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    anyone dying at spawn ?

    i spoke to the support team and they only said "With the new deployment system in the game, it is possible to spawn next to another player who loaded into the server sooner than you. This would give him the advantage to seek cover and wait for other players that are spawning in. If a player used a third party software the anti-cheat system will detect it and take necessary measures to ban the said player. "
  2. simpleforce

    anyone dying at spawn ?

    yah true thats why i posted i rarely run into them too, but my run only lasted 14 sec, of which a few sec for the spawning and i never died that fast in factory let a lone shoreline ....
  3. simpleforce

    anyone dying at spawn ?

    there was no sound of bullets or anything ... i was even wearing a forte and helmet .. just died
  4. simpleforce

    anyone dying at spawn ?

    hi guys anyone dying at spawn ? i spawned in shoreline, i latterly took a few steps and didn't hear anything and then i died .. this never happened to me before, but wanted to know if they placed the spawns next to each other or is this user hacking or something.
  5. simpleforce

    Prapor Punisher part 3 Task

    Hi everyone, Anyone having problems completing the Prapor Punisher part 3 task due to taking too long to enter the raid. hence taking the time off the 1 hour we have to complete the task
  6. simpleforce

    Single mode raids

    Hi there, is it possible to join raids without there being groups, as im kinda new to the game and usually always end up being killed in most raids due to players entering in groups of 3 or 4. i can kill 1 or even 2 but have to end up reloading or just outgunned by the 3rd and 4th. If you dont like the idea, maybe make it more rewarding for the people that enter alone against the groups. Anyway thanks for the game and keep up the good work !