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  1. Emmisary from Greece

    Welcome Alex another soul on the journey that is the Emissary Great to have you on board and feel free to holla if you need anything
  2. new patch December 25th

    It will work, it does come up invalid a few times but mine eventually let me past it, even though it kept saying invalid... It just loaded after a few mins. The server is undergoing a large amount of load and this will slowly fix itself, be patient
  3. Upgrading Account

    It should be the same amount if you go from nothing to EOD or standard/LB to EOD, regardless of what package you currently have the price should just be the difference. I believe there is a sale coming up for christmas or just after christmas if you are still strapped for cash but want that smexy EOD
  4. Please Help me

    So did you upgrade or was that your 1st purchase? If you upgraded from say Standard Edition its an automatic process I believe.
  5. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    I bet @necuja will make all the applicants fight to the death on Factory for positions! 30 man free for all, winner takes all
  6. Edge of Darkness

    Often with other games the limited editions will run until full release, HOWEVER this might not be the case, I am unsure what is going to happen, heck could be gone tomorrow for all we currently know.
  7. When is next wipe

    After I post something that I cant reference because I heard it from the voices in my head and not an official source...
  8. Fence Broken? P2W Premium backpack???

    It was indeed for a joke if you buy it, it only has 1 slot lol so goes from 6x6 to 1x1
  9. Scav Aggression from self defense?

    I have had a heap of occasions where I have killed a player scav in say Dorms on Customs (with all AI scavs in the area dead) then basically walked on out, walked straight up to AI scavs at fuel station and outpost with them doing nothing, just standing there or walking around. I do not know how it works or why they ignore me but it has happened to myself and those I play with on many occasions. It appears to be a distance thing as if there is AI scavs at dorms you will get aggro and the rest of the map will also get real angry.
  10. Scav Aggression from self defense?

    I don't trust other scavs at all, if I scav in and manage to find something decent then its a free for all, I will kill anything on my way out. I also generally rush to areas I want to post up or loot up before late game hits, so I generally avoid all other player scavs. I have found if you are far enough away from AI they wont aggro onto you if you kill another scav, have had this happen almost 50% of the time when away from AI scavs, they seem to ignore it or don't even know about it. I honestly don't think scav violence is high on the priority list right now, the game is in beta and current system is only temporary. They have said its going to change and it will, its just not the #1 thing on the list right now as the game works fine without it and people just get real unlucky with whoever enters their game.
  11. A way to report hacker after death

    The devs do not respond to hacker posts or name and shame threads, there is a anti-cheat system currently in the game and if this person truly is a hacker the system will catch up with them.
  12. Scav Aggression from self defense?

    Yea I get that but how often do you get to have a gun fight with a scav? they walk up and shoot you in the side of the head or they don't, there really isn't any in between with player scav violence, unless I donno they don't notice they are carrying a shotgun and shoot you from the other side of the map or something. Like I said The karma system should flag any scav that shoots another scav as a "traitor" in which case you are free to shoot them without consequence, there has been a large amount of discussion regarding this including a way of visually distinguishing a traitor from a normal scav. I understand your side but in the 400+ runs ive done I have never had a chance to fight back against a player scav, they will 1 tap you or they wont. If they manage to stuff up killing another scav then they are bad at being bad.
  13. Scav Aggression from self defense?

    I don't understand the issue, all Scavs are on the same team regardless of player or not... You kill one of your own then obviously the rest will attack you, what has self defence got to do with that logic? How can a bot determine if you are using self defence or just shooting at another scav? there needs to be some kind of trigger to make them think you are simply fighting back instead of just shooting another scav in the face, if you take 0 damage from another player but believe they intend to kill you... That is not self defence.