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    SKS in bullpup version
  2. Mikel


    There is simple solution to that next to not wear them. Just pull them into hotbar while wearing it ( like you do with first aids ) and suddenly you have option to turn them off ( thats the message for defs how to that ). In fact, such ComTacs or other such kind tactical headphoines have usualy volume switch with usualy three positions to adjust amplify function. So you can hear weak noises even more . . . While talking about any combat equipment there is no perfect gun for all operators, but perfect operator can handel any gun So as others suggested if you cant get along with headphones dont use them, but if will get along with them, you will have unquestionable advantage for sneaky gameplay. BTW Kotton the famous EFT youtuber doesnt use them, cause he doesnt like their sound as well as you, and he is still good in his streamy- rushie gameplay. So removing them from game is not a valid option, while you can remove them from your game by yourself. But good point is to have ability to adjust their sound and turn them off and on.
  3. Mikel

    Silencerco Hybrid 46

    To that silencer there is a ,,medium,, or converter part as well, and it states that it fits on 9mm to 45 pistol caliber and 5.56 to .45 rifle caliber, so it definetly should fit to p226, i think its not finished yet, but it will work fine for all those weapons
  4. Mikel

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Kriss Vector USA General:[email protected] Sales:[email protected] Support:[email protected] This gun is on the top of pistol/smg/carbine variability + amazing recoil control system
  5. Mikel

    Third wave

    Well, i got in second wave and i didnt know that for 14 hours. Email they sent can be considered spam by you email company, cause its mass mail. So i knew from profile as well, and found delivered email in spam section of my email box. Maybe it helps to some. Anyway check your profiles.
  6. Mikel

    Third wave

    Those who are not in alpha yet says ,,wave before update,, and those already in alpha says ,, update before wave,,