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  1. Loading into scav raids seem to be the main culprit, every time I start playing as a scav I will have decent internet till 2 minutes in my ping shoots up to 2000.
  2. @Deadmode yeah it's really bad, we're trying to get a better provider but in our area internet isn't great.
  3. @Xenome-111 When I play other games straight after quitting escape from Tarkov my internet seems to be fine, but whenever I load into a scav raid or my main the internet seems to crap itself. My game runs fine the graphics are set to mostly high and I achieve at least 50-60 fps (no fps counter just assuming). My download speed is 10 mbps and 0.45 upload speed, shitty australian internet.
  4. So I'm having an issue with the game at the moment where I seem to get 2000ms on my discord when I load into a raid, when this happens I get some kind of desync where I can move around the map but cannot kill anyone, loot or open doors. Also if i get killed or disconnect from a raid I instantly get regular ping (around 43ms) which has happened after every time I play the game, quitting the whole game also fixes the lag which is concerning. My question is really...is there a setting or something specific about the game that is causing internet problems for me? Please help.