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  1. Things to do for newbs?

    Try offline raids first to learn spawns and extracts. Then progress to pve offline, to work out scavs. Only when confident risk losing your gear on normal raids. Also, only risk what you are willing to loose. This game is like gambling, if you have loads of modded M4's, use them. If not, use guns you can afford.
  2. Free m4 Giveway

    I should win because I am jealous of you. Good work!
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    Crossman 760 Pump master is a beast:
  4. one tapped by makrov while wearing kiver and Paca

    I've had several Terminator scavs to play with, I also had one called Operator once. Player scavs are ruthless
  5. so BLA is with extraction campers?

    Words of a camper. I had this happen to me a lot when I first started testing the game out. Try camping a few times yourself to see where campers will hide. Know the enemy ;) I still get caught out occasionally, me being casual or not concentrating is usually the cause, not the players that happen to be waiting near the extract. Toss them into the bushes
  6. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    I must be lucky, but I genuinely believe I encounter about a 50/50 split of PMCs that I kill (BEAR/USEC). That said, I will never be good enough to hit the 25 kills in three hours. The 25 scavs on Customs nearly gave me an aneurysm on the last patch and I have been putting it off now for about two weeks on this patch. My choice, I know I CAN do it, I just simply won't. Maybe one day if I am better at the game and can deal with the stress a bit better I will have a go at it. But for now, no. I am on the fence with this. I believe there should be an uber difficult challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff and something to aspire to. But I also think that it is forcing a particular game style that doesn't suit all players. Perhaps implement some form of cap, that when a player kills, lets say 500 bears during the quest activation, they get a pass. This will reward loyal players.
  7. startup crash error

    Just happened now, tried about 4-5 times. Anyone else?
  8. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Fantastic news, so glad that scum bags are being removed all the time. I have had a few run ins in the past, I even posted (as a n00b) asking questions about hackers/cheats. This thread is great. I hope it updates with new lists of the scum, especially because you can cross reference any personal list made to vindicate your doubts. Good work. Really impressed. Thanks!
  9. Taking damage but no noise...

    How so?
  10. Taking damage but no noise...

    I presume the stress testing and upsurge in users will prove to any investors that it is wise to spend more money on servers, in order to facilitate the growth. Otherwise, things will stagnate - but I am sure that will not happen. Happy to see progress for a game that has so much potential.
  11. Taking damage but no noise...

  12. Taking damage but no noise...

    Hello, SO I have been grinding through the latest version of Tarkov and have nearly hit level 20 in no less than 50 raids. My game play has improved since the last patch as I understand more of the game ,but I think there is a new big/glitch and I would like to see if anyone else has had this issue. Apologies in advance if this is already known and discussed. So roughly four times now (3 of which were fatal) I have received instant damage to the extent I lose arms/legs and become heavily wounded. There is no noise and no scavs or players in my vicinity. I take some pain killers and sprint away to some good cover while spamming my IFAK/Meds. I evaluate, heal and move on, for it to start happening again. The first three times this happened, I eventually died to a scav name. No noise, gunshots, screaming - just damage. Now before anyone says desync, these events happen over the space of a few minutes, giving me long enough to heal the first load of damage.Surely with desync you would hear the noise later as the client syncs with the host? I am an advocate of night time suppressed weapon and bad weather raids by sneaking around in bushes. I believe I have a pretty good grasp of my surroundings and am generally aware of where scavs are. This has happened once on Shoreline in the Northern section of the health resort (garden) and three other times on Customs in various locations. So, anyone have this problem? Any idea what it is? Thanks in advance ncwadd3rs (NigelSmith)
  13. So, I have just hit 254 raids after a few weeks playing Tarkov, Edge of Darkness version. I have hit a success rate of 27% and I have just hit level 25, and that is only thanks to some good guys helping me out. It would be higher, but I was a glutton for punishment on Factory hatchling runs for a couple of days. I soon learned that wasn't the way forward, if you're concerned for stats. Anyway, my point for a new thread is to state how much I am enjoying the game. Sure, it has it's development related problems at the moment, primarily to do with Sync and server issues. But overall, this game is absolutely fantastic already and has so much potential. I am really excited for the future of Tarkov and I am glad I have had the chance to invest some time into it. I can't wait for the planned content to be released. The game is absolutely brutal, but so rewarding when things going right. Unlocking traders to level 3 was exciting, finally being able to buy, mod and customise AKMs etc. Once built, to then immediately lose one on the next raid, only to try again and use it to drop some geared players the round after that. This is certainly a game of highs, lows, adrenaline and rushes. I've never experienced anything like it for gaming sake. Keep up the good work BSG. Well, thanks for reading, if you made it this far.
  14. New to Tarkov

    Thanks! I'm more than ready to take the rough with the smooth, I prefer a challenge and will often come back harder than ever if beaten Thanks, I will message later when I have finished work. I have to say so far I am impressed by the non-toxic nature displayed in these forums. People seem to want to help each other for the betterment of the experience and you have all displayed a willingness to accept a noob!
  15. New to Tarkov

    Thank you! I see great potential in this game. I Love the high risk high reward idea. I put over 2000 hours into The Division (despite its problems) and especially the Dark Zone. The idea of PVE mixed with PVP to farm better gear and weapons really appeals to me. So excited. I guess the lack of resources will change over time and it is up to people like us to help out to make this game as successful as it should be. I am already trying to convince my RUST buddies to get on board. Hopefully see you in there at some point. NC