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  1. orion310591

    Ideje i predlozi

    Pogledaj sta imaju ostale multi-lang sekcije pa ako moze copy-paste i kod nas... sekcija za klanove, trade topic, i ostalo... Prijatno iznenadjenje da vidim Srpski odeljak na forumu... Ovde sam dosta dugo i super sto se skupljamo i sto smo dobili sekciju na forumu Trenutno sam na sluzbenom putu pa ne igram vec dugo ali kad se vratim isprobao bih neku partiju s nasima
  2. orion310591

    Scavs on Shoreline Extract

    Timing is important, crouched or prone, doesnt matter, your hitbox is in visual line with his head, and he is detecting you, plus he is looking in that direction... further the range, longer the time is for him to detect, on like 25m, they need to look at you like 0.5-1sec then they start yelling... peek from distance, while at concrete wall, and choose the right moment... EDIT: i forgot one thing, go like 50-75m down the road, fire at some scav, maybe u hit headshot, maybe not, they will all go in defensive positions, crouching, that positions are not near extraction point, and they will look down the road... then u can extract... near concrete wall
  3. orion310591

    Scavs on Shoreline Extract

    U can sneak on side opposite of river, near wall. U can extract without alerting them
  4. orion310591

    Best starting weapon for lvl1 traders?

    Question is, why do u need to buy weapons from traders? If I cant get guns from scavs on various maps, or players, I would have to change something in the way I play game.
  5. orion310591

    i was hoping better

    You played this game in a wrong way, thats the biggest problem... You decided that you have to grind key and spend hours on boring and frustrating task... you did not had to do it... I have been around for almost a year... I never went bankrupt, I never had to have 10 milion roubles... I dont have kiba goshan idea whatever key... I dont have forts, fastMT's, modded M4s, 10 ammo and item cases... I do here and there some quest while im on the map... I do like sneaking on other players, I do like hunting them... You can do it with simple AK74N... Sometime its not about the game, its about player... If someone is not able to understand that WIPE means "test growth again" then he is not able to understand why he is supposed to report bugs anyway... no use to BSG from that player...
  6. orion310591

    drop items..you can't pick up again?

    Dont worry, all your/our stash will get wiped several times before final release... you will lose it all ...
  7. orion310591

    trader favorite tab?

    They said that they work on "buying loadouts" like buying multiple things via couple clicks...
  8. Well even real snipers have problem with bad visibility... solution? change scope to thermal get it to gamma if u gonna die
  9. Add night mode, add thermal scope, add suppressor + subsonic, and they will call u cheater
  10. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    me? I dont have problem replacing gear, my twitch contains all my gameplay... there is not much but I mainly use twitch to record bugs which are regularly sent to devs... so far all my deaths are fine by me... i got spoted first, I got dead first... like 5 times before I die, I sneak on people so close that they would kill me if they had cheats... comtacs are miracle...
  11. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    I kindly thank you for that, and reward you rare title of "Tarkov Forum Grammar Checker"
  12. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    srsly, I dont care what u think... im playing 1-3 raids per day, since I have to go to work, so far, in latest patch I havent seen one cheater...
  13. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    Cool post for first post on forum. Get good. Its about time to start doing this. Ban them all and delete topics about hacking.
  14. Pick a rifle Go offline shoreline Go to eastern part at weather station with tall tower (grenade spawn in room) lay down on top of it Practice distance drop on spa resort windows (yes u can hit them, also u can kill people there) No amount of paper knowledge will help u with drop, u have to get it by hand, me personally would not bother playing snipers on this lag spikes... will try mosin nagant for sure when it comes out if its cheap...
  15. orion310591

    Can you do something about the anticheat?

    report problem via launcher and provide logs