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  1. Late spawns

    I have talked about this over and over and over. It is a terrible mechanic and needs to be removed. The problem is that the server populations are dropping back down to the pre-alpha stage. There are sometimes only one or two people queing for a map. The servers will now allow the map to start. Then as more people que in, as late as seven minutes for me, the new people will be added to an existing server that has not met it's maximum population. It will happen to anyone when the servers are slow and not just to scav's.
  2. Traders having limited items

    Well, is it known? Is it fixed? Is it not fixed? Is it well known? I am confused. I have had 5 people come into two different discord's tonight asking what is up with the traders. Many items just missing. Some showing up, some not. PSO scopes missing. Just about all of the Therapists items missing. It's nuts, not fixed and definitely not well known.
  3. Separate PVE Mode

    Offline peer to peer co-op without progression save is already planned and confirmed for after final release. We can still ask for a completely separate save for PVE only, but definitely not until after rleaese and after non-progression save mode is enabled.
  4. Nothings changed..

    Explain this one then?
  5. [BUG] Shoreline Compass is backwards

    Yeah, I have no idea how they plan to make this game "Open World" where each map connects to the other, yet they build an entire map 180 degrees out of alignment. Quite hilarious.
  6. daily/weekly task.

    Oh, people did. People did this a LOT back when they were first introduced. There are screen shots of a guy that had over 250,000 USD at like level 21 I think? Him and 4 buddies would just go in and hatchet murder each other over and over and over the last man standing looted the tags and pulled a grenade out of his pouch and killed himself. Rinse and repeat.
  7. daily/weekly task.

    I guess it could depend on how they are implemented. However, your first example is pretty rough. I know it was just sorta tossed out there... But then people would start saving up 15 dog tags every week. So there goes 15 slots in your inventory for a chance at a weapon that probably costs less than you can sell the 15 tags for. Even if tags were reduced in cost you are still taking a chance that you are in the first 100 to turn it in. So now I have to get up at a certain time on Saturday morning to hope I am in the first 100. I guess if implemented in a great manner they could be great. However, I have yet to find a game that I have played that I actually enjoyed any kind of daily/weekly grind task.
  8. Scav Character Evolution

    I would have to say no. You already spawn with better gear the more you level him up. Just keep playing the scav and level them up and you will get better gear. It would be kind of terrible for a 5 man group to spawn in with fully kitted scav's onto Shoreline and go around wrecking a 5 man team that has kill confirmed all other PMC's on the map. Or... It could be interesting. Not sure now. LOL I dunno man, they could just have multiple PMC saves...
  9. Hideout and EoD

    Um... From:
  10. daily/weekly task.

    Oh no, please no. I am sorry, but daily/weekly tasks are the bane for me. I am glad some others enjoy them, but to me, they are just horrid. I do not like the idea of, "If I do not log in today to do my daily, I am going to fall behind everyone else." I like to be able to play when I want, how I want. Not forced to log in and do something every day or fall behind everyone else.
  11. Hideout and EoD

    So it looks like: Bah, I would have preferred to start with a larger stash but still be able to improve it to a larger size. Of course with everyone else able to achieve the same maximum level stash.
  12. Nothings changed..

    LoL I said this same thing about lower player count on a thread and a moderator basically called me a liar. I guess their experiences may differ, bit prime time my time last night Customs day time map did not even have enough people to make me scroll. The servers are running a "little" better because there are so few people on them compared to a few weeks ago. I checked my twitch subscriptions last night and only four of the 18 people I am subscribed to (I subscribed to ONLY Tarkov streamers) had streamed EFT in the last week.
  13. Spawning in Late to raids (please fix)

    Late spawns are fine he said.
  14. Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    Negative Sir. They do not exist in the game yet except as quest items.

    Yes, leveling up traders and getting deeper into the game feels great! Keep at it man. I find doing a day or two of task management followed by a day or two looting and scooting, followed by a day or of murder and mayhem is a great way to go. Keeps you from getting burned out on any one thing.