here, if you can't tell ) In regards to BSG, don't think that they wont tally the instances and feedback about bugs like this. Just the fact that they know it's happening should be enough for them to do some more tests, dig in the crate and fix the issue. They are game developers making a game, and this is a serious issue - so - if it is fixed at all during the development of the final product, it's a win for everyone. ... That's all I was trying to imply was that they would pay attention at some point to reports of issues with the game. I agree this isn't the way to go about getting attention.
  6. Izbushka

    Instadeath Hack

    I can say from personal experience Hobo - that in just a few days I have seen PLENTY of sound and even visual bugs in EFT. My friends hearing shots, grenades, and other sounds that I don't - one of my friends lost me on a sprint to the exit, because he said I ran though a door that was closed on his screen. We timed out and lost all our gear because of it. Things like this happen. They aren't always present - but things like this, being shot while there is No sound or even reaction sounds from my entity in the game - DOES happen on a regular basis to me. One happened to me today. Usually I survive by breaking contact and running. Blacked arm, bleeding leg, and popped stomach - out of no where. ... again I clarify - NO sound at all - none from my character - and no visuals except a slight flinch and a little blur around the edges. If you guys would have survived the first shot I would bet that this would be your experience as well. It might be hard to admit but chances are this was a bug. Going to a forum and naming your post "Hack" is just confusing the issue. It's great that you posted it so you can have the support of other players, and the folks at BSG can take a look too. They can determine if it's a hack or not. Sorry you guys had to deal with it, it's something we need to accept during development.
  7. Howdy Everyone, I was watching a video of a session I played with a 4 man team, and I had an idea that might have been proposed or even planned for the future. However I searched the forum a bit - and I didn't see anything about it in exiting posts. Forgive me if it has been talked about before. It would be cool to enhance the teamwork in EFT, giving people some specialties, certain strengths that can help the squad in special ways. One basic idea I had was a Medical specialty. Now, I know we will have skills, and this really will give that specialty if players are paying attention and playing to their strengths. But some roles could be expanded with some carefully designed inventory items. My idea is for some special medical supplies that we can carry, giving us the ability to treat some serious wounds or pain, at the cost of time, maybe even an accompanying soft skill prerequisite. The catch is that it can only be used on others, and people without the supposed Combat Medical skill level CANNOT use it at all, preventing the trading and treating. For example I will talk about my Idea for a "CLS Bag" - Uses "Resource points" (RP) instead of HP points like normal med kits, possibly can be "refilled" by combining other items into it. (I.E. augmentin might give the kit +30 RP when combined, Saline +10 RP, so one and so on...) - The RPs are used for all treatments with the kit, they can be used to treat bleeding, injuries, conditions, or HP loss. Of course in different amounts for each "treatment", depending on what is being treated. - Allows holder to treat other players suffering from popped stomach, pain, tremors, or other conditions like dehydration or starvation as well. Again - only on other Players. - Treatments of ALL types would take a "long time" ... I matter of minutes for some more serious - like Pain or Zero'd Stomach - maybe 2 - 3 minutes in one place. This would play off the time management and inherent vulnerability in Raids. The inventory slots and resource amounts for kit would have to be tuned carefully for balance, but something like this might give the "Medics" in a crew to do more than throw items on the ground Thanks for reading hope I explained it decently.
  8. Izbushka

    Wipe Fatigue - Keep Keys

    Open Beta will keep you in "packed servers"... What - all 12 PMCs and a couple scavs that are needed at any given point for your own game.... Consider that EFT is not the only game in the world. You are asking devs to change the game - which might help you and whoever else stay... until when? Until you don't want to play it anymore, or your next favorite game is released... Asking for these sweeping changes on a whim is a bit self centered, and I agree with posts above - Grinding keys and items comes as part of the game. Furthermore you try to frame this as though you are thinking about the population of the game with your suggestion, when population isn't even a problem. Sounds like you really have been grinding way too hard. Your squad left to play other games? Time to make some new contacts in Tarkov. Good Luck.
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    Scav assassin

    I think its worth noting that AI scavs hang out and tell jokes to one another. It seems like every American who considers almost ANY large scale survival situation as a kill or be killed scenario. It doesn't make you sound smart - and in fact - it's a downright irresponsible attitude. I fully realize this is a game but for many they are using some baseless assertion about what would "really happen" in order to reason how the game should be adjusted. I have faith in BSG. I've seen players in one of the most hardcore PVP mods for Arma 3 (Breaking Point) encounter each other while looting - and WHILE shooting at eachother - yell "Ты Русский?" ("You're Russian?") - and on the affirmative just click up and start working together. I have ALWAYS taught in my Fireteams and Squads in Arma - that GUNS aren't the best upgrade - another person is. I believe that. So yeah we will see but I hope BSG comes through with the Scav faction and NPC PMCs like is in the plan, and that they KEEP the AI Scav self defense - even improve upon the idea somehow. To me it is plain to see that these are NOT just random survivors like Salads asserts - it is a gang and you spawn as a Scav who is a part of that gang. It's unrealistic to just cold bloodedly murder people who you have known and are working with for a better gun or vest.
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    Тактическая карта EFT

    Спасибо за Карты, ребята!))
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    Bullet Penetration In A "Video Game Environment"

    I dunno I just don't follow the complaints here. I'm sure there will be more balancing which in the end will make the fort armor almost worthless to a player like me who tries to use stealth and mobility more than anything else in the game. I have noticed that it protects from 9mm pst very well... I think it's a good item that should have a place in the game, and some Time to Kill arguments now during to development seem a little quick. Sure now SV98 and other high caliber rifles should have a high level of effect on Armor damage... My experience with the 7.62 PS at close ranges (<50m) is that I get an EKIA in 3 - 4 shots. ...The whole idea about distributing damage on all limbs is strange and backwards imo. When a RGD can pop my stomach or kill me while wearing it, and players with any kind of rifle are a threat which - they must be from the damage taken, it's seeming like the development is on track. Also - "Fort" is an armor set consisting of more than just one "plate".... This seems to me like this is one of those places where game can be kept versatile and interesting, or, we can get super literal and "simulator" with the subject. I do however believe that there is a middle ground that the team will try to reach. After halloween and the whole pumpkin helmet thing I think BSG are taking the "game first" route. What with the whole Thermal sights now showing up in the scrapped blasted reaches of Tarkov that we are trying to escape from... Geez we can get boxes of those? ..Then I guess we can get enough Beer and Snack-ums to keep any grunt smiling for months on end - why "Escape"?? Change the name to Call of Tarkov lol
  12. Izbushka

    What is up the the damage

    OP make sure to check out the differences in spread for the various weapons you are using when Full or Semi auto at various ranges. That tip alone really helped me out. I still get shut down at mid range when I forget to snap back to semi on the aks, and types of ammunition might play a factor as well. Shotguns seem to have an interesting pattern for spread from shot to shot - but if you get critical hits on armored or unarmored opponents there should be some good results. Good Luck
  13. Izbushka

    I can't get started in this game

    If you start this game and spend your cash, filling your pockets and inventory to the brim, then just hop in without any idea what is going on, without knowing the advanced controls - you're gonna get rekt and quite honestly you will deserve to be. Also, wut about a "Russian pay site" ? - should watch your mouth and recognize it's 2018. This is a huge world class release with tons of players. If they don't dot their i's and cross the t's they don't get payed. See you on the highground OP
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    semi-OFFLINE MODE, singleplayer

    After the lvl 3 armored jack o lantern helmets, now BSG going back on their word about expanding the offline / coop modes - I'm wishing I never spent money on this game. What a disappointment. Это печально
  15. Don't forget I think soft skills will reduce the chance of suffering some of these effects, once you get your character built up again after the wipe. Maybe the balance will make a bit more sense then.