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  1. ncwadd3rs

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    Here you go, just so you can finally see what it's like: This kind of thing amuses me greatly
  2. ncwadd3rs

    "Weapon Safe Key"

    Cool, thanks.
  3. ncwadd3rs

    "Weapon Safe Key"

    Hi, I'm just sorting through my keys. I found one called "Weapon Safe Key". Does anyone know what this is for? I've tried the usual searching the internet, but no-one seems to know. Any info would be appreciated. See pic below: Thanks in advance!
  4. ncwadd3rs

    What This Game Really Is About...

    hahaha Or "Escape from Glitchers"
  5. ncwadd3rs

    Why are there timed tasks?

    Just finished it for the first time ever. Approx 2 hours 30 mins... buzzing, and full of adrenaline right now!
  6. ncwadd3rs

    Why are there timed tasks?

    Definitely the issue
  7. ncwadd3rs

    Is this acceptable behaviour?

    First of many hopefully. Just shocked people take a game in testing phase so seriously.
  8. ncwadd3rs

    Is this acceptable behaviour?

    I had no idea who he was until;l he added me. He then abused m,e then blocked me. Go figure
  9. ncwadd3rs

    Is this acceptable behaviour?

    While I am raging smashing through punisher pt 6 too I nearly broke my knuckles...
  10. ncwadd3rs

    Why are there timed tasks?

    I've been at it for 1 hr and 40 mins and I've only killed 12 and died about 15 times. I've also experienced 5 gamma glitchers from that total and about 4 of my other deaths were seriously suspect by being 1 tapped by pistol shots from across the map...
  11. ncwadd3rs

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    lol! I sense he is being melodramatic...
  12. ncwadd3rs

    Timer should stop if you are in extraction

    Tell that to a chinook pilot with rpg's flying in. Learn some time discipline.
  13. ncwadd3rs

    How much health does a person have?

    Did you record a clip and watch it back? I find that helps answer many questions.
  14. ncwadd3rs

    Anti-cheat update

    Is there a timeline available for this, i'm out of the loop. I ask because I just got dropped by a blatant cheat (I have video evidence).