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  1. 02_

    Stash size.

    The current stash size is not permanent, you will be able to upgrade stash sizes later. /without paying for an upgraded version of the game. Until then just be selective in what you keep in your stash and what you sell.
  2. Lets be honest, you just want share some epic kills
  3. 02_


    Perhaps instead of making useless posts, you could try to find how people do it and report it as a bug report. Helping the community grow and fix bug's.
  4. 02_

    Patch notes?

    Patch notes are first released in English and Russian, they are then translated by the forum emissaries to the language of the country they represent.
  5. So will you be able to do scav run's on this location? and if so will you be a normal scav or not?
  6. 02_

    Next Wipe

    Straight from the top brass, found on page 3 of TheWay's A little information for you! post
  7. 02_

    A little information for you!

    That might not be true, if i remember correctly a BSG crew member did mention that there might be some kind of wipes. (this was not solid just something he/she stated in a post) ah found it @Bluewolf333 Natalino Posted April 4 Hello, It is hard to answer this question right now because you will quote it later. But I will answer this in a certain way that at least gives you something to go by: 1. Wipes generally happen because they are required to happen for that update. IE: Weapon size changes, etc. 2. Nowadays players are actually wanting to get wipes so it might change the initial plan to not have wipes after release. Yes, we listen and we take actions from what you suggest or ask for. 3. The development of the game will still continue after the release and to say no completely might not be accurate. 4. There is currently a discussion to implement a way of wiping certain progress only. For example Just stash and loot, etc. This will come in handy when a certain update needs a wipe but not a complete wipe. Example: The inventory item size changes that I mentioned and many possible other reasons. So, in short, it is still not a good time to give a definite answer but you can read the above and see where this topic is at right now.
  8. 02_


    @TheWay perhaps you guys want to censor the name?
  9. 02_

    11 Questions

    There is ups and downs with the ability to speak in game, but i personally think the up's outweighs the down's. In-built voice command's are too limiting, and if there are too many it clutters up too much.
  10. 02_


    Please reffrain from name shaming! BSG only publicizes names of cheaters they do extensive checks on.
  11. 02_

    Wrongful banning

    Did you try to submit a bug report for him?
  12. 02_

    ************* cheater running rampant

    BSG does not accept hacker reports at the moment, please reffrain from name shaming. thank you!
  13. 02_

    A little information for you!

    Well most people did, but that doesn't mean we should reffrain to voice our opinions. If majority of the playerbase feels like something should be re-worked or removed and dont come forwards with that, no change will be made and the developers will never know the playerbase feeling's. Even matters that can't be changed for example wipes that are required due to new patche's, should still be voiced for the sake of development and information that dev's can make use of in the future.
  14. 02_

    A little information for you!

    I'm not so keen on farming levels again, personal opinion so answer may differ from person to person. But not everyone can play on a daily basis.
  15. 02_

    A little information for you!

    Can't live without an organized inventory, liquidate all my assets that i find to be a "waste of space". Only got 12 mil rubs atm tough