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  1. GhostZ69

    What 3d modeling software is used for this game?

    Yeah, most of those programs are pretty universal now. Especially when exporting to the bigger game engines. like UE4 or even Unity.
  2. GhostZ69

    What 3d modeling software is used for this game?

    Just about anything would work. You could use Blender, Moldflow, Sketchup, Maya, Houdini, 3dsMax, ZBrush, etc etc Why were you asking and maybe I can help a little better. @Eqlibrium
  3. GhostZ69


    Haha pretty much!
  4. GhostZ69


    Yeah, I go back and forth with this. Sometimes I think, man it is TOO easy to go and farm kills at night with just a few scav's. But then I think, man if I went into night time Shoreline and killed 20+ scav's every raid, I would have so much money and exp. but it would be a tad "harder" if every scav I shot had two or three buddies ready to wreck me. I guess I think they should make scav's a little bit harder than they are now, and keep the same spawn rate regardless of PMC count. That way they remain a threat but if treated properly the can be lucrative.
  5. GhostZ69

    How is your day?

    So, I think I may have found a fix for this. Next time this happens move the medical item from your pockets/vest to your backpack and right click use from there. It should reset it. It worked for once at least. Then you should be able to put it back into your chest/pockets and hot key it again.
  6. GhostZ69


    This is still the case. Me and a friend went in to shoreline to get Scav kills. It was late night our time and a night time raid. We did not hear a single shot all raid. We did not find a single dead body. We kill 9 scav's between us for the ENTIRE raid. We spawned NE corner of the map near resort. We went straight to the the old extract up by Rock Passage, one scav. From there to the cottages, 1 scav, the town, 2 scavs, Tunnel, 1 scav, Gas Station/shoreline 1 scav, Bus Station, 1 scav, no scavs in resort fenceline at all, 1 scav at sniper tower, 1 at Road to customs, then 1 at Tunnel when we went there to extract. Our shots were the only shots we heard. We extracted with like 3 minutes remaining in the match. Game is doing great! Right fan boi's!
  7. GhostZ69

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    The problem with your view (like mine) is that we value our money more than these other people. I have kept an eye on the cheater forums and their shoutboxes. Now, I KNOW people lie on the internet. But I have seen multiple times these guys say they got their EOD account banned, but they have three more. And five regular accounts. These same guys have the "premium" cheats that cost over $50 a MONTH. A lot of these people obviously have way more money than me (and probably you) and therefore could not care less that they lost $150 account, much less spent $5 on an item that is going to disappear in a month or two. Remember, there are people that spend money on EXP boosters that only a few hours. And while that may get them to a higher level now, it only gets them to the level cap sooner. Some people just don't value money the way you or I do. Oh, and what is even funnier is that the thread that had so many replies, it is now deleted. Censorship much?
  8. GhostZ69

    Christmas Discount

    If I remember correctly they have some weird Russian New Year sale in like the middle of January or something. lol
  9. GhostZ69

    What is the real color of Tarkov?

    That is what I am trying to tell you. Get your monitor professionally calibrated. That is the only way to see the "true colors."
  10. GhostZ69

    What is the real color of Tarkov?

    Unfortunately that will not help you. If you want the "real" color of Tarkov you will need to professionally calibrate your monitor. You can do it yourself without the help of a calibration tool by "copying" someone's posted professional settings, but it will likely be a little "off" for your particular monitor. You can google it up or if you want to I can point you in the right direction.
  11. GhostZ69

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    Not only are they proffiting from the ban/rebuy, they even have a sale right after a big ban wave. This has happened twice now. On top of that, they "could" be selling roubles on these websites as well making even more money. LOL
  12. GhostZ69

    anticheat still useless ?

    See, you have all of that evidence as you cherry pick one statement and say I failed. LOL You are great man. But please, show me WHERE he said NO ONE GETS BANNED? please? I would like to see where you read that. I think you are the one failing.
  13. GhostZ69

    anticheat still useless ?

    First off, I nor anyone here, ever said no one gets banned. You are doing the exact same thing you accuse others in this thread of doing. You can go to any of the forums, or any of the "shout boxes" on the cheat sites and see people there claiming they have been playing for months with no ban and you can see people come online almost daily and say they have gotten a ban. Again, you choose to say, "Oh what the site owner just makes fake accounts and 'advertises" he has not been banned for months." This is exactly what I meant when I said, "You choose not to see it." There are streamers that see people with the same name speed hacking for weeks or even months. Now, that person could have been banned 20 times and just buys a new account and names it the exact same thing... Or they could be hacking for that long and not have gotten banned. Who is to say? Again, I am not going to get my forum account banned because you need me to spoon feed you proof. Try google. Hell, there is even a guy who LIVE STREAMED his hacks for over and hour and ran into I think three or four other hackers during his live (youtube) stream. It's funny but you can go on the forums or the shout boxes and see even the cheaters complaining they have cheaters in every match or every other match. You know how they KNOW there are cheaters? Because they can see through walls, they can see through terrain and see the people/players/scavs speed hacking all the way across the map. They can see the guy run in from the bottom of the resort and run STRAIGHT to their room non-stop and toss a grenade into the room they are hiding in. They are the only ones that know how many cheaters there are in the game, even more so than BSG or you. Hell, even then, they can't the guys that are trying to look legit, and trust me, there are cheaters that try to look legit. They even discuss that. How to not have aimbot too fast, how to "check corners" even when you know no one is there. How to do factory hatchet runs to get their KD's down. I know you are just going to say, oh, they are cheaters, so they are probably liars too. Or they are just trying to make BSG look bad or whatever. But you know, you are going to believe what you want to believe.
  14. GhostZ69

    anticheat still useless ?

    There is plenty of proof. You just choose to say it is not proof. I think I have found the cheater who does not want BSG to crack down on cheaters. Great job White Knight!