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  1. The Merry Christmas Thread

    You to buddy! Soon as the kids crash, im heading in to die a few times myself
  2. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy i just now finished up in Customs with (scav) (8:30pm Aus, vic) That was a cool run man, thankyou for that. Im glad we could trust each other And i am so sorry about that nade... im changing the poo outa that binding lol. Would have been one expensive graphics card lol
  3. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy (scav) at the gas station exit bridge just now....Yeeeaah see i dont get it.... You think i would still be there if i had anything worth looting? KOS scav vs scav doesnt make sense to me. 1 min to go for the round, and a fully kitted looking scav is running for the exit, yeah, under the right circumstances id prolly pop a shot at him. But a fresh scav near the start of the round... missing out on some potentially valuable assistance (yes, i understand the game, and that mentality wont stop me playing... i just dont get it)
  4. Oceanic comrades

    Hey buddy A few mates and i jump on discord. Atm only 3 of us have EfT, and only 2 of us play regularly... Drop me a PM if you like, lemme know how you play, times etc...
  5. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the fellow scav on Customs 15-20mins ago i met up with at UN truck, dropped a couple of mods for, then ran into the nearby warehouse for more loot with. Sorry man. I checked that corner as i came out of the warehouse and it was clear. As you jumped the pipe he must have come round the corner and got you in the back. He capped me to 30secs later if its any consolation. Always makes the game that much better meeting someone friendly, whether they stick with you or go separate ways, at least there another set of eyes around the place
  6. What the hell was that? Lol PMC hatcheting with a friend on shoreline. Happen across a kitted dude who kills my friend, and then proceeds to have a back and forth with me for several minutes. Him shooting me with an assault rifle, me axeing his face. We killed a scav who interrupted whom i looted.. we then waved and basically went our seperate ways. On the way out i was killed by scavs. So weird... (bug report submitted of course)