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  1. Melting

    A Ranking System That Should Be Introduced Later.

    Escape from Tarkov wants to give you some kind of "authentic" experience. Just like in real life, you wont know what kind of dangerous people you will encounter in a war-torn area, which got "quarantined" so to say. In Tarkov you're not some special forces guy but just a regular pmc who was left behind in a steaming pile of crap, just like the other peeps from your faction. While you keep in mind that you belong to some faction you cant say for sure if your comrades are still holding loyalty to this faction. Its up to you if you try to cooperate (which btw works often enough with strangers) or if you dont trust anyone because the fear to get killed by even the same faction members is reasonable. Tarkov is almost cut off from the rest of the world with only russian troops, UNTAR peeps ,lost locals/scavs and the left behind pmcs duking it out there. BSG wants to create this scenario as realistic and authentic as possible, and this means just like in real life you wont be able to choose who you will be able to encounter. if you meet some one who is in a better situation as you, (better gear;better position,better camouflage whatever)thats bad luck. You still can try, and you are even encouraged to, flee. now its time to get crucial intel (how many are there, where are they and the most important thing: are my circumstance good enough to counter or ambush them.if your position is compromised,change it and watch where the enemy saw you at last. maybe i just say its not my beer and i dont engage at all anymore. This is one of the few games where the devs respect your intelligence and even expect you to to be intelligent enough to make your own decisions.This is what makes tarkov shine. Its not predictable, and if tarkov gets predictable it gets boring and stale If you want to play with a somewhat fair or predictable ruleset, there are plenty of games where you can do so.
  2. Melting

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    are you the bear who was creeping at the glasshall entrance between the silos?
  3. Melting

    Realism vs Play-ability and enjoyment

    You should try arma 2 if you want to see clunky movement! Try to remember that you are a human and not some kind of torso with free-swinging tires underneath. I dont have problems with positioning and i come from q3/cpm/reflex/df (wayyyyyyyy more freedom in movement)
  4. Melting

    1st Impressions after Patch 0.9

    Not anymore. I tried to level up his money requirement real quick. i sold everything i had and bought dollars. now i have 8000 dollars spend shown
  5. Melting

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Not knowing what the raid brings makes tarkov great.
  6. sorry to hear that mate. hoping the devs read this maybe they reset your account
  7. i just came here to tell you you can reset your profile to fix it