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  1. Ensure you used the correct mail, sometimes it can also take a while longer to revive the mail. Check your spam folder too.
  2. EUR means your copy is region locked to europe, you can play it anywhere in europe. Please do remember account sharing & selling is not allowed! there is an algorythm to find out if you are doing that. Device ID is sent to the mail linked to your account.
  3. I take it you bought a code, it was activated on your account. If you klick this link, there should be a download button. Welcome aboard! Download (profile)
  4. 02_

    How do we report hackers?

    Talked to an Ex-Moderator Anti cheat hasent been touched as of yet, even tough we were told that it was in development.
  5. 02_

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Still the M1A, just a EBR stock kit.
  6. When accidentally stumbling upon a glitch whether it glitches you outside the map or on a area that you aren't supposed to reach or fall if you outside the map and boost a soft skill to ELITE level for example. If you do encounter a bug like this, please load the game into OFFLINE mode and record the bug and submit a bug report! What the streamer in the video did is a clear breach in the section 3.3 cheating act, and under no circumstances should you or any other player attempt to follow those step's. Thank you!
  7. 02_

    Fix exploit, too much medical experience

    You can still just bring Sh*t ton of AI-2 and get a scav to shoot you(so you bleed).
  8. According to google there are currently an estimate of 7,619,616,669 people alive, chances are that a few people will come across this post and read what you stated. If as you claim to have said it before, then some more have probably seen those post's so lets say 3-4 people see each of your posts about this. That would mean you will have to say it 1,904,904,167(.25) times before everyone will know, you aren't required to agree with my opinion. It is an opinion after all... but it's just as valid as yours, all factors including the most expensive edition of a game can change the value of a company. A company doesn't just live of the revenue from sale's, it has it's investors and other thing's. If they add an even more expensive edition it's sure to have both positive and negative feedback, that itself can lead to a gain or loss in investor's. So put simply its not a risk worth taking, there are many examples of games getting bad rep from this idea. Example being the dead island physical reward;
  9. 02_

    Average Key Prices

    No worries! glad to have helped @SafeHandsGRANT
  10. 02_

    Average Key Prices

  11. 02_

    Average Key Prices

    Oh in that case its a fair trade.
  12. 02_

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Hella sexy M1A EBR
  13. 02_

    hackers, hackers, hackers..

    I've played for 4 major patches and i've never encountered a single cheater, or atleast nothing fishy. I've died to desync and bugs many times but not cheater's, i see alot of posts about cheaters every day and im not calling them fake or bogus. But the Tarkov community is way too quick to jump the gun and call hacks on things that clearly are just bugs and desync.
  14. 02_

    Average Key Prices

    I'm talking from your standpoint. Marked key will get me loot that i can then sell for 500k - 1 million+ roubles, meanwhile factory key will only get me 2 new factory exit's and a shortcut on custom's. It's a great key to have but marked key is better in terms of money and profit. But thats just what i think, if you want shortcuts instead of money then do it by all means. If you are looking to make money however dont do it.