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  1. Radicai

    Spawn Campers

    My suggestion was based towards PMC not Scav, due to equipment loss which isn't an issue with Scav as with them it's all gain (if you survive). Maybe Scav's and PMC's should all spawn at the start of a match and any that spawn during the game should all be ai? I am only making a suggestion that I feel would benefit the game and also help with the already built in mechanics of the insurance system, which seems pretty pointless at the moment.
  2. Radicai

    Spawn Campers

    I think a possible solution to this would be that if you are killed inside the first minute of entering the game you character becomes un-lootable to anyone, thus making spawn killing pointless and non-profit and also let's the insurance have a better role. If after a minute you have decided to just stand around and not seek cover or haul ass elsewhere then you are fair game.