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  1. GhostZ69

    Bans for using forbidden software

    Do you honestly believe a company that sells a game would be able to ban 100% of the cheaters 100% of the time as BSG here on their forums have claimed? And yes, I would believe a subscription based company over a pay once company just about any day of the week. You NEED people to keep paying monthly on a subscription, once BSG sells an account they could care less if the person ever logs in again. In fact it would be BETTER for them if the person did not. Because then the servers would run better with less people.
  2. GhostZ69

    Bans for using forbidden software

    When I had my ARMA2 DayZ servers I would ban entire IP blocks. Most cheaters use a VPN. Most VPN's have IP blocks assigned to them. Block that entire IP block and you have solved a good chunk of your cheater problem. If someone who is trying to play legit is using a VPN then too bad for them. In the 4 years and tens of thousands of players on our servers I never once got a single request to unblock an IP address that we blocked.
  3. GhostZ69

    How does damage work

    Wow, ok, thanks for the update. I did not think it could tank that much. Appreciate it!
  4. GhostZ69

    How does damage work

    11 shots into a Fort with PS ammo would have killed the guy. I guessing that some went into the fort and some into a helmet maybe. That is really odd though. 11 Shots with PS Vepr should have dropped anyone.
  5. GhostZ69

    Countdown Sound

    +3 as long as there are toggle options [ ] Play 10 minute warning sound [√] Play Countdown Start Marker [ ] Always show timer in game
  6. GhostZ69

    *New WIP Materials*

    I don't think they are fat enough. That is my hand.
  7. GhostZ69

    Converting Money to BTC

    .2btc is about 200k. So 1 BTC = 1 million Maths, it's fun.
  8. GhostZ69


    This does not surprise me at all. The forum/sub reddit mods are a bunch of little kids who got corrupted with "power" and constantly abused said power. I got banned once and once I was able to post again, several moderators would visit my profile daily searching all of my posts to "review" it for any content they could ban me for. And yeah I got banned for typing WT(not gonna put the last letter in) for "masked vulgarity". When I started reporting posts that contained the actual word I got banned again for abusing the reporting system. GG BSG GG.
  9. Woooooosh, that was the sound of this thread flying over your head. ROFL
  10. GhostZ69

    Deployment Alert Sound

    Yeah, you probably should. If you don't have anything better to do than say "no" to a quality of life request, that would honestly take any coder like 15 minutes to do... You should probably try some of his suggestions. I would also like to see this. I could also use a notification sound when getting a group invite and when people accept mine. A toggle option for those people that do not want the sounds would be great too!
  11. GhostZ69

    Older Aged Players Alliance

    We have made exceptions for many people. Age is mostly just a number and a baseline we use here. If you want to make a good post here about why you would like to join then we will definitely consider you. We are a great group of guys who don't mind working to better ourselves or to help our team mates.
  12. GhostZ69

    Cheating is out of control

    You are completely Freaking delusional. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. GhostZ69

    Red Pliers

    They are all over the place. I have about 10 of them in my bags and had no idea what they were for, just that people said they needed them. You just need to check all of the "industrial" areas of each map.
  14. GhostZ69

    Cheating is out of control

    1 in 70 raids? Not if you are playing on US or EU servers. Much closer to ~1 per raid.