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  1. somethingnewso

    Those who are experiencing crashes: We need your crash logs!

    Game crashed on loading screen for scav run on Shoreline crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  2. somethingnewso

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    He is idea. How about the civilian m16 is only available on scav runs?
  3. somethingnewso

    AN-94 when?

    I wonder how it will compare to almost?
  4. somethingnewso

    To The Noobs

    Just matter of getting more confidence and experience of situations in the game. I used to run around like a cod try hard and die all time. Took me while to realise slow and steady is better than just bee lining to extract.
  5. Destroy my stash. Been hoarding lots of gear.
  6. Coffee lake i5 8600k with 16gb ram at 3000mhz
  7. somethingnewso


    Good gun. It has it faults but over my preferred sidearm.
  8. somethingnewso

    PP-19-01 Vityaz submachinegun

    I do like this gun but do prefer the kedr for sheer fire rate.
  9. somethingnewso


    I am the same, I love this gun and the akm.
  10. I got my self new CPU, motherboard and ram. Just waiting install it.
  11. somethingnewso

    People hiding in bodies

    Nothing wrong hiding among the dead. It is perfect example ambush tactic.
  12. somethingnewso

    Server problems? EU

    I have been lucky to suffer disconnect but i do concur that ping problems and idle players being shot in the head and not dying even after emptying half clip into them have been frustrating.
  13. somethingnewso

    HK MP7 fire select and ammo

    Hey there, Just wanted to ask whether the MP7 will come with two shot and full auto mode or just single and full auto mode? Also will you introducing the 4.6×30mm cartridge to go along with It?
  14. somethingnewso


    Got the power but in full auto the accuracy suffers. If you mod it right it is a beast of a weapon.
  15. somethingnewso


    I love this gun but I don't think it loves me. I always have trouble getting multiple kills in raid with it and sometimes my shot seem to way off.