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  1. DanExert

    So how is this game fun?

    You're getting killed by people you didn't even see regardless of their gear, so don't use the gear thing as an excuse. This game rewards those who invest time into it and learn the mechanics inside and out, the players you are getting killed by are seeing you before you are seeing them which comes down to 2 things; positioning and spacial/situational awareness. The majority of players I kill are heard before they are seen, they'll step on a noisy surface or rustle a bush and that's it, my mind goes into search mode and I keep listening, then track them down. I've posted a short clip from one of my streams where I stalked a noisy guy for about 5-10 minutes, the clip just shows the kill. You have one post so are new to the forums, I generally get a lot of stick when addressing posts like these so hopefully you find my feedback useful and decide to stick with the game, it is incredibly enjoyable once you start to understand it and the only way that is going to happen is by digging deep and donating that gear - that is until you become the gear collector yourself. There are also hundreds of 'new player tips' threads so feel free to have a browse and check out the search function.
  2. Remove insurance completely problem solved
  3. DanExert

    Adding a MAG SPEED LOADER into the game

    Used one for many years, awesome little things and weigh next to nothing (being plastic and all that). Fit really nicely into MOLLE or any other loops you can find on your kit - just drop the rounds into the speedloader and push down into the mag, +1 for this idea Sounds like you missed out on a real QoL improvement, these things were/are prevalent in the UK
  4. DanExert

    More WIP images

    Claymores should be fine. If they're implemented the way I imagine them to be they'll be manually operated, either by cord or remote. We've also witnessed talks about ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) for jamming radio signals so I would imagine there to be main-portable radio-jamming devices (I think there's already one for a quest?) which will render them (radio operated) obsolete. We won't have place-and-forget Claymores, at least I sincerely hope not, and I can't see BSG implementing COD-esque bollocks such as laser tripwires so let's wait and see. All of this was said about the Thermal and look how that went lol
  5. This is awesome. @FroJoecorrect me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember your original post in the 'Weapon Companies Thread' some months ago, if this is the case it's pretty cool to see the partnership evolve from such humble beginnings
  6. DanExert

    This game is brutal for newbies

  7. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    So instead of addressing the content you concentrated solely on the delivery? Or do you actually agree with the OP
  8. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    @Surv0 @spharic @modru2004 @Czecher @Ephemeralis @FallenActual Are you going to actually formulate something to explain why you disagree with me or just hide behind sad reacts? 1v6 = finally a fair debate.
  9. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    And for a lot of people the game runs better. This is an objective fact. The game fortunately overall runs better for me, and for quite a lot of other people. I am not, and have never denied the game running worse for other users after 0.8 - you are just desperate to be 'right' for some reason. It is no secret that EFT runs differently for different PC setups, this has been the case since day one; it is up to us as testers to keep BSG informed on how the game runs on different hardware combinations. This patch I have seen smoother frames even whilst streaming, so if that doesn't say something to you then I don't know what does.
  10. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    Is this satire?
  11. DanExert

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    @RooZvonBooZuse a suppressor next time you loud bugger Was on Shoreline night earlier, gas station, I was farming scavs and heard you lighting dudes up!
  12. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    @Xenomorph0352I appreciate what you're saying and thanks for being honest. As for people walking around with Nvidia-Predator vision I mean, what can anyone do about that (in any game ever made)? As far as these kind of exploits go there are in-game solutions: Gamma adjusters - NVGs People using crosshair - lasers and more recently the point shoot accuracy adjustment Macro/skill exploiters - data for the devs to implement measures to counter (which they're currently working on) Cheaters - constant Cold War against new hacks and development of the in-house AC system, with periodic 'Cheaters Banned' threads from BSG I appreciate everyone has different experiences and tolerances which is why we all come to the forum to voice them. With regards to hacker threads locked, the format in which these 'reports' are being made is and always has been against forum rules (since I've been here at least). I suggested and advised the community for there to be a single, consolidated 'suspect report' thread and guess what? It happened. Why? Because I understand how to present ideas and feedback which adhere to the forum rules. The two most simple rules are constantly broken which has a detrimental effect on the forum as a whole No naming and shaming (easily avoided) No duplicate threads (again easily avoided) There is now a dedicated place to report potential hackers which is a huge step forward from the previous 'we're not interested - trust in the AC' policy. I've already dissected OP's post so I'm not going to do it again, I've read back through just now and it still just looks like a 'ban all hackers and make the game easier for me' post which we've seen enough of as it is. It can literally be boiled down to: "I am a disgruntled solo player who can't progress in the game because I'm not very good at it. Instead of learning how to survive, it is easier to open a thread which directs criticism at everything except myself."
  13. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    For a TL;DR, see my earlier post. More misinformation, this is the main problem I have with the community at the moment. And I say weak-minded because OP is essentially complaining about being bad at the game - EFT demands you improve and adapt to your surroundings to survive, it is a difficult game and it is difficult by design. Complaining that the game is 'hard' is irrelevant, because it is meant to be. A good argument is an argument which has done its research and has a steady foundation in objective truth, and this forum is absolutely rammed with poor arguments and has been since I joined. 90% of issues with the current test build can be addressed using the search function. Anyone who knows me around here will know I tend to jump in with both feet and then convey my points more 'softly' a few posts in; I will openly admit that others' ignorance gets the better of me most of the time. And I hope you will see eye to eye on me when I say the number of low-post-count whiners bring next to nothing to the table when their arguments are drenched in emotion and ignorance - "I got killed by an EOD player! His stash size must have given him an advantage!" Now I will address your points, thank you for remaining civil in your post. --- There is; Factory night has places where gamma alteration is a non issue due to the maximum darkness being displayed as RGB 0,0,0 - this means even the most powerful of gamma alteration will do nothing as it is impossible to distinguish between shades (there aren't any to begin with). If the devs implement more '000' areas throughout the maps, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of gamma 'changers'. And they will, Nikita himself stated that Netcode is a huge priority at the moment and they are constantly working to improve it. The test results speak for themselves! There is no story mode at the moment, so the game is missing the bulk of the actual game; my favourite analogy to use here is we are testing an RPG without the main questline (or even 80+% of the advanced game mechanics). Therefore this point is irrelevant. --- What advantage to people get by paying, exactly? Also what do you mean by no optimisation? many people have reported the game running much better since 0.8. --- Now I will address the OPs points individually This is a game in development and is not yet optimised. Why are you expecting to get good performance on a low-end rig? You are complaining that your PC is not good enough to play a game. This has been an issue since day one and there is tons of info surrounding this on the forums. BSG have already increased the countdown from 5 to 20 seconds in an attempt to cater for slower HDDs - there's no way the majority of the player base will be happy waiting through 3 minutes of countdown (after the 20 seconds - 2 minutes+ matchmaking) so the potatoes can load in. This is unfortunately a you problem. False. I am one of the slowest players you will encounter and I generally ruin people who rush around; I'm not even a 'good' player, I just know how to position myself and listen. Plus, you have already identified an issue with the current test build - submit a bug report (you're a tester). Adapt to your perceived meta or continue getting rekt, it's your choice. Known issue, restart your game to re-sync the game times. Submit a bug report. You bring a pistol and I'll bring a 74N and we'll see who wins, then we'll swap What does stash size have to do with anything? Also how is 'dying constantly' a fault of the game? You can progress through the game to unlock the Epsilon container (2x4 slots), which is one slot off of the 'Pay2Win' container and in fact many people prefer it over the Gamma due to it being more flexible with what you can put in there. Again, uninformed. The person didn't get banned for using macros because right now, macros are not a ban-able offence as stated by BSG. They are currently developing anti-macro measures. Subject to change like everything, and I addressed this earlier in my post. Also NVG > ReShade This is the icing on the cake to be honest. Blaming everything but yourself is weak. You are a tester of an in-development game. You are playing to test and report to the devs issues as you come across them, I didn't know it was that difficult to understand. Try it yourself, see if it works If you're buying gear from Fence I don't know what to say. Level your traders, who actually puts decent gear on Fence anyway? I've seen one Fort go up in over 1000 raids. Maybe I'm doing it wrong and should start camping Fence. Again, objectively false.
  14. DanExert

    Impressions of game-not having fun

    You are weak-minded and ill-informed. I'd usually break down your post and destroy all of your points one by one, but with only one post on the forum (and it being as bad as this) I will pass. For those of you who agree with the OP I have some facts for you: Stash size will eventually be upgradable Larger stash size does not help other players kill you, contrary to popular belief The netcode has already seen a dramatic improvement as seen in the analysis videos If you have a potato rig, why are you trying to play an in-development game? You should be sending your specs to the devs with performance info if you're struggling to run the game (you can't play PS4 games on a PS3) Anyone who can't manage the standard stash needs to get a grip of their life
  15. DanExert

    FEATURE SUGGESTION - quiet door open option

    Already planned mate, can see this mechanic (and more) in the works in the dev diary videos, although I'm not sure which one it is so watch both!