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  1. Thanks so much for the chance to support such a good game and the opportunity to help other EfT players along the way! I know you guys are working tirelessly on the development of this but there is a lot of talk on forums about release dates and beta access etc. can you guys provide us Emmisaries some solid info so we can relay to the growing fan base to put them at ease?? I have relaying the fact that this is not your average shooter and you guys are working around the clock with developmemt and enhancments, so please just be patient and its worth the wait!!
  2. The training idea I think is good but It should not be mandatory. There should be additional training you can choose to complete to give you enhanced weapon handling, accuracy etc. to give you a competitive edge, however over time in the real works game play you still need to achieve these naturally. If there was however a special bonus for completing all the training in record times or sum such I think that would also be good!

    Tape your pistol grips for better handling

    Agreed +1 to this idea.

    Paint Job

    Personally, I just don't see the value in this option, if you want to 'pretty' up your gun go play COD. This is a realistic shooter and the Devs time is better used on anything that can make the game more immersive and realistic.