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  1. Melting

    Realism vs Play-ability and enjoyment

    You should try arma 2 if you want to see clunky movement! Try to remember that you are a human and not some kind of torso with free-swinging tires underneath. I dont have problems with positioning and i come from q3/cpm/reflex/df (wayyyyyyyy more freedom in movement)
  2. Melting

    1st Impressions after Patch 0.9

    Not anymore. I tried to level up his money requirement real quick. i sold everything i had and bought dollars. now i have 8000 dollars spend shown
  3. Melting

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Not knowing what the raid brings makes tarkov great.
  4. sorry to hear that mate. hoping the devs read this maybe they reset your account
  5. i just came here to tell you you can reset your profile to fix it