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  1. DanExert

    Good community.

    I have never seen formatting like this in my whole time on this forum
  2. DanExert

    Reshade not working

    Saturation you can change within Nvidia settings and there’s an in game setting for sharpness, just in case Reshade continues to not work for you
  3. DanExert

    Reshade not working

    I’d get used to not having Reshade in the risk of it being banned later down the line. What filters do you use, out of interest?
  4. DanExert

    How to train myself to stay frosty

    I use an audio interface so it’s probably even louder than full haha
  5. DanExert

    How to train myself to stay frosty

    I've been playing over a year and get jumpy still when I'm stalking a player or expecting a contact, its part of Tarkov's appeal for me, enjoy it! Keep playing and you'll desensitise to it; imagine a new recruit vs a grizzled veteran in a warzone, it takes time and experience to adjust
  6. DanExert

    Useful Aim Training Tip (+ Challenge!)

    I’ve seen you play dude, you should definitely start warming up before going live
  7. DanExert


  8. DanExert

    Bizarre Flea trades?

    Most logical thing I can think of is 2 friends boosting their trader reputations in order to unlock more offer slots, by trading the same items between each other. Not sure if it works like that though!
  9. DanExert

    Useful Aim Training Tip (+ Challenge!)

    Seems like you could do with the practice : @AdhesiveTeflon @smokey-phil that sounds like a lot of fun haha might have to give it a go! @Psykotik556 love the sound of that; "Fisher, weapons and equipment are procure on site" All good ideas from the community as expected, thanks all
  10. DanExert

    When is the wipe, this is so boring.

    What will you do when the game is released?
  11. You do make very good points, but let's remember EFT has never been aimed towards a wide market in the first place. To be honest I really don't mind containers the way they are, and I may have come across too strong with my earlier preference. If allowing weapons means players get a smoother transitioning period (from hatchling to full gear) then it's all good with me
  12. I understand your point, but where do we draw the line? MP7 with 20-round mag is 2x1 meaning an EOD hatchling can carry 4 (plus spare mag or grenade) without you ever knowing it's not logical to have every container split into 1x1 sections IMO
  13. Hey all, I'd like to express my new found love with Offline Horde / Tagged & Cursed options and how useful it is for warming up before an EFT session! I would definitely recommend this 'game mode' for sharpening up your aim and reaction times before heading into the unforgiving world of online. Also, I'd like to invite you all to challenge me in seeing who can get the most kills under the following conditions: Map - Customs, Construction area only AI difficulty - As Online AI Amount - Horde Tagged and Cursed I look forward to seeing your screenshots and hearing your stories!
  14. No worries, hopefully someone with more solid / reliable info than I can post their knowledge here also. I absolutely agree, I believe Containers would be best restricted to keys, meds, quest items etc
  15. Off the top of my head the Kappa is 4x3 without being able to hold weapons/other specific item group(s), though I haven't seen it for myself (I believe Pestily is the only one to have gotten it? I'm really behind on this subject haha) As far as the Omicron goes I'm fairly confident it's a 3x3 + 1x3 combined, though again don't quote me on that. In a recent interview or podcast, Nikita had talked about having bigger containers than the Gamma, and how they would come in various configurations and sizes (the main point of interest here is of course the sectioning off of the internals!)