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  1. ncwadd3rs

    No money

    Watch youtube videos on finding shoreline keys. Once found, run shoreline at night with a pistol and torch and work out a fast route to get to the best rooms quickly and get out. I used to do this if I felt like I needed money. If all else fails, reset account
  2. ncwadd3rs

    Fix those lag already for f**k sake!

    Hahaha I'm not sure if you know how this works, but the guys who create game weapons etc probably don't deal with server/netcode issues. Chill and be patient. If the game is making you rage take a break. I just took a month off and feel refreshed and ready to hit it again.
  3. ncwadd3rs

    There are almost no hackers.

    Lucky guy!
  4. ncwadd3rs


    Just wait until the next ban wave or "anti cheat" update to play. Saves rage and stress.
  5. ncwadd3rs

    Hackers are back?

    People don't seem to understand a veteran of the game. I've had numerous arguments with people that think they know best, when they didn't experience the events themselves. After playing through numerous wipes and hitting level 40 several times, I think I know the difference now, like yourself. One way to trigger me is argue against it. Anti cheat is absolutely necessary NOW, not in the future. Otherwise the player base will up sticks and leave.
  6. ncwadd3rs

    Hackers are back?

    I quit until there's a ban wave, then the game is bliss for a few weeks. The cycle continues, nothing changes when it happens again and it just becomes tiresome.
  7. ncwadd3rs

    Where are all the players?

    This is why I stopped. Plus after level 40 there is nothing much to do other than get into scraps.
  8. ncwadd3rs


    I thought all PMC's in this game are ex Tier 1 SF? If that's the case then there is for sure no females involved other than in support/intel roles. As for scavs, who cares what they are.
  9. Have you been shot by 5.45 before? lol
  10. ncwadd3rs

    Hip fire seriously needs a rework...

    Read about British Commando doctrine in 1942, you'll understand a bit more.
  11. ncwadd3rs

    Hip fire seriously needs a rework...

    They call it point firing.
  12. ncwadd3rs

    Huge ban wave

    So true. Tonight has been a pleasure too.
  13. ncwadd3rs

    Huge ban wave

    I am so happy to see this. The last week or so was infested with hackers, yesterday evening I noticed a huge improvement to PVP game play. I died yesterday fairly, in good firefights with other honest players, moments like that make this game's potential so huge. Keep up the good work in the never ending battle.
  14. Hi, I have a question in regards to the servers and the selection of servers. I live in Spain, but my nearest servers are geographically far away. I often suffer the effects of poor ping and desync. Are there any plans for servers to be set up in Spain, or Italy, or the south of France? Currently my nearest server is Frankfurt of Amsterdam, and that offers me (on a good day) a ping above 40. I am lucky to have asymmetric fibre optic with 300mb ul/dl speeds, if it wasn't for this then I think my experience would be worst still. I ask these questions because the potential expansion of the player base in this region... Thanks, in advance, to anyone in the know
  15. ncwadd3rs

    Goodbye Tarkov

    Yeah man, you too. I apologise for being salty. I haven't raged so hard in a long time. I even uninstalled I just re downloaded