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  1. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    If you're gonna be vague/funny/whatever, don't be surprised when you get comments which don't cater to your needs. If you opened with 'I can't access the patch notes, the forum won't let me', I would have been way more inclined to help (check the spoiler). I will always help people on this forum who want to be helped, but at least try to help themselves first.
  2. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    Admittedly, I can be quick off the mark when I get triggered.
  3. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    I'm sorry that you have trouble reading must make day to day life pretty difficult
  4. Kill register and repair.

    I would sell all of your old armour in that case then, it will happen naturally over time but I would be dubious in using 'bugged' items that are designed to save your life haha
  5. Kill register and repair.

    So 32.0/58.8, got it. And you're unable to repair it to 40? Then it would seem old armour is having issues with the new durability threshold. This is what wipes are generally really useful for. "Helmets NP" I'm guessing means 'no problem'. Are these old or new helmets you are trying to repair? Send your details and I'll have it sent by bankers draft which may or may not arrive
  6. Kill register and repair.

    What does this even mean
  7. Kill register and repair.

    £20 says you're trying to repair an item that is over the new durability threshold.
  8. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    I will forgive you if you positive rep me for every post I make for the next 6 months On a serious note though, it should also be quite obvious that pre-patch items have the old stats (which is also why people are unable to repair them over their new maximum setting, wOoOoOoOw!), so it may be worth either selling pre-patch items or just using them until they take damage past the new durability threshold, then repairing them to the new limit. I'm just saying, if people actually started to think, this forum would be a lot easier to navigate.
  9. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    When I'm back at my computer I'd be happy to list every single individual change to all the armour items for those who are either too lazy or unable, but you may find it quicker and more efficient to check for yourself read the OP question and tell me its a reasonable question based on the patch note and the fact they have the ability to check armour values as they are currently playing the game. Off of the top of my head, the Fast MT and its attachments also have less durability. When every other new topic is asking questions about the patch, when it is quicker to just check yourself in the actual game, it becomes very stale.
  10. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    I dream of a world where people read patch notes
  11. Are these gestures of generosity?

    Haha don't be disheartened mate. If I see a low level actually bringing gear out I will tend to either leave it or stash it so they get it back on insurance. For example the other day I came across a level 16 or so with Fort/Fast which really impressed me, so I dumped it hopefully they got to use it again!
  12. Is shoreline pier exit broken

    If only we had more players with such strong resolve and determination to improve
  13. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Erm, yes, well done? Literally the first words in the topic. Also, feel free to take your negativity elsewhere.
  14. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    I think the first post outlined that quite clearly, to be honest. Probably time to leave this thread to disappear into obscurity