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  1. To the guy at saintpetersburg server - nighttime customs. we met at the office and had a pretty decent run together, big love to you buddy:) hope what you found helped ya a bit:D
  2. oquiz

    Chain Key and Doc's Case Trade

    Their'e still up. docs case trade, is i think at therapist lvl 3. and yea maybe the reduced the amount, but their'e surly still there:D
  3. oquiz

    Anyone else had this before?xD

    @PardTheTrolli know man thanks, just wanted to show it. do you think i just sit there and wait untill i die, because its bugged?
  4. Hey everybody. at first, if there is a option to lock a trade for friends then sorry, i diddnt found it. but if not, could we please get a option for this? the base of this is market is surly extrem nice and helps allot, but why cant we sell specifi to friends? hope this will be introduced^^ Thanks for everyone reading, and have a nice one:)
  5. oquiz

    Question about a feature of 10.5

    @Brusko-BHF yea mean them, my words might be a bit missleading. english is not my main speech^^ i hope too, sometimes i just like to fight some bots on factory or similliar. a little hardcore challange with just a pistol no meds nor armor. kinda chillin:D
  6. oquiz

    Question about a feature of 10.5

    @CrazySpades at first, thanks for the reply man^^ Ye sure i know theire will be removed later on. my profile dosnt look like im playing as long as like that been mentioned quiet a while ago.:D I hope it will come with 10.5, but some older threads say its coming in .11 other say nothing about it and than again other threads say it will come in 10.5. guess i will have to wait and will get supriesed.:D
  7. Does the Offline options coming in 10.5 or 11. ? im just curious, because some threads of coming content say yes, others not. would be glad if someone got a thread or something about it, wich include the last known stand about this feature. Thanks, and have a nice one.:)
  8. oquiz

    Little update for you

    cant you read?
  9. oquiz

    PVE Character

    @Shauneok this is the same that i thought. i made a thread about my idea in the past and will post it in here again^^ I hope everything is understandable, english is not my first speech and i tried my best to make it readable.:) In my opinion, tarkov has a realy good ai similar to other games, with the same game style. and in meaning that the scavs tended to be and handle like ''real'' player, one day, it would be perfect to introduce a harder pve mode in to the game. espicially because the instructions coming, in meaning the new features for the offline mode. and with this two points and the main gameplay, it could be the perfect base for an hardcore pve coop mode. Same as normal online, just with some speciall changes. you could decide in between 4 different coop modes - solo - duo - trio and quad. than for example, if you pick duo, you would create a private game save for this two player. and this means, you would have accses, to the same inventory and just you and your mate could play with this save. like in the standart online, you can choose what you wanna bring in with you, and you can loose it as normal. with the basics of the online mode and the introdution of the ai, the game mode would be build up by it self. now two big things that missing are, the loot and the other good and geard guys. and for this, your thoughts of the scavs bosses with theire group, could be the squad from online that is challenging you, on the way to the exit. for loot you could still take the old places like, dorms, complex woodfeller and the check points. just a bit changed. with way more scavs and may a bit defending house upgrades. so that, it would look like a private area, under the controll of scavs. it would be really hard to get int to it, but you could find there many rare items like, good weapons armor and medical. the standart scavs with different mods on theire weapons, some with an b10 tt1000 bud stock ak, others with pk06 and the mlock etc. So that you can build the weapons up to your own preferings. To make it more challenging the traders could just sell most things for barter items. sometimes they make some offers over a limitied time that you can buy items for rubel euros and dollar. i think this could make the comunity way bigger. ppl that are struggeling, ppl that wanna test and introduce with theire friends, or just to have a opinion on what they wanna do right now. the pve mode, it could be the same like online as like for ppl that are not the best and the ai will allways be a bit easier than a good player. ai never will be smart enough to think like a human. this mode could open a area for those who love the gameplay of an hardcore game and/or arent good enough to play it with its full possibilitys. let me know what you think of it, greetings oquiz.
  10. oquiz

    Bug: Strike Industries Bridge Guide

    dude you need the inchguide rails for this
  11. oquiz


    hey man. team up on the unofficial discord, or on one of the smaller streamer discords. there are allways ppl to play with and with some time you will find a few guys who will perfectly match with you.^^ its a easy solution for your problem:) and yea it had been mentioned quiet often and had been answerd with : they wont introduce matchmaking because you dont should be able to know if there are more than just one. in my opinion it has mutch effect on the playing. even im not a really good player allthough i play also since a year know. but it would take something off the game if you would know there isnt no one else.
  12. oquiz

    Upgrade Account

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page there you go^^
  13. oquiz

    Reporting factory exit cheaters?

    @eeth the factory key is a option for the glitch spot. but you will may have problems to find it. its one of the most wanted and rarest keys in tarkov. so if youre arent able to find it. just play the game untill you get to peacekeeper. from there on you can hand in a quest to recive a factory. its the easiest way, to level, get expirence and through go tarkov all in one. grinding for keys escpically if ure new, is a bad thing. because its frustating and there are a hell of keys that get rushed every game. so just keep playing learn the game and the maps. so you can earn mutch more as just with playing factory. hope it helped. good luck
  14. oquiz

    Help with christmas gift

    its just for those ppl that played over the christmas time last year and/or, for a +gift, owner of the game since middle of 2017.^^