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  1. DanExert

    matching Fail ...

    It has been recommended numerous times to not let your matching time exceed around 2 minutes, though of course that does not fix the issue of no games/other players being available. Try different servers, depending on your region some servers may be better populated than others
  2. DanExert

    Awesome Statues Made By a Community Member!

    Very cool, the attention to detail is superb
  3. DanExert

    Mysterious parcel in the office of Battlestate

    Is it the code that will stop Scavs from dodging headshots? Or maybe some nice new clothing options for out PMCs
  4. So do I, it's called communication lol
  5. DanExert

    XBox officially supporting keyboard and mouse from Razer

    EFT will melt the Xbox haha
  6. DanExert

    How much health do scav boss/goons have?

    You are a god if you managed to fire all 10 shots accurately in 1 second Edit: also probably half of those shots hit the right leg, with the rest hitting the arm and body armour areas I imagine, just like a player, they start the healing process as soon as they are hit as they carry IFAKS. I would imagine this will be fixed with the med animations coming soon
  7. DanExert

    Stop Giving Scav's 10 round AK magazines?

    The AI scavs will eventually be able to loot bodies, so I imagine they might just be able to loot crates/item spawns too, as well as manage their inventories
  8. DanExert

    HK-16 Leak!

    416 is sexier. Much sexier.
  9. DanExert

    Stop Giving Scav's 10 round AK magazines?

    Don't let 10-rounders hold you back from achieving great things
  10. DanExert

    Can anyone explain this?

    It just looks so wrong, doesn't it?
  11. DanExert

    Game is constantly freezing

    Specs have everything to do with everything, this is why EFT runs great on some configurations while on some it runs not so great. Posting specs helps us to discover patterns, and link issues to possible solutions @calkilicgilis your GPU currently overclocked? There was a known issue with OC'd GPUs having trouble in the menus. Try bringing your clock speed down to standard (a 1080 will run EFT on Ultra at tickover lol) and see how you get on
  12. DanExert

    high end guns mean nothing

    Now try again at 200m
  13. DanExert

    Game is constantly freezing

    @calkilicgil @Pitouman Post your specs guys
  14. DanExert


    If you were to plan on engaging and killing another, armed and dangerous human being IRL, how would you go about doing it? Asking for a friend
  15. DanExert

    First EFT Russian Podcast Leaks

    @Natalinothank you for posting this info on the forum as many of us would have missed it otherwise! Really appreciate the improved comms from BSG lately, makes it a lot easier to inform my guys of new changes and features EDIT: Also I am super hyped to change my PMC's clothes, that is going to breathe so much new life into the game