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  1. orion310591

    Scavs on Shoreline Extract

    U can sneak on side opposite of river, near wall. U can extract without alerting them
  2. orion310591

    Best starting weapon for lvl1 traders?

    Question is, why do u need to buy weapons from traders? If I cant get guns from scavs on various maps, or players, I would have to change something in the way I play game.
  3. orion310591

    i was hoping better

    You played this game in a wrong way, thats the biggest problem... You decided that you have to grind key and spend hours on boring and frustrating task... you did not had to do it... I have been around for almost a year... I never went bankrupt, I never had to have 10 milion roubles... I dont have kiba goshan idea whatever key... I dont have forts, fastMT's, modded M4s, 10 ammo and item cases... I do here and there some quest while im on the map... I do like sneaking on other players, I do like hunting them... You can do it with simple AK74N... Sometime its not about the game, its about player... If someone is not able to understand that WIPE means "test growth again" then he is not able to understand why he is supposed to report bugs anyway... no use to BSG from that player...
  4. orion310591

    drop items..you can't pick up again?

    Dont worry, all your/our stash will get wiped several times before final release... you will lose it all ...
  5. orion310591

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Cottage key East 310 Marked Key WTB Doc Case for 300k WTT Keys above for your Doc Case Discord required PM offers
  6. orion310591

    trader favorite tab?

    They said that they work on "buying loadouts" like buying multiple things via couple clicks...
  7. Well even real snipers have problem with bad visibility... solution? change scope to thermal get it to gamma if u gonna die
  8. Add night mode, add thermal scope, add suppressor + subsonic, and they will call u cheater
  9. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    me? I dont have problem replacing gear, my twitch contains all my gameplay... there is not much but I mainly use twitch to record bugs which are regularly sent to devs... so far all my deaths are fine by me... i got spoted first, I got dead first... like 5 times before I die, I sneak on people so close that they would kill me if they had cheats... comtacs are miracle...
  10. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    I kindly thank you for that, and reward you rare title of "Tarkov Forum Grammar Checker"
  11. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    srsly, I dont care what u think... im playing 1-3 raids per day, since I have to go to work, so far, in latest patch I havent seen one cheater...
  12. orion310591

    The hacking has gotten very bad

    Cool post for first post on forum. Get good. Its about time to start doing this. Ban them all and delete topics about hacking.
  13. Pick a rifle Go offline shoreline Go to eastern part at weather station with tall tower (grenade spawn in room) lay down on top of it Practice distance drop on spa resort windows (yes u can hit them, also u can kill people there) No amount of paper knowledge will help u with drop, u have to get it by hand, me personally would not bother playing snipers on this lag spikes... will try mosin nagant for sure when it comes out if its cheap...
  14. orion310591

    Can you do something about the anticheat?

    report problem via launcher and provide logs
  15. orion310591

    List of suggestions

    All suggestion merged into one post to make it easier to review. 1. Unloading ammo from magazine near magazine, while magazine is in stash, not in first free slot from top 2. [IMPLEMENTED] Double click on bag/tactical waist item to open slots, not to display info (or at least some setting in settings what will double click on such items do...) leave double click on guns as it is now. Update: If you could just correct the way it acts on second double click, right now, double click on vest or bag opens bag, since we dont need to open the same bag twice, if bag open window is shown, another double click on that very same bag should close the window... this would be great if implemented... to ease browsing in stash... or in general 3. [IMPLEMENTED] Aiming while laying too limited for now. Only certain number of degrees horizontally and too little vertically. In reality man can aim anywhere while laying, ingame we must move forward at least a little then aim more to the left for example. Keep animation (time required) to stand up, as it is now. Problem is when laying on downhill, you cannot raise aim enough to kill ppl infront of you... 4. Mouse movement, or mouse aim while running is getting limited when running. This is unnatural, so player must run, stop, aim direction, run, stop, aim direction... just increase sensitivity to regular one while sprinting... 5. Increase distance for interacting with doors, items, for 30-40% (or few feet, 0,5m or whatever) and increase hitboxes for big items. To make looting easier, especially with big crate boxes, we must come so close and aim in the dead center to get option/menu to search... We are certain what we wanna loot and we want to make it natural... Currently you really have to aim to get search option... 6. Increase size of slide bars used in stash 7. Make stash visible totally vertically, and sliding only horizontally (this works only on certain resolutions, not on all, for example not on 1440x900) I have horizontal and vertical slider which is hard to use, and my 2 right-most columns are mostly empty in stash 8. Make it possible to reload with only 1 magazine which is in gun if we have ammo in pockets (or in bags). Take it off, start manual filling, once disrupted, by escape key or something, character should return magazine to gun, and be able to shoot... This can also help people start using 45round magazines, without tactical rig 1x3 slots, but at cost of manual refill. 9. Make morphine stackable up to 5, and painkillers up to 10 in one slot... they are small in real life anyway... 10. Make unique keyboard shortcuts, toggle-able in settings menu, for example, option to check or uncheck double R, for fast reloading... I find my self pressing R and dropping mag when I am not in a hurry... so I would like to turn off this feature, and avoid dropping mags... today I died coz of scav, because I was looking for magazine to pickup... sounds noobish but today everyone carries 1 spare mag so I needed it... 11. Add more types of granades, like smoke granade, flash bang granade, Incendiary or/and Concussion granades... 12. Allow us to bind keys to pockets, and tactical rig slots, instead of draging them to the bar also, show key letter in bar, instead of numbers. 13. Ease weapon modding, in modding menu, show available items from traders, with prices inside icons, so we can buy items from there 14. Increase size for field when paying money, this is not really used for buying things, since everyone click fill and buy, but when you convert money, rub to dollars, you have just 3 numbers... its easy to increase visual field, nothing else. 15. It would be nice to have an option to turn light on, in room... especially in night mode, i just wanna switch light on (and alert other people i am there), loot, turn light off, and leave i know that there are lights on guns, but not all guns have flashlights, yet all rooms do have lights in it... (objects are already on wall, so 3d artist work is not required, as for coding, just a simple object to emmit light, switchable as we have doors switchable and thats it... ) PS. I found out that this was possible in pre-alpha... I hope it will get back to game before release 16. [IMPLEMENTED] Raid time is not shown constantly on screen, if under 10minutes... this is causing people stay in raid for too long and be late for extraction. 17. Make scav's vision impaired, when they target through bushes, impaired like they have impaired vision on night. Or make them shoot at last position they saw player until they see player again... currently this isnt fair... I have recorded situation where there was no trees, only bushes, he came and started shooting I couldnt see him... as soon he passed corner and made visual contact on me, through bushes, killed me... I was on 10-20m away... 18. Make consumables, med kits, morphine, pills, juice, food, activated on double left click, it will have its animation timer, so there is no need to have to right click > use... if we are determined to do something in real life, or game, we already gonna initiate it... no need to have this current way of thinking "let me place hand on item" (right click) "oh i need to use it, lets pick use" (click use) since we cannot keybind all pockets, west slots etc... it would be easier to just double click to initiate using it... 19. Implement toggle-able setting in settings, double click on trader item OR ctrl+click on trader item, to buy it automatically 20. While in trader buying view, ctrl click on item on stash item, to switch from buy to sell tab and set item to sell window OR sell item automatically 21. Search bag inside bag, or vest inside bag, while in raid, currently we must inspect item like bag or vest, then put it in our bag, while it is uninspected in our bag, we cannot search it, we can take only item and drag across slots to see if its gonna get green as free or red as taken 22. Currently if we ctrl+click on ammo for example, it goes to vest, which is ok, but it would be good if we have opened some bag, pistol case, or item case, and have that window opened if we ctrl+click on ammo or gun, to move that item to that opened window automatically, if no windows opened ammo goes to vest, ctrl+click on weapon = remain send to bag, alt+click on weapon = remain send to slot for weapon 23. While in trader view, give us option to open our vests bags, to check if there is something inside (like you gave us option to open items in scav transfer menu) 24. [IMPLEMENTED] Make money counted regardless if it is in stash, in bag in stash, inside of a bag of a bag in stash, wallet, money case, item case... Also, when trading items, like gold chains for weapons, make them counted even if they are in bag or icase... so we do not have to move them from bags icases vests, whatever, to stash and then trade them. 25. Make night vision real monocular-y... I believe that vision should be moved to right side, since its monocular, and combined "night vision view" + "regular view" , like on photo, replace area2 with area 4, 26. [IMPLEMENTED] If I drag ammo, to pistol case, it shows red, and I cannot drag and drop ammo to pistol case, if i open pistol case, and drag ammo, I can place it. Can you fix this drag and drop on pistol case, and possibly ammo case or icase? 27. Make roubles stackable up to a milion per slot, USD and EUR up to a 500k. Reason is real denomination of 1000, would take 10cm x 10cm x 10cm in real world which is like 1 slot in game for 1 mil. With real denomination of 5000, it gets 5x smaller. 28. [IMPLEMENTED] Remove PACKETS IN and PACKETS OUT from FPS 1 info. If we type fps 1 into console, we can see info about PACKETS IN, and if this is 2, then there is one PMC, SCAV AI or PLAYER SCAV on map, if there is 16, then number of enemys is 8. This gives unfair adventage to players knowing this, in comparison to those not knowing this. Also, PMC on factory for example, can see right in what second some player scav spawned, and be alerted, start searching for him... if number is 0, then he can loot whole area without fear or caution. 29. Remember position of closed windows, for bags, vests, keychain... any item that can be opened, once double clicked again, place window where it was. This will prevent overlaping with other character slots. Make it easier during raid. 30. Sort items in traders window, based on filtering options/buttons we have now ingame, to go in order like all available weapons, then magazines, then ammo, etc, 31. If some item gets sold out of stock at trader, it should remain visible and red, with 0 sign or "Out of Stock", just so players know it is getting sold there, they can buy it there, its just out of stock. So many times I had to google for items to check if trader I need is Skier or Peacekeeper... kinda annoying. 32. [IMPLEMENTED] In weapons window, we have bars for durability and weapon mastering, which have their values shown, but in ergonomics, base accuracy and recoil, we do not have real numbers shown there, the only way to compare 2 guns of the same type but different attachments is to calculate those values by hand. 33. In order to fight hatcheteer runners (if BSG have plans forcing players avoid this type of gameplay), Implement a system that does not allow to keep any loot, if player: a) does not have any kills npc or AI, b) does not exceed XP limit that is not easily achievable by looting, 700~900... 34. Scav gear on start is randomized at this moment. It would be good if we could actually get better starting gear as scav, if we were succesfull on previous 5 matches as scavs. I am not talking about super good gear, but lets say in worst case, at begginning, scav would have weakest armanent, toz few magazines, Scav Vest and tbag, and in best case "fully geared" scav would have 3M white armor, blackrock, vpo-139 with 30 rounds, mbss, one small medicine. Other gear/levels somewhere in between those 2 limits. 35. Implement shotgun speed loader modification on gun and as magazine, it should be taking 1 slot, but 2 is ok too. 36. Change firing sound when firing subsonic bullets. Shooter hears them the same as non-subsonic ones. 37. Make it possible to put specific containers in containers, vest in Icases, wallets in Icases. 38. Make vests foldable if empty. 39. Implement camouflage cloth, Ghillie Suits for snipers, in different colours... at high level traders. 40. Implement barter system for traders, reduce number of items that can be bought with money (for example leave few basic starting weapons, and rare items (special military grade) like night vision googles, item/weapon cases for money)... it would be much better if we could actually barter with traders... I offer this part, this part, I want this this, so he may accept, may reject barter... and according to loyality level better conditions for bartering... 41. Implement sensitivity of scrolling wheel, to help fast walking speed changing and/or crouch height. 42. Change damage system: Fractures on legs should have penalty movement even if morphine or painkillers taken. 40% speed movement penalty if one leg is broken (healed with splint 20%), 80% if both legs are broken (healed with splint 40% or make it possible to move only if crouch or prone, when both legs are broken and not healed). So new debuff should be implemented calle "Splinted fracture". Also remove ability to walk normally by using painkillers/morphine. Players are abusing this, taking painkillers before their legs get broken, by jumping from 3rd floor... 43. Change damage system: Implement heavy blood loss if legs are hit again once blacked, with double health decrease rate than normal, without ability to fully heal that heavy blood loss. Also prevent death from occurring if blacked legs are getting hit again. This should also being implemented for hands. 44. When running, after releasing shift, character stops in place, remove this unnatural movement barrier, or implement it only when character is using shift+w to sprint, then use S, or shift+S to stop in place, otherwise, if we release shift/sprint button make it slow down naturally... 45. Change tasks, show clearly if quest is timed or not, show loyalty level changes for all traders for certain quest before accepting quest, additionally, change timed to non-timed quests requiring items, because info about quests can be found online, youtube, wiki etc, and first get the items, then turn in immediately, or make it that is impossible to handover items acquired before quest is started. 46. Rework Keybinds, allow us to keybind specific actions as we like, in order to simplify some commands, and make it easier for people to keybind their own shortcuts. Currently we have (Switch light laser = Ctrl + T) (Toggle laser = T) (Check magazine Alt + T) and all those commands are tied together, if we change T to something else, for all 3 commands it will be changed. same goes for CTRL or ALT, if changed in keybinds, it is changed for all commands... my idea is to add all those specific commands, to keybinding menu, so player can: a) see that they do exist, so he doesnt have to look on youtube videos, and b) make it easier for people to keybind their own shortcuts, it would be easier to check magazine simply by pressing E, not ALT+T. Im sure that many of us would use Shift+E, Q, R, T more often than Alt+E, Q, R, T (while having thumb finger free for VBN keys for healing for example). Also when keybinding command, it should recognize if we are holding Ctrl/Shift/Alt, and make it as we press button(s). 47. In weapon window, there is info "Compatible with available", could you just add one more row/info or rename it to "Compatible with", and when we mouseover that part of window, to see tooltip like now, but make it to show all guns that can be mounted on with gray letters, if we have some gun (stash/inventory), label it with white letters. 48. Add lighter as item (or make Zibbo usable item) or activated on key-bind, just like in metro2033, so we can explore during night time, without using night-vision or guns with lights. (This will also draw hatcheteers to play night time, not only daytime thus splitting them in half) It should not emit light further than 1.5m-2m. In reality, simple zippo would do the trick. It would be nice to be able to use single-handed gun, some SMG and pistols (with worse accuracy) while using lighter, and being able to toggle it with one keypress. 49. Make glass breakable with char moving trough it or while sprinting only. Currently, we have to shoot, or change to hatchet to break glass then go forward. Usable on Interchange and Shoreline Resort. 50. Make Hydration related with stamina, not with death, because PMC is not in raid for days, its for hours. Once dehydrated, reduce max stamina to 1/3 of maximum normal stamina or increase drain rate and decrease recovery rate. 51. Spread spawn points across the map. Let them remain on the same distance from hot-zones/loot zones. Spawn points should be far away so no optics can be used at start to hit another spawn point and require at least 1-2 mins of running to reach nearest spawn point. Currently spawn points are less than 30 seconds of running near each other. Players who enter raid, will not simply leave without loot or kills, so there is no need to make spawn points dense on one and, extraction points dense on other side. 52. Make change how gun (especially longer ones) act in collision with objects with and without ADS-ing... Current state is that gun is going up if we come near object or run into a player. Running into a player with gun up should be fixed to not raise gun at all regardless if ADS-ing or not, but behavior of gun raising should be changed that if we are aiming down the sight, gun should never be raised, if we hit a wall or object, character should stop moving, like when u hit wall, while prioritizing aiming, if we are not aiming down the sight, and hit wall or object with gun, gun should be raised as it is now. 53. Make it unable to mod in raid for gun stocks, currently, people are removing these without any tools, just by pressing delete key and they just remove item with bare hands, which is not realistic, plus they make any gun "foldable" in some way, when they extract, they just buy 2k RUB stock and they have functional gun. In this way, all foldable AK's will get on their value because of foldable in raid and other guns not foldable in raid, by preventing removing stocks while in raid. 54. Implement keybind for "cancel action", purpose of this keybind is to stop healing animation, stop reloading animation, stop looting animation etc... in order to get back to action fast or defend fast. 55. Implement delay of other action while performing one with progress bar, like healing. Until animations are done, implement inability to reload while healing, without animations, and later when animation is finished, just visually implement it, while other part of code is already ingame. While healing for example, we should not be able to sprint, reload, loot, fire... or make it in such way that if we start sprinting, reloading, looting or firing, to interrupt healing progress.