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  1. DanExert

    Camping at Spawn...

    Very good point, would +1 but out of rep for the day
  2. DanExert

    Camping at Spawn...

    You're welcome! Remember, your ears are more important than your eyes sometimes, as you will hear your enemy before you see them I play textures high, everything else as low as the settings allow. All check boxes off, and no anti-aliasing. FOV is 65 I believe, about half way along the slider IIRC
  3. DanExert

    Camping at Spawn...

    How long have you been playing? I've done over 1000 raids in full gear and I still get rekt, it's just how Tarkov works haha. I would say 90% of my PMC kills are on people who never knew I was there, or didn't expect me to push for example. I do my best to minimise the amount of 1v1 'punch for punch' gunfights and engage on my terms whenever possible, which can mean waiting for the perfect opportunity to land that one precise shot on someones head. I've stalked players on Shoreline waiting for them to loot, or open their inventory, for 5+ minutes before landing that one tap. You'd be surprised at how many people have very bad situational awareness. Sometimes it's also best to let people pass, focus on survival and extraction, not kills. IIRC you gain x0.50 XP for a death, and x1.5 XP for survival, so in the long term it is always more beneficial to survive with your loot, than die with nothing. ComTacs and telescopic sights are also very useful, as they allow you to see and hear much further! Also it can be good to have a trusted teammate who you play with regularly, as 4 eyes are better than 2
  4. DanExert

    Camping at Spawn...

    It's fun for them when they're looting your stuff haha. On a serious note, if you expect it and stay alert right off spawn you'll be fine; the spawns are a bit of an issue right now, so we need to adapt to all sorts of low tactics being used against us including extract watching etc. Sometimes taking 60 seconds to stop and listen from spawn can really help your survival rate
  5. DanExert

    Camping at Spawn...

    Check your corners
  6. DanExert

    Leak Material from Podcast #5

    I'm most looking forward to character/clothing customisation, which should add more depth to the game world as opposed to there only being 2 different looks (BEAR and USEC) and of course new weapons!
  7. DanExert

    British voice for USEC

    Same, even if I sound like a 14 year old haha
  8. DanExert

    Nice Experience...

    Agreed. The worst of the player base in general to be honest
  9. DanExert

    EFT Cinematic Trailer (stream highlights)

    Haha this is true! I shall make sure to kick more doors and stuff in my next games mate thank you for the suggestions!
  10. DanExert

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Am I too late haha
  11. DanExert

    EFT Cinematic Trailer (stream highlights)

    No hate at all mate! Thanks for the feedback I'm not sure what other kind of gameplay clips or moments would work well, I thought getting headshots and throwing grenades would be cool maybe I could get some more footage of my teammate in front of me because that always looks really good when BSG do trailers for patches and stuff... Food for thought!
  12. Hey all, put a little something together to spice up my YT channel, in the form of a cinematic-style trailer! The music was made by myself, and the clips were created by my viewers, so massive thanks to them for helping to create content like this. It's my first time doing something like this, so if you have any feedback (both good and bad) please feel free to let me know Thanks!
  13. DanExert

    Directional sound?

  14. DanExert

    New game mode/objective for online COOP

    Looks like this came true haha