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  1. deathrow222

    Aimbot Scavs....Again?

    yeah i saw that video also, he got killed in the locker room at factory true 2 walls, i was like wtf did just happen hope they fix it fast
  2. yeah i totally agree, you just havent any change atm to buy them, not even 1 euro, thats how fast they are gone, i tried for 5 resets and just didnt have any change, its just stupid. either they buff the amount or they make it so people only can buy a certain amount, i dont have time to camp traders the whole day
  3. deathrow222

    4 things I am still confused about

    no you need to put the marks on the map your self
  4. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS; 1x GM count 800 dollar or 80.000 ruble 1x spark plug 250 dollar or 25.000 ruble 4x flashdrive 2000 dollar or 200.000 ruble each 1x gas analyzer 2000 dollar or 200.000 ruble 1x 206 key 2500 dollar or 200.000 ruble PM me
  5. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling: 1x Militaire checkpoint key 4000 usd or 400.000 ruble 1x 206 key 3000 usd or 300.000 ruble 4x usb flashdrive 2000 usd each or 200.000 rubles each PM me here or ingame (deathrow)
  6. deathrow222

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    to the guy at shorline that was running into barbed wire the whole time, thx for the trizip filled with meds, i will make good use of them
  7. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    i m willing to trade a 206 key for the marked key, if interested pm me ingame. ingame name deathrow
  8. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    Looking for a docs case, i have 7 goldchains, 3 filters, 2 usb flashdrives, 206 key or money to trade it for PM me ingame nickname deathrow
  9. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    @Wojtekm007 +rep to him for trustworthy trader
  10. deathrow222

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB factory key, 2x flashdrive, i have goldchains, some hdd, a gas analyzer or money to trade it with
  11. deathrow222

    problems with my Elcan Specter DR 1x/4x scope

    i think you are right cuz i tried the scope out on a day map and i didnt have the problem, so i can only gues it was the light i was standing under or something. tried to test it again in offline mode but i only get day time. so for now it is fixed
  12. hello guy's, i was wondering if this was a known bug or is it only me that have this problem. i just got the Elcan specter scope and when i put it on my m4 the times 1 works perfect, but when i try to use the times 4 it looks like a flashlight blinding my eyes :-( hope you guys can help me out i also put 2 screenshots with my post. thx in advance and see you guys on the battlefield
  13. deathrow222

    Matching times

    i have no problem to log into a match when i play alone but when i create a squad with my friend on EU server it just keep stuck at matching and thats on every map and both time zones.