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  1. Deucey

    Scav on Scav violence

    Simple. If noobs want to teamkill as a scav then make them KOS from all the scav AI and give them a unique uniform.
  2. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  3. Deucey

    Another SCAV rant, for real. Too trick shotty? Really?

    Scavs should be somewhat difficult, But they are also basically civilians with scavenged weapons. I think scavs need to miss ALOT more when 30+ meters away. If injured a scav should pretty much be comatose They just need to make shotguns more uncommon for scavs and also reduce their overall firerate
  4. Run full kit or get hit.

  5. Deucey

    Why hatchling?

    Only time I have ever been extract camped is on Factory, But this is easily avoided by finding keys to different extraction locations.
  6. Deucey

    Peacekeeper/Ragman bug?

    Yep, Spent well over 2 Mil with Skier and he is still locked at 430k Rubles spent
  7. Deucey

    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    I use to find scavs to be a slight hindrance, I could flank them and take out a group without much issue. Now they seem to 1 shot kill and they are aiming for upperbody/head.
  8. Deucey

    SCAV are way too OP

    Also not to mention the aim seems to be increased, For some reason alot of scavs have been given shotguns. They fire at extreme rates and do not miss. They still fire through bushes and will kill you sometimes when you are behind cover (desync or something?) It feels like they have been reset back to the old ways since last wipe.
  9. Deucey

    Patch time

    I was just interested in how the community feels about streamer knowledge, Im pretty sure some of the bigger streamers know an estimate. I think i'm just too exited My tin foil hat is showing...
  10. Deucey

    Patch time

    Sorry I was unclear with my post, I was talking about when the game is available to play. And how when people are booting the game up there will be a queue. If you load in first then you can beat the queue and play without waiting
  11. Deucey

    Patch time

    Also don't you think its strange that alot of streamers are playing other games instead of being ready for incoming wipe? They seem overconfident about when the patch is coming but do not disclose it, so we can be pretty sure they know.
  12. Deucey

    Patch time

    No, if you download it first you can be one of the first to boot up the game without being in a waiting list, Happened last time too
  13. Deucey

    Patch time

    but if you download the patch first you will not only secure your username but you can load into the game without waiting
  14. Deucey

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Nobody has an issue with dying to hatchlings, The issue is that player that joined the raid as a hatchling could have been an interesting immersive firefight or a man waiting in ambush... but instead it was some bald cuck with a hatchet who aimlessly ran towards you to be shot dead.
  15. Deucey

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    AGAIN, Like what is constantly being said by people talking about hatchlings, and as I said. We never die from hatchlings, Like EVER. The issue is these players that justify hatchling runs by calling it a "playstyle" or a challenge. When it takes away from the experience for other players. Nobody is complaining about hatchlings killing players, The issue lies with noobies that think its acceptable to bring out no gear. I more than likely have over 5x more playtime than you.