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  1. How to fix? Player turns up-rith nonstop

    If you have flight sticks or steering wheels remove those too. Had the same issue because of my Saitek rudder pedals.
  2. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Way to go BSG!, you guys banning them faster then I kill scavs
  3. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    Probably a shot in 4K. I made a 4K vid and have a 4K and 1080 screen on the 1080 it looks much cleaner and better:
  4. English Patch Notes

    There is a search function other then that you will always find the notes in Beta testing forum > General Discussion as a pinned thread.
  5. What recording program do you use?

    Use Geforce Experience with my 1080Ti on 4K works wonderfull:
  6. Questions on the Upcoming M16A4 and Glock

    Will be the same the MP5 also have single, 2 round burst and full auto option.
  7. Only containers we have are the alpha, beta and gamma containers there are your instant insurance other then that it's the normal insurance from the traders. Oh and since you are new if you have a medkit-bandage-splint-painkillers and such if you have those in your vest or pants you can drag them to the hotbar for quick access. Things in your backpack can't be slotted in the quickbar nor do the items in one of the secure containers.
  8. So your first comment on the forums is how to abuse the system? And people start to wonder why the community is becoming rotten....., can't help you here.
  9. What monitors are you running?

    LG 27' UHD 4K 3840 x 2160. The monitor is only 60Hz but that's fine with me since the games I play don't need the 144Hz monitors. Monitor is bought for Star Citizen as well as the rest of my PC build. And luckily Escape from Tarkov isn't a fast paced shooter so I get away with it nicely
  10. Chiappa Rhino

    Loving this bad boy!
  11. The new USEC art

    I think it's just part of concrete reinforcement or metal contruction bars that have bend because of an explosion. Here is a picture of I think building 3 after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. You can clearly see those beams stick out, so no aliens ^^
  12. The forum innovations for Emissaries

    Looking good BSG!
  13. Alpha testing, update

    http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/online/?filter=group_4&page=1 You can see who of the Dev's is online or when they were online for the last time.
  14. Alpha testing, update

    NDA doesn't mean they can't tell they are in or not, besides there is always that one guy that wants to brag so we will hear sooner rather then later
  15. Key distribution

    I know what he is saying, I'm just asking for a double confirmation . There is quite some confusion last couple days about who, what and when. Everybody is saying something different, the way I read it is different then how someone else might read it. English is not my native language. Nor is it escapers native language. Kwa is a mod Escape is a Dev now if Kwa says he talked directly to escaper then yeah but if he is bases it on what he reads he might be wrong as much as I am. Ok thanks for the reply @kwahamoT.
  16. Alpha testing, update

    Hehe, who cares if you can play alpha or not.... in the end you can run around with a Tomahawk!
  17. Key distribution

    I know you are a mod but are you 100% sure about that since escaper states of each pack?
  18. Key distribution

    I beg to differ: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/4vtll2/misleading_information_about_alpha/ Last part: We already picked people from each type of pack and sent them emails, that they will participate in the Alpha. But to have at least smooth start we break people into waves and one of the fair ways to do it, is to sort them by the date of purchaise, so people who waited the longest time, will be in first waves.
  19. Alpha testing, update

    All I can say is good to know.
  20. Alpha testing, update

    Not confirmed but do you really think non EoD owners have a chance being in the first wave? If you look at all profiles in topics that have the EoD tag underneath their profile pic I highly doubt it. The reason I say it is so people don't get their hopes up and be dissapointed Then again don't know exact numbers and number of people being allowed in the first wave.
  21. Alpha testing, update

    Yes but for Edge of Darkness owners first, then chance based. So for people not owning Edge of Darkness the recommendation is to go play other games, chat on the forum, go out etc. etc.
  22. Alpha testing, update

    Maybe he was just trolling you? I've seen the post but couldn't access it. I mean I can say right now that I'm downloading it or just recieved the mail. But me saying and actually having are two different things. i do hope that @TarkovEscaperor another Dev team member post a topic or message on twitter if mails have been send. That way people not into the first way can carry on with their lives as ussual
  23. When will the alpha be released?

    He doesn't have to, you can disable it in your forum profile settings.
  24. I ducking did it guys!!!!

    Welcome to the club!
  25. Closed Alpha testing announce

    Very nice, although I will just see at that time. Just take your time guys rather have something we can use to improve the game rather then complain about it not being more then just a tech demo ;).