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  1. oquiz

    Bug: Strike Industries Bridge Guide

    dude you need the inchguide rails for this
  2. oquiz


    hey man. team up on the unofficial discord, or on one of the smaller streamer discords. there are allways ppl to play with and with some time you will find a few guys who will perfectly match with you.^^ its a easy solution for your problem:) and yea it had been mentioned quiet often and had been answerd with : they wont introduce matchmaking because you dont should be able to know if there are more than just one. in my opinion it has mutch effect on the playing. even im not a really good player allthough i play also since a year know. but it would take something off the game if you would know there isnt no one else.
  3. oquiz

    Upgrade Account

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page there you go^^
  4. oquiz

    Reporting factory exit cheaters?

    @eeth the factory key is a option for the glitch spot. but you will may have problems to find it. its one of the most wanted and rarest keys in tarkov. so if youre arent able to find it. just play the game untill you get to peacekeeper. from there on you can hand in a quest to recive a factory. its the easiest way, to level, get expirence and through go tarkov all in one. grinding for keys escpically if ure new, is a bad thing. because its frustating and there are a hell of keys that get rushed every game. so just keep playing learn the game and the maps. so you can earn mutch more as just with playing factory. hope it helped. good luck
  5. oquiz

    Help with christmas gift

    its just for those ppl that played over the christmas time last year and/or, for a +gift, owner of the game since middle of 2017.^^
  6. Anyone here who did a hatchetrun and got friends with a pistol guy? 31.07.2018 gmt1 00:29
  7. oquiz

    Dogtag glitches

    its a known bug. it can happen with everything. an example, two player got a fight. the one kills the other, the one loots the boddy. a couple of min, you come across and wanna check the boddy for anything left. than you might notice that the armor isnt lootable. thats because the person before looted it, and the server diddint refresh the indication. it will look in youre screen as the armor or anything else could be bugged but it just had been looted allready
  8. oquiz

    Log in a match - question

    @Mapko If the lobby isnt full yet, than yes.^^ no problem
  9. oquiz

    Log in a match - question

    usually if you get a deploy screen, you join in a fresh match. just if you spawn in without the screen you get into a round that allready runs a few sec/min. and yes it is possible to join in a allready started round. sometimes the matchmaking deploys you in not full rounds. the maps show you a minimum and a max player amount. most from 9 to 12/13
  10. oquiz

    Trader Status Pre-Order

    And to tell if the Eod is ptw. its not. yes you get more space, yes you get more starting gear and yes you get more starting reputation. but, the starting gear isnt that good that you get an advantage. everyone in the beginning of a wipe, is playing with budget gear and so on its not needed. the eod is there to help the developers, because theire gonna introduce the hideout, and at this point you wont be able to purchase the eod. so you only get the free dlcs. eod is not ptw, its just there to help the developers and you get more starting space to have a bit more free room in keeping the stuff.
  11. oquiz

    Trader Status Pre-Order

    @EightyFace To answer your question: The description is a bit bad outwritten. The trader standing in between the normal and eod edition is, that you get more starting reputation with the eod. but this dosnt mean ptw because, you still need to level first you still need to make the missions, so that you can go on for more reputaition. the only thing in wich it is better, that you may dont need to do some last quests of the traders because you start with reputation 2 and not with 0. its just effects the progress later. hope i could help and im not wrong. correct me if i. have a nice day
  12. these sites are completly legal. they got licences and such stuff to be a real official company. the thing is to write hacks isnt illegal just the use of them. its like burning series or these other websites. as far as i know. correct me if im wrong.
  13. oquiz

    Is the Immortal bug back?

    @dajokster no they cant. these websites are very easy to find, wont mention how, cause dont wanna show others how to. and for your intention, sadly the good ones that provide those common ones, are reall companies with legit licences and such stuff. so its just legal what they doing. i dont know if studios like bsg, could anything do against them, with spending alot of money and the best lawyers out there. we just can hope that they will introduce theire anticheat, some day. but as in the current state of the game its very difficult. because everytime they change the game, they have to change the antichit as well. makes alot of problems. hope i could explain a bit, without raising those companys, like the mods say.
  14. oquiz

    Is the Immortal bug back?

    @blokkfighter bin auch deutsch, gut das man es anhand meiner schreibweise nicht gemerkt hat.xD der typ, war ja auch nicht am desyncen oder so. mein mate und ich hatten nur den verdacht, das er halt verbuggt sein könnte, wodurch er sich auch nicht bewegen konnte und deshalb er auch keinen schaden bekommen hat. Thanks for the replies @Jyrjo and @Chamil . my friend and me just thought that he is bugged on some way, because he diddnt moved. may that causes that he had god mode. i hope it wasnt a hacker. as well dont wanna call him as one, because like the mods say, you cant really tell if someone hacked or just had some advantage trought bugs or some other issues. but i can also feel your standing, we had also a couple of ''strange'' situations the last days, so your thoughts are truly understandable.
  15. Sup everyone. My mate and me, decided to play a round factory a couple of hours ago. So, as we went up from solo to the catwalk in front of the hole, towards the office hallway, i noticed a fight at the new spawn next to the bunker. Two hatchlings fightet there, so i started to shoot. Killed the first one and dropped some more shots on the other one. As soon as he tooked the shots, he started to ran and stopped emmidiately after it and was now sitting under the staircases of the bunker, from where you can get on top of it. I shot a whole mag on him. While i shot, he noticed to not get any damage and put out his gun, from his container (mention he was under fire and still not moved a meter). As he done this realy slow, i had to reload and started to shoot again, he just aimed on and killed me. Sure i standed still and face hit box is just perfekt for such a shot, so diddnt matterd. After i died, my mate turns around and starts to shoot as well, the guy still was sitting there and diddnt took damage. He killed my mate too. im just curious, if this happend to someone else as well...? Some thinks to keep in mind: 1.He diddnt moved away, might cause that he couldnt walk anymore. 2. He noticed realy late that he diddint took damage, so might not be hacking. 3. You had could see, how he noticed and just thought to put out his gun from the container to shoot back.(who wouldnt do it) 4. He still diddnt moved after killing me. could be a new bug may? should i report it? and just in case, i play this game for quiet a year now, so it should be not some stupid bs that im talking. Thanks for any replies, may also from a mod. Have a great day and good luck on youre way through tarkov.