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  1. Plz.. Fence mobile app

    Please add gambling. Slot machines using our roubles.
  2. Hacker catched on a movie

    Clearly desync Wipe is coming soon then they will have to update hacks. You can expect a few days of fair play.
  3. The Market system

    Would be cool if you removed everything from traders except for basic weapons and their ammo as well as the ability to sell anything at a flat rate. New tiers would unlock seeker quests with a 24h cooldown that will give you a certain gun/equipment if you reach the objective goals, the better gun would depend on the tier of the trader. That way everything else would come from loot and the player market. From AP and specialized ammo to fort armors, only place to get that would be from the player market or killing someone with it. Unless you got a quest for it from a trader.
  4. Is adding a crosshair legal?

    Pretty hard to control just putting a white confetti dot on your monitor...
  5. Soon! The Kill list!

    Sorry i really should be working right now instead of half reading posts:P Thanks for clearing that up, sounds good.
  6. Thermal optics are way too strong

    I think it's easy mode no matter how its implemented. Camo and night raids become pointless. Being well hidden and setting up an ambush becomes futile unless you find a perfect insulating material to hide behind? Even if it's expensive, it will just end up on clan/team setups and otherwise unused. Do teams need any more advantage? I don't know how balance will change so for now i say who knows.
  7. Soon! The Kill list!

    Im not a fan of this change. Would have preferred dog tag only way to ID kills. Also liked dying anonymously.
  8. Slow walking speed

    Thank you for encouraging my lazyness with your info. Well needed info If only i ever had to walk..
  9. Melee players.

    It is valid and definitely efficient, even if it is frowned upon. Nothing will stop this until they punish confirmed DC's. I mean if you hit the button the fully DC you have confirmed you are willfully disconnecting. Most games this is punished in some form of wait time. That would take the efficiency away from this tactics. Pretty sure this will be implemented so for now it's just a crutch for when you go broke in beta gameplay.
  10. Melee players.

    You're not really reading what im writing correctly. Or I'm too tired and not typing it out right.. My comments about Beta were towards the fill your container and log off gameplay. Everything else is fair game.
  11. Melee players.

    This is not theory. I'm sure you see the logoffski PMC's in customs that block the PC door. I mean, it happens often enough that people block the door on purpose just to troll you. He logged off with: Rolex or bitcoin other goods Load up map again and wash rinse repeat. Valid strategy sure, but as you and I confirmed, this is still Beta and they may add penalties, costs etc. We don't know.
  12. Melee players.

    You have just literally touched upon one of the biggest topics that has a million posts already. Just to let you know as an extra, they can just logout of match when they fill their container and wash rinse repeat (if they're not running to rooms and specific spots you will learn about soon enough). So if you have the chance to kill one, do so and be happy you have the opportunity to do so. This is beta and things will change like you say.
  13. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    I never said i agreed with any of it. Just that it's quite clear why they're still selling it. You mistake my analysis for a green light.
  14. Airsoft DVL-10

    If it was that easy to get the working schematics you'd have every machinist making gun parts around the country. Then again maybe it is who knows. Really doubt the game versions are that accurate though, and theres missing tons of working parts and fastenining. Bore dimensions, finishing etc. All of that is not necessary when you're just emulating the major mechanics of a gun like in the game.
  15. Edge of Darkness after 28 Dec event

    You cant blame them for not removing EOD. I mean you can upgrade your account to EOD instead of buying EOD as a seperate stand alone. While it's good that you can save some money if you change your mind and upgrade later, it's also a way to wave a carrot in your face and get you to open up your wallet again. Smart business decision but EOD does not feel special given that it's so readily available.