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  1. Comtacs - Different modes

    Completely agreed, the max setting in the game now makes it very hard to hear opposing footsteps when you're running with a group
  2. Scavs SHOULD NOT be allowed

    As some people here have mentioned, I believe in future SCAVs will have different extraction points. It's been known by the devs for a long time that there is the issue of SCAVs just spawning in and extracting right away, which will be addressed.
  3. Insurance guarantee while the development

    Not really a good idea since we're here to find bugs in every aspect of the game, which includes Insurance. How can it be properly tested if we are given back our gear regardless? Testing relies on the functionality to be working as closely as it should be intended so bugs can be accurately found and logged, what you suggest defeats that purpose.
  4. Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    If I come across such items myself I'll make videos on them and post on the forums again, I haven't seen these items myself but others have said they have found them very rarely in containers
  5. Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    They are in game, but very rare. Literally just made a video on the USB Flash Spawn: USB's, SAS', SAS' etc are supposed rare spawns in also green crates and toolboxes.
  6. offline economy and saves

    Some points: 1) At the start of Alpha already allowed offline loot to be saved. This caused the in-game economy to completely crash and lagged out the traders and menus, traders had no money within moments of restock and barely any stock of anything. Saving progress in offline was removed because of this. 2) Offline mode is only there for the alpha/beta testing, it will not be there on release or even later in Beta. There's no point adding any resource into it when it will be gone 3) My experience when saving offline loot was a thing, no one played online. Everyone was just literally looting offline and not even playing the actual game.
  7. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Welcome new PMCs!
  8. The concept art of the trader "Skier" (Baryga)

    I believe it might be this fellow:
  9. legit tactics and complaining about the use of them

    I don't think people are necessarily complaining about campers in general, just campers who sit and wait at Extraction Points, which I believe now is monitored by BSG anyway and these people get warnings/bans?
  10. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    My guess is increased market for those to upgrade to EOD, so basically ₽₽₽₽₽₽ Not that I blame them for it though. BSG is a business after all so getting enough capital to keep the game going is required.
  11. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Yeah most likely, there's a wipe with pretty much every patch and Closed Beta is a major milestone update.
  12. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I think the plan is to make loot spawns better and able to obtain rarer loot during night time raids to balance this when the option becomes available to select AM/PM. So basically those who want to play in daylight can, but those who want to play night time also can but will have incentive to get better loot.
  13. The Hideout announcement

    He could be referring to press packages that streamers and youtubers were given, which gives them every gun in the game and lots of money so they can showcase the game. Those are completely separate keys and they won't have those packages on release.
  14. The Hideout announcement

    Yes exactly