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  1. JHunter

    is wrong with this game

    I5 4460 Liquid cooled - MSI Z87 Mpower motherboard nvidia 970SSC - Liquid cooled 12GB corsair DDR3 SSD 2TB samsung EVGA supernova 850w i see the mistake lol my bad 2TB i typed my ram then kept with the gb lol
  2. JHunter

    Weapon Companies Thread

    well maybe some people like it... not every person who used it disliked it, it was actually a really good rifle if you look into it just to complex to make
  3. JHunter

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Pls add the XM8 models
  4. JHunter

    is wrong with this game

    nout wrong with my rig can run this game 60FPS no less max settings apart from the bs anti-aliasing they added
  5. JHunter

    is wrong with this game

    So yeah today i kill a gear'd guy oh wait sorry when i loot him my game just crashed and fked up my pc great job then trying to get into the game and it takes me 30mins to get into the game witch people have spawned andkill me awsome job BSG i guess paying money for a game i cant even test for your was not good enough fed up of this crap always happening and ofc not acknowledged for the crap that happens 24/7 hackers, bugs, problems with running the game and other please spend one month on fixing the game before adding new maps and guns and stuff and acknowledge the problems people are facing to make a solid game AND PLEASE ALLOW DVR MP4 VIDEO FILES TO BE SENT! so i cant send you some stuff thats happening
  6. JHunter


    Please Im begging put a god dam delay on bots instead of aim bot insta headshot while running full speed around them they spot you through items then when you move boom 1 shoted by a pistol across the map please delay bots or allow players to have and use aim bot