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  1. GhostZ69

    A wild suggestion regarding wipe

    I think they will eventually have to add seasons or the game will die. No, on exit camping radiation. I have never done it, but it is a viable option for some.
  2. GhostZ69

    End the late spawning for PMCs

    QFT. There is actually a LATE SPAWN mechanic. It will allow you to que up for a raid that is already in place. Not, just, Oh it takes me five minutes to load. The server will already be running, will already have had the countdown timer, and already have PMC's in the map running around BEFORE it ques you up for it. It needs to be gone, but alas, the dev's don't care enough to get rid of it.
  3. GhostZ69

    Unbelievable...odds for a hatchling

    I thought you were a smart guy until I read that. NO ONE HAS A BETTER GAMING CHAIR THAN ME!!!
  4. GhostZ69

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    I was referring to how you said his statement was completely idiotic and then when you replied to me you said it was basically the same but harder. Since you obviously know coding, you know that the more sets of eyes ON code the better. When you are sitting there coding for hours, or you are just stuck thinking one particular way, someone can read over your code and offer quite a bit of insight sometimes. You know, from the outside looking in. I think all three of us understand that "just modding" ARMA is not the same as creating a whole game from the ground up in UE or Unity. However, releasing the files to the modding community could be a HUGE boon for BSG. Just look at games like Counter Strike, Team Fortress, DOTA that all started life as a MOD. We can all agree that those turned out pretty well, and probably would have never been made if not for the release of the files for modding. I just don't see why you would attack someone so vehemently over what seemed like a decent idea to me. I have seen, and probably even said, a lot STOOPIDER stuff on here...
  5. GhostZ69

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    Those two statements cannot go together. Just saying. Sometimes, you might want to not try to talk down to people. It makes you look like less than what you probably are.
  6. GhostZ69

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    I am sorry, but I am pretty sure you do not know what you are talking about. Modding in ARMA is VERY similar to working in UE4 or Unity. What on earth makes you think it is not? This is some of the stuff that you use in ARMA: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Scripting Then here is some stuff from Unity: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dn759441.aspx see : Figure 9 The EnemyAI Script public class EnemyAI : MonoBehavior { // These values will appear in the editor, full properties will not. public float Speed = 50; private Transform _playerTransform; private Transform _ myTransform; // Called on startup of the GameObject it's assigned to. void Start() { // Find some gameobject that has the text tag "Player" assigned to it. // This is startup code, shouldn't query the player object every // frame. Store a ref to it. var player = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player"); if (!player) { Debug.LogError( "Could not find the main player. Ensure it has the player tag set."); } else { // Grab a reference to its transform for use later (saves on managed // code to native code calls). _playerTransform = player.transform; } // Grab a reference to our transform for use later. _myTransform = this.transform; } // Called every frame. The frame rate varies every second. void Update() { // I am setting how fast I should move toward the "player" // per second. In Unity, one unit is a meter. // Time.deltaTime gives the amount of time since the last frame. // If you're running 60 FPS (frames per second) this is 1/60 = 0.0167, // so w/Speed=2 and frame rate of 60 FPS (frame rate always varies // per second), I have a movement amount of 2*0.0167 = .033 units // per frame. This is 2 units. var moveAmount = Speed * Time.deltaTime; // Update the position, move toward the player's position by moveAmount. _myTransform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(_myTransform.position, _playerTransform.position, moveAmount); } } So, not sure why you are railing on someone when you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You have control over a LOT of the same thing like tickrate, update rate etc etc. Why are you so mad at some random person on the internet?
  7. GhostZ69

    Game stutter/Lagg when Scavs spawn

    I am not sure of the whole scav spawn thing now, but I know they used to spawn in in a set time per match. That is how people used to know what caused it.
  8. GhostZ69

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    You know you will still have access to the flea market =) You will be able to buy whatever you want.
  9. GhostZ69

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    Exactly how will he suffer? I am just curious. What insight do you have into this?
  10. GhostZ69

    Lost my whole set up.

    It would help if they did not have so many stupid Mosin Quests...
  11. GhostZ69


    I am not sure what you are smoking about drilling locks out. I have drilled plenty of locks out with a standard drill and metal bits that you can buy from Home Depot. Ten minutes? ROFL no way dude. I am guessing I do not need to go on with that... But yes, there are a million faster ways through a door and two or three shotgun blasts can be about as fast as any.
  12. GhostZ69

    This is a hack free game...

    The funny thing is, those people get to hack all day long and not be punished. But you are going to get banned for "advertising" hacks even though anyone who ever found this game very obviously knows how to use "Google.com" Oh, wait, did I just advertise? Oh and to fix your Title: This is a Free Hack game
  13. GhostZ69

    This game is infested with hackers

    Maybe you should post a montage of this? Especially with four of you recording, it should be quite easy to show how the person is cheating. Just do not show his name at the end and you won't get banned for naming and shaming. I would LOVE to show all the fanboi's how many cheaters there are in the game.
  14. GhostZ69

    account hacked

    I think that is an error, one that some people get. Try searching the forums for the exact message you are getting.
  15. GhostZ69

    account hacked

    I don't think you have anything to worry about. I do suggest you put in a ticket here. I would also go ahead and change your passwords just in case.