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  1. SigMaGiiK

    Player stats/server population?

    You can only see player that have press "searching for a group", all other user are hidden to you; on the other hand players like play bigger maps as a party.
  2. SigMaGiiK

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    So, yesterday my friends was playing PayDay2 leaving me alone in Tarkov, but seem like we was playing the same game.
  3. SigMaGiiK


    You are asking to a mighty BEAR to knee before a dirty USEC, shame on you!
  4. SigMaGiiK

    Beta key

    Mmmmmm.... in my opinion you need about 1 month to appreciate the soul of this game... so a 7 days beta/key is kinda useless. In any case the last year they release some beta keys near the new year maybe they can do the same, this December, but I don't know, you need a reply from the devs. The last way to try it would be to buy it and, maybe, see if they allow you to return the game if you don't like it, but honestly I don't know about this.
  5. SigMaGiiK

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    I was thinking about fake your dead with a similar scream, so it can be a support to the gameplay over be a new "voiceline".
  6. SigMaGiiK

    Game economy

    Reading about the game economy complaints, I started wondering which are the game goals in this direction. In a more directed question this game it's going for an end-game economy (you expect everyone at the end become kinda rich and can enter all raids full equipped) or a balanced system (where the economy try to make hard to become rich and should be high risk exit with full gear)? I know this isn't a complete as well as easy question, so tke your time and reply when you are sure. I link here another thread where i provide some of my ideas as suggestions... suggestion thread.
  7. SigMaGiiK

    About the game economy

    I would share some suggestion about the game economy even if them aren't a full solution to the problem. Use scavs as money and stuff kleaner (i have not resist to the joke): now like now wealth is created without a real system to make money and staff to be removed from it. I enter the raid take stuffs and exit, continuing to bring stuff in the game out of nothing creating a lot of inflation. So, even if it seem to me to have read this in some of yours answers, use scavs to loot dead players and bring the stuff out from the game. (can be hard to code, and basically it's a way to reduce the power of the insurance, thus bring me to the second idea, that many other players had) remove the insurance : maybe a roll back, yes, but it's surely a way to reduce inflation. (a lot of other threads talks about this so i leave the explanation out of there). The runner problems: now like now i think the main problems for economy are the raid runners, that continue to enter the map in order to exit without risk any gear, thus exasperating the problem I talked about the point 1, so maybe something can be done for this. I don't think no gear run has to be removed from the game, some time i do them myself ( when I have no much time to play or i can focus properly or to make some tedious missions), but they should not be the standard.... So i was thinking about something like the DOTA2 low-priority system but for haclings. Essentially if a player do many raids with no gears he will be puts in a special mode where it can enter raid with players with the same special mode, end to punish this behavior those raids have a low items spawn rate than basic ones. This solution it's surely hard to code and tuning, but could bring a better game mood. This is probably not the best way to implement it, for the game nature it's better a system where you are placed in a game based on your average raid gear value or something like that. (I men it' soo much unrealistic that someone would run in a warfare without nothing, if he has a army arsenal at home....) A system that make harder to find stuff as much money you have, even if it is a little boring and not fun...... from me it's all if someone have other suggestions let me the devs know!
  8. If you read what i had wrote you can see that I have stated that the replay it's usable after the instance it's closed (all player have left the match as well as all scav players). What i mean, it's like dota rewatch, it monitor all the game record it (usually server side) and make you watch it later after the match ends, in order to let you learn more from yours errors.
  9. The fact is that is soo hard to understand what happens some times, I hope that in future we can have a replay function enabled after the server instance it's closed. In order also to give player a way to relate with their death. And have also better info and proofs about real hackers...
  10. SigMaGiiK

    [Scav] Hall of fame

    Post here your stories about how scavs gets you, or even better video of it ! The best scav win a prize!
  11. well never happens to me so i believed they removed the nades, i have to play a little more time to confirm PS : let me fix the post then :
  12. Well.... Not despair man can be worst than this! They can give back GRENADES to them! <3 !
  13. SigMaGiiK

    Character customization options

    I think devs have some ideas about this sort of thing (E.G Ragman), but as you can relate this isn't a key feature needed to enjoy the game. I think if they will put it in the game , we should wait at least for the version 1.0 of the game ....
  14. SigMaGiiK

    Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    More stuf for pepole that don't die ? In both scenario ?