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  1. 02_

    Repair prices

    I believe they mentioned a re-balance to repair prices in the patch logs
  2. 02_

    Q&A from the "Little update for you"

    Question, not a joke. When can we expect to see EOD no longer be for sale.
  3. 02_

    Cheating Player

    Now i feel stupid I misunderstood and made a mistake, my bad!
  4. 02_

    Cheating Player

    I'm unable to censor the name, so calling for a moderator is the second best way (i can think of) to deal with it.
  5. 02_

    Cheating Player

    @swats73 @TheWay @Damiano @ShiroTenshi Sorry if im @'ing anyone who's not supposed to deal with this!
  6. 02_

    Cheating Player

    BSG Does not accept hacker reports! please reffrain from name shaming. What looks like cheats can be desync and many other things! BSG only posts the names of cheaters with extensive checks! There is currently no way to report a cheater, leave it to BSG to deal with them for now. Thank you!
  7. 02_

    Trial key

    More information can be found here:
  8. 02_

    Trial key

    @Nibler I would highly recommend against letting your friend login on your account, If you know him in real life you can by all means have him come over and try the game. Otherwise he should buy the standard edition of the game, Trial keys from what i know were given to EOD member's who supported the game before a certain date.
  9. 02_

    Stash size.

    The current stash size is not permanent, you will be able to upgrade stash sizes later. /without paying for an upgraded version of the game. Until then just be selective in what you keep in your stash and what you sell.
  10. Lets be honest, you just want share some epic kills
  11. 02_


    Perhaps instead of making useless posts, you could try to find how people do it and report it as a bug report. Helping the community grow and fix bug's.
  12. 02_

    Patch notes?

    Patch notes are first released in English and Russian, they are then translated by the forum emissaries to the language of the country they represent.
  13. So will you be able to do scav run's on this location? and if so will you be a normal scav or not?
  14. 02_

    Next Wipe

    Straight from the top brass, found on page 3 of TheWay's A little information for you! post