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  1. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    More stuf for pepole that don't die ? In both scenario ?
  2. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Yhea, but if we start talking about defend your Bitcoin and rare stuff fund in raid, people start to think twice about bring some stuff
  3. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    In the end I understand that new players found the secure containers, a good system to help them get some items. But I started to hate it. Because once you had a good key you will continue safe rush it, and for me that enter in the raid with all I had a the moment for win the match, I fell a bit uneasy about this...
  4. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Thanks for the support man
  5. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    A good system would be that the secure container can be filled only from the off-game stash, so only thing you bring from the start would be keep safe from others. This will improve the need to exit ready for the fight because if you don't bring home what you find you can't put it in the safe and say that it is now safe. You have to deserve what you get, exiting from the match in safe. Drawbacks : maybe more spawn/exit camping...
  6. desync, whats so different?

    They would like to release the game for this year, ad they are keeping their promises with, betas and events. So probably the desync issue would be fix in this current year. I'm a server developer myself and I can ensure you, that they are trying to fix a problem of unity, changing the way it make some of it's networks sync stuffs. I know it's frustrating, if you feel so down right now don't be they would reset your account eventually, so try to enjoy when the servers are a little more unloaded. And even if all are telling the same thing, it's still a beta , and they are a small studio without publisher give the time to work around this.
  7. difference between grips?

    Less recoil , and more ergonomic are the way to go. And yes the cheaper one it's better , but usually block you from modding tactical mods on the weapons and it can be put only on some weapons. If you haven't watch the EFT WIKI yet, you can find some weapons's modding schemas there.
  8. difference between grips?

    No it's 1.75 The M-LOK have the necessity of particular mount to be put on (mount that block you to mount also lasers or lights) , while RVG can go on many types of mounts. Generally all recoil stuff are write in the format of x.xx, so, for example the back of the weapon has 4.0 and not 40. On the front of the ergonomics, it make the weapon more fast to move around (less delay to align it where are you watching) and switch to the down-aim.
  9. Hi dev, it's some days that the limited item system give me some thinking because it's a lot frustrating. I would like to know, if you guys have in mind something to make it more interesting and also less "fast mouse of the west" in the futures updates (like special recurrent quest or other stuffs). Keep the good work!
  10. Possible. Extraction Bug

    Or seeing al the problems with extraction reported now on the server, they are doing something to the servers...(maybe for a new patch?)
  11. Possible. Extraction Bug

    I know the feeling....
  12. Possible. Extraction Bug

    Sorry to say that you have to wait then. ( In any case when this kind of things happens, they happens for everyone in the server so it should be hard for others to kill you ). Good luck man!!
  13. DAY\NIGHT selection F-ed UP!

    Yhea! I understand, what you mean, in fact if you play with some friends and they enter after(or before) you they had different times. It's like the clock on the map is desynchronised from the server. The only way to work around this is to restart the game each 3 or 4 raids to keep the clock synchronised whit the server one.
  14. Possible. Extraction Bug

    I was forgetting : Sometimes(even if a bit risky) the problem can be fixed with force close the game (ALT +F4), and rejoining the match.
  15. Possible. Extraction Bug

    We believe in you John Wick!! Or you can try the Russian mode AK is love AK is live!! The 136 it's a great weapon, and it's soo cheap, and it can kill armoured people easily (Use PS bullet they are the best, they can 1 shot player with Kiver).