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  1. Tell me to get good

    to get good
  2. How do upgrades work?

    Once you upgrade you can reset your profile on the website, it will wipe ALL your ingame data. /level,hours played,K/D and such. (obv's inventory aswell.)
  3. New Player Guidance

    DIE - (Loot left in raid on dead body) - No one touches = Insurance return in around 24 hours DIE - (Loot left in raid on dead body) - Someone touches body = Whatever they took that was insured will now be lost, anything they left will be returned in around 24 hours There ya go.
  4. EFT Has Zero D-sync!

    I'm sorry Sheep, i can't let you ask that. // Honestly i wounder too, i mean his wording suggests a complaint. But there are already hundreds of threads just like this on the forums.
  5. eat some baba ganoush wish cheeki dead scav's
  6. Continental coins

    Haha, nice to see some people agree.
  7. Continental coins

    This post is a joke, that aside Would be fun if we could rename the Bitcoin to Continental coin instead, and perhaps a re-texture too. For all our john wick need's

    You know this is widley known right? We buy the EOD to support the dev's anything extra we gain from it is just a thank you from them. PS. You wont be able to do that in the final relase (cannot confirm this 100% tough)
  9. Fast MT

    That was introduced awhile ago, before the FAST MT helmet was released. Altough since the Fast MT is one of the new helmets after that patch, i am sure that when you add the face cover it acts as a part of the helmet. Even tough it offers next to no protection.
  10. How to make as much money in three days

    @sackmycack As opposed as i am to this idea, farm all shoreline key's (rare ones) then proceed to do hatchling runs on shoreline. i make roughly 100k roubles out of my gamma, then an additional 200k from my tri-zip usually.
  11. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Pretty sure a supressor isnt just an empty metal tube.... altough it does look neat whatever it is.
  12. Open world w/ civilians?

    Are you thinking of something like the Division civilians?
  13. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods