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  1. anti-aliasing AA graphics question

    I don't think the devs actually respond to any of our questions though... At least not that I have seen.
  2. anti-aliasing AA graphics question

    Yea, I have noticed on numerous occasions the moderators locking threads on these forums... Nothing like some good old fashioned Russian censorship ehh? I didn't find anything when I searched either other than one thread that mentioned running the game in DSR. It helps to some degree, but not great.. It eats frames for breakfast that way, and I still get the lines, just not as bad.. I don't hate this game. I really really enjoy it, but man.... it's got some bad issues. I would like to hear what the devs have to say about it.... You would think in this day and age, anti-aliasing would be a no brainer.
  3. anti-aliasing AA graphics question

    Are you devs going to implement anti-aliasing? It is badly needed. The game has the worst aliasing of any game I own with moving white lines everywhere. I have to run it in DSR to try to negate the aliasing. It helps make it so it is not as bad, but then my fps suffers terribly. It's a no win situation here. What's the plan with the AA?
  4. Please fix the spawn trapping!

    Lol... I killed 3 guys when they were spawning in on shoreline a week or so ago... I wouldn't call it spawn camping as I was heading to the gas station, came over a hill, and there they were... not the best thing to do but better them than me... It is what it is... Anyone else would have done the same. I have had it to me too.. doesn't happen that much though.
  5. Low fps on high end pc

    Game isn't optimized... It ran horrible in the Alpha also. Then they did some optimization, and had it running much much better up until the recent patch. Hopefully they do some more optimization really soon. This is painful..
  6. Low fps on high end pc

    Game is running terrible right now... I have an i7 & 1080, and I'm currently getting 30-50 fps on shoreline... Yesterday I was getting around 60 with drops down to 45 occasionally. Before the last patch I was getting 90-100 fps with a few drops down to 60-70 every so often... I don't know what's going on today but it's damn near unplayable now... I have died so many times today due to low fps causing stuttering, and freezing in gunfights. I hope they get this fixed soon. It really sucks.
  7. This games Greatest faults

    Damn that was brutal... Really glad they fixed the bots.. That was rough..
  8. FPS or desynch

    If it does it in offline mode then it sounds to me like it's pc hardware related. Maybe I'm wrong but if you get frames that low in offline mode then your hardware just isn't cutting it. I get about 20 more fps in offline mode.. It was running better before the patch so hopefully they will get it back to where it was where we are all getting more fps, but we'll see..
  9. FPS or desynch

    I have a i7, and a 1080... Game was running great but after the last patch for some reason I took about a 15-20 fps drop. Game still runs ok, but now I get random frame drops down into the 30's, and 40's once in a while, and whenever I do the game stutters, and temporarily freezes.. I don't I could play at all if my frame rate was always that low. It would be terrible.
  10. This games Greatest faults

    I agree with some of what you said, but not with the movement part. I think the movement is amazing in this game. It's one of the things I really like about this game vs other games. Pickup a rifle in real life, go out in the woods, and see how fast you can strafe left & right, lean out from behind cover, raise your rifle from a full sprint, and so on. Not a military guy, but I do like to shoot & hunt. The movement in this game is closest to the real thing that I have ever found in a game. I like that people can't strafe left & right dodging bullets. I also like the sounds when lifting your rifle, or turning in place, ect. Go hunting sometime. I guarantee you everything makes noise.. Lifting your rifle to your shoulder, moving, walking, everything.. Step on a tiny little twig in the woods when it's all quiet.. You would think they could hear it all the way in China. It's loud. that said.. I agree pretty much everything else you said. I also get what you mean as far as the penguin thing when leaning but to me that is the lean animation rather than the actual lean, because on my screen the lean looks perfectly fine. It just looks funny watching someone else do it. I do think the sounds are a off also, but for me it's the direction of sounds. I can be in dorms, and hear someone above me but turns out they are under or beside me, or I hear shots that sound like they are 10ft away on the other side of the hill in front of me only to go over the hill, and find they were 200 yards away.... The background noises are also terrible. The wind is always blowing like a tornado, or it's raining, or if I go indoors there is some kind of loud humming noise.. And, lets not forget the desync.. It has improved from what it used to be but it is still pretty bad. It seems to be worse at the beginning of the match when everyone is spawning which sucks because we all spawn in the same area a lot of the time. I sure hope they get that worked out because it's pretty annoying to spend 5 minutes getting all geared up, then another 5 minutes to get into a game, and then die immediately to some guy that you unloaded a full mag into... Yup.. this game is a love hate relationship for sure. There are so many good things about it, but at the same thing so many bad..
  11. Matching

    The matching is just the norm for Tarkov anytime there is an update, sale, or anything that increases the player base. If you are just trying the game out... might as well get used to it. I been playing since the early Alpha stages of the game, and this stuff has been happening since way back then. Don't expect it will be fixed any time soon... Once the newness of the new update wears off & all the trial keys are out of date, there will be less people playing, and it will go back to working again.. Until then.. Try playing woods or shoreline. They aren't as popular, and therefore they don't have as many players so matching time is usually short.
  12. Morphines are Dead

    If we really wanted to be realistic here.... neither pain killers nor morphine is going to magically allow you to run on a broken leg...
  13. Ambient noise needs work...

    I guess that would be great, and all, but I don't findthe issue to be a factory only issue. It's the background noise in general. Wind noise is too loud outside, and humming noise inside. I don't know enough about how video games are made to know for sure how it can be solved but I would think it could be done by having the audio engineers or whoever handles the audio adjust the sound so that the background noise is at an acceptable normalized level instead of how loud it is now.
  14. Ambient noise needs work...

    I know you posted this back in August but I just came across it when searching the forums due to the same stuff.. You are absolutely right. The background noise is terrible. It is just plain ridiculous.. And it's not just on woods or factory.. It is everywhere.. If I am outside it's either the wind blowing like a tornado or rain. Then if I go Inside whether it is factory, dorms, gas station, or whatever.... I get some sort of loud humming noise.. You hit the nail on the head with the "starship enterprise engine hum" because that is exactly what it sounds like. lI really hope they fix this. Please devs if you ever pay attention to anything in the forums at all, for the love of God, fix the background noise.