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  1. GhostZ69

    reduce scav cooldown

    That is correct. You can take anything you want with you in the field and when you come back out you will have exactly what you went in with.
  2. GhostZ69

    Hackers Hackers and more Hackers

    EFT not does IP ban.
  3. GhostZ69

    There are almost no hackers.

    Just another fanboi. I guess you care not to see videos of proof? lol of course not. You will just call it all "desync." ROFL I have been beta and alpha testing games probably longer than you have been alive. This is by far NOT an Beta of a game much closer to an early Alpha. But I will just let you guys ruin your own game experience by telling lies to people and maybe BSG won't bother banning any more hackers since you guys have been playing for years and not seen a one.
  4. GhostZ69

    There are almost no hackers.

    I just love how EFT bans OVER 1,000 players just this last round, and we STILL have idiots on these forums that say, "I have been playing for a year and only ran into 1 hacker and not even sure they were hacking." I am sorry, but you are either an idiot, have no idea how to identify hacking, or are a hacker your self trying to cover it up. I just want you to think about the numbers. OVER 1,000 just this last ban wave. That means if you played say 10 games a day for five days a week, for a total of 50 games a week for a year that would mean you played a total of 2,600 raids. Now that is not a lot of raids. I KNOW some of these guys claiming to have only seen one hacker in a year have a lot more raids than that. Now if you take on average there are ~8 other players per raid besides yourself that means you have encountered 20,800 players, now of course some of them are repeats. We know that. So lets say ~30% of those people are repeats. That means you have probably encountered about 14,560 different players. So, statically speaking for you to have only encountered 1 hacker in that year EFT would have to have about 14,560,000 players. Now, that is not even counting the 400 hackers that got one other ban wave, the 100 they posted a few other times. So, now we are looking at closer to 20,000,000 unique players for you to have only encountered 1 hacker. Stop being a blind fanboy and lying to people. If anyone REALLY wants proof how many hackers there are in EFT I have links to quite a few videos that is very eye opening. Hackers hacking and getting friendly wiggled through the wall or chasing other hackers across the map. Lots of them. LOL
  5. GhostZ69

    Bought the game twice by mistake

    I did use the search function:
  6. GhostZ69

    Bought the game twice by mistake

    Well, there are refunds or there are not. There is no middle ground. He "might" have accidentally bought two copies. He "might" have bought two copies on purpose but just regrets buying the second. Who is to say one or the other is true. Maybe he bought two copies to cheat with and got insta banned on one so now he wants a refund on the other. Either BSG offers refunds or they do not. There is no picking and choosing whose story they want to listen to and basing it off of that.
  7. GhostZ69

    Bought the game twice by mistake

    But wait! According to the TOS there ARE NO REFUNDS! Why are you saying he can get a refund?
  8. GhostZ69

    Bought the game twice by mistake

    I'm sorry but sharing an account goes against the ToS and the License Agreement. Quote 4. USER RIGHTS AND BOUNDS OF USE OF THE GAME 4.2. The User does not have the right: 4.2.10. To dispose or otherwise transfer the Account or acquire another User’s Account, including by means of exchange or gift. This is not possible, as well as a refund, Quote 6.2 Any applicable fees and other charges on your Account are payable in advance and are not refundable. We may, from time to time, without prior notice modify, amend, or supplement our fee and billing methods. We will post those changes in the corresponding section of the relevant Service(s). 6.3 Please remember that your Account is personal to you and cannot be transferred or traded with any other user. 6.4 Pre-ordering 6.4.1 By pre-ordering the product, you are authorizing Battlestate Games Limited to automatically charge your account immediately upon submitting the pre-order, and you agree that you will be authorized to participate in beta testing of the product and to download the product and use the Service when it becomes available. The amount you pay will be held with Battlestate Games Limited as a Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD). The NRD amount is clearly shown on the Product webpage, and it represents the full purchase price of the Product. Any NRD collected is non-transferable. Thank you
  9. GhostZ69

    Final Straw

    Your life is a lie if you think EFT is in a BETA state. ROFL
  10. Well, I have not researched it since I got mine, a little over a year ago, but to me the HTC Vive seemed like the best deal. Not sure what your budget is like or what your rig is like but they have the HTC Vive Pro out now as well. The standing room for Vive is what really makes it shine for me. Map out a nice big spot for you to play and you have all kinds of freedom. There is a lot of free content for the Vive and you can play (SOME) Rift games on the Vive as well and I think the other way around. I am not sure how much you might be into music games but my wife and I both love Beat Saber. Great game!
  11. GhostZ69

    WHAT THE F*******K Uber axe

    Well, I have seen a couple of videos of people getting axed in the face with a visor down. One of the big streamers was messing with a hatchling in factory and got two shot in the face by a hatchet. I wish I could find the clip now.
  12. GhostZ69

    Lost the wtrig in my game now im donne.

    Oh noes, I lost a digital item in an Alpha of a game that I KNOW it going to be reset many more times before release! And the worse part it is all my fault because I wanted to get one extra slot out of my Gamma Container by putting a WTRig in there and I was having a whole extra slot! And I put my SUPER EXPENSIVE MEDICAL SUPPLIES in there! Oh noes! Dude, if that is your WORSE gripe about this game, I would say count yourself lucky and move on.
  13. GhostZ69

    Daily personal and Squad tasks/quests

    I was not making an assumption based off of the influx of gear we have now. I was making a well thought out hypothesis of what I thought would happen post release with a HUGE reduction in influx of gear/items/cash. Hence why I said months and not weeks. You can already see it right now with every patch. Everyone comes back to try the new stuff. Once they hit 40 (a couple of weeks in for the average Joe) they play with the new gear and poof they are gone. It will be the same post release. Once people get to the max level required to get all of the gear and get all the stuff they want or need, the game will grow stale. Sure some will stay for the (Hopefully by then) great PvP, but it will not be like it is post patch. Then stack on top of that the problem of "new" players coming into a game where the only people left playing are the Hardcore Tarkov Elite running fully geared every run, and the new guys getting smashed up. And well, you can see where it is going.
  14. GhostZ69


    There is not a "godmode" button, but there are many way to get to a state where you cannot be damaged using the cheats. So, you are both wrong and correct. As odd as that is
  15. GhostZ69

    Daily personal and Squad tasks/quests

    The game is going to get VERY stale, VERY fast about three months after the game's release. Unfortunately, daily grind quests won't do a whole lot to save that. Once everyone has a full sized stash, access to all gear, hundreds of thousands of USD and Euro and millions of Roubles the game is going to go stale. The whole thing that makes the game so great is the "gear fear" the idea of losing something that is a little difficult to replace is the adrenaline rush. Once you have everything in the game x10 that adrenaline rush goes away. Giving me a task to "- Run XXX miles in XXX minutes-" or "- Sell items worth a total of XXX roubles." is not going to bring that back. Great idea though man.